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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Mepps, Apr 29, 2021.

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  1. kingmasternova Loyal Player

    Could just have escorw for all players
    Everyone start with 1,999$
    Every 1$ real money increase in game cash by 100

    This way just need a battle pass system could add all time capsule items
    Market cash could be
  2. myandria Item Storage


    Let me take your "monthly" escrow idea and consider it: If all I have to do is "wait" to have access to my escrow for a certain period of time each month (let's say one week as an example), then I would have little else to subscribe for. Why should I pay a monthly subscription if I could just wait it out each month to get nearly the same cash benefits as a subscriber? During the time I could not use my escrow, I could just hoard it up until it was time to have free access to it again; use most or all of it during that limited time, then go back to hoarding it up again. Yes, it will benefit premium players and perhaps get some free players to go premium, but it will not help to entice people to subscribe or keep players subscribing. This idea could very well push people who were seriously thinking about dropping their subscriptions to actually do so.

    Membership perks need to be those exclusive items/access/discounts that are not available to any other members; they need to be enticing enough for players to feel like they need those perks and subscribe for them. Most MMO's with subscription plans work this way in one form or another; an exception would be Final Fantasy XIV Online, as it only has subscription plans.

    If DLC's were free AND the cash cap were eliminated, then there would be NO REASON for me to subscribe to this game. In fact, there would be little reason to have subscription plans in place for this game, in my opinion. Why subscribe if I can play all of the content AND have access to all of my in game money, for FREE?
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  3. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    If they “took away” cash access from us as well as episodes and gave us nothing in return I would still stay subscribed. Why? Because, like all games, this is a business and I’m happy to pay a monthly fee if it helps keeps things going. My ideas earlier could be thrown out for all I care, because I’ll stay subscribed no matter what they give us. Because I’m subscribed not for the extra perks, I’m subscribed because I want to help fund a game I love.
    Whether they need my business or not. Whether I’m getting less for what I payed or not. Whether that’s how it works or not . It doesn’t matter to me, I’ll stay subscribed simply because I love this game and I want to do what I can to keep it going.
    I just wish everyone were able to think about the community as a whole and not just about what they’re getting in return for something that got “taken away”.
  4. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    Paying for perks related to artifacts would incentivize people to subscribe. Even if they gripe about it being pay to win or say they’re leaving, I’m sure there’d be a lot of people who would still subscribe if they got some sort of artifact perk that they couldn’t buy even with the cash cap lifted.
  5. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    Oh. What about removing the cost for feat unlocking?
    I mean, my 302 alt only has like 112 sp because I used a level up token and I’m too cheap to spend my replay badges to unlock feats and I’m too impatient to work toward getting his SP higher if he’s just an alt. But what about making feat unlocking free for subscribers?
  6. NotStanLee Well-Known Player

    I pay for membership to have access to all story content at the least lockout time period for rewards. Changing membership changes what I purchased so it should be better for the customer. Giving seals, source marks, catalysts etc is just equivalent to giving marketplace cash or legendary points. I get that already with membership. With artifacts a true economic barrier and having great effect on performance in this game I only have one main with a few artifacts and many alts with artifacts at inferior level.

    What is needed is a way to stay on a main and switch powers with armories. So I can play whatever role is needed at the time. Tank leaves, switch to Tank power. Healer goes down in battle, switch to heal power instantly. Save the day, cause that's what heroes do.

    That way I build up one toon with gear, skill points, augments, artifacts, bases, looks, different armories for different situations.
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  7. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    Exactly. And it's also about attracting new players to the game.

    So. Do you honestly think a few freebies and discounts are enough to attract new players to the game and get them to sub? Or keep people subbed? Like Mag said, you're all thinking far too small.

    I unsubbed this afternoon. With content being open, and the only feature to pay for being my wallet, I unsubbed. I can always resub if they announce the new upcoming feature and it's something I'm interested in, or something interesting comes up down the road. But probably not, so, no point in paying more while I'm being strung along. I'm sure I'm not alone thinking this way and I won't be the only one.

    I'm not saying this to threaten the devs or something either. I'm pointing out no one is going to stick around for discounts (well maybe the lifers). So, I hope they have a lot bigger things planned and bigger things than anyone posting here is able to think of.
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  8. KneelBeforeZodd Dedicated Player

    You can fund the game by buying any other stuff in the markeplace if Membership isnt worth it. I like the game but I wont take bad deals because of it
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  9. AruEdu Well-Known Player

    this one first it is not an Idea.. but it is really needed.. Dungeons Systems is required to use all advances.. free to play players have a lot limits.
    But my best ideas is to add free please a second armory to the players can use Stetic and layouts with only 1 buton, you can be Clark Kent on an Armory and Superman on the other xD
    Too you can add posibility to check where are your friends in the MAP.. or in Wich instances they are.. to this way you can join automatically in same room that your friends.

    and too i have another idea.. add a DCL with LEGENDARY ACCESS permanent.. forever.. one only Payment and you get all the game. i want it.
  10. The VL Active Player

    There's some extreme reading comprehension failure and borderline derailment on here constantly seeing the "Lets give free and premium players unlimited cash too" amongst all the other requests. That has absolutely nothing to do with what's being asked in the thread by Mepps.

    This thread clearly states from Mepps himself, "What do you wish your subscription included?" It seems the question is not clear enough to people.
    To answer it:

    1. You should be a subscribed member. With a subscription, that means you're probably paying/lifetime/stole your mom's credit card.

    2. If you are free or premium, you do NOT have a subscription.

    3. To stay on the topic of the thread, you should answer what you wish your paid subscription included. Why? Because DLC's will be free. Try to think beyond yourself, whatever style, aura, emblem, roleplay item you missed out on. Think of what a paying member pays for, then develop some understanding of what you're losing as a paying member since DLC's are going to be free(what sane person pays for something that's free?), and then think about what you'd like in your membership as compensation for that loss.

    And regarding the de-railers on here:
    DLC access and unlimited cash is something paying members have right now. Those two things are the hugest draw to subscribing. That's the reality whether people want to believe it or not. Its what allows you to play the game to its fullest. Not styles, dress up, emblems, roleplay loadouts, nimbus auras, materials. Those are all extra. People can and do live without them. Its hilarious that I have to even mention that.
    And I'm sure most people know it to be true anyways which is why there are free/premiums(or their representatives) out here in the WRONG thread being greedy/trying to up their own perks and "subscriptions"(Oh wait, they're not subscribed! :eek:) while actual paying members are taking a hit.

    If DLCs are completely free, that's a loss on what someone is paying for. That's why this thread exists. To compensate.
    Then if there's unlimited cash, that's another loss for a paying customer. When its granted to just anyone(whether you feel its right, generous, or is some amazing sense of morality) it no longer holds the value it originally did during purchase and is a loss from what a member is paying for. There is 0 disputing that.

    At that point, why even have membership? What are you paying for?(Ask the average consumer, not some outlier who would pay regardless of circumstances) Nothing. Some will even unsub solely because DLCs are going to be free. The more that gets casually handed out, the more that has to be compensated. This thread is about incentivizing people to get a subscription/keep their subscription.

    If you want bonuses and whatever else for Free/Premium, do that in an appropriate thread.
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  11. SocratesGS Well-Known Player

    That's your opinion, albeit a misguided and completely erroneous one that is in contrast to the majority of people who are basing the contributions in this thread based on reading comprehension and reality.

    As it stands right now, people are unsubbing like you because the biggest draw for membership is now free. However, the goal of this thread is to rebalance the paid membership benefits with other perks and not in game features to be added for anyone regardless of membership levels. A one time change to game code is much more worthless than freebies and discounts that are recurring on a regular basis as the value compounds in relation to how long you stay subscribed.
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  12. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    One perk that I didn't see mentioned is early access to new content for sub-members. Give them 2 or 3 weeks before everyone else.

    Another thing that could be done is include a member reward box at the start of every episode. If you've subbed within a day of episode launch, you get the episode box. After that it's gone for good. The box would need to be awesome and include unique vanity rewards, replays, crafting items etc.
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  13. SocratesGS Well-Known Player

    It was mentioned on page six in this post:
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  14. Proxystar #Perception

    I'm dismissing it, because it's not the topic, that simple.

    This isn't about "Premium Player compensation" it's about making membership better, I'm not sure how this can be explained any simpler.

    Taking exclusive access to cash away from membership and providing it to "all players" doesn't make membership better, it makes it fundamentally worse.

    Premium players continue to argue that they've somehow earned gratitude through making singular DLC purchases which is absurd, Premium players made $5-10 purchases for DLC every 4-6 months roughly, In that same time members might have paid up to $90 simply for membership during that time alone and you want to honestly sit here and talk about how "much money premium players have put in", it's frankly laughable by comparison.

    Also for the record premium players who purchase DLC don't own the DLC, no one owns anything in game, you purchase a licence to use, not ownership.

    As you self admit, we're here to "fill gap", there's a level of absurdity when you say that, when in the very next breath you talk about how it's good idea to "take more out of the gap"...
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  15. yumyum sauce New Player

    I want legendary to feel like you lost a “big” part of the game if you stop your subscription, like losing all the dlc content is a massive loss. We need something that will replace it. And just increasing the monthly amount for loyalty points, replay badges, or a bigger market place discount won’t feel big enough (I’m not against it but I don’t want it to be just that).

    I think it still needs to revolve around the dlc’s, like adding a (legacy) currency that only members can get in content that is out of the relevant content for your single character (ex: my main toon is cr 337 so I can’t get anything but loot items from the wonderverse dlc. And if I want to buy the gear or style items I need to use source marks and it will take a while for me because I can only get source marks from a small amount of content).

    You could add vendors (in the rooms with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman in the watchtower for hero’s and lex, Circe, and the joker in the hall of doom for villains) that have all the old dlc styles and trinkets available for (legacy) marks. So we can eventually get older feats or styles we might not have, and the developers could add new styles other things available only for members in those vendors for (legacy) marks.

    Adding a new way for members to be able to play older content and being rewarded for their efforts would be a BIG reason to buy legendary.
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  16. Proxystar #Perception


    I'm all for ideas, but at the same time you really do have to call out the bad ones... So you're suggesting that in order to have access to just $1mil in game a player has to spend ~$9,990USD

    Members already have access to unlimited cash for $15 a month, even if you subbed at $15 a month for 10 years you'd have spent $1,800....
  17. Proxystar #Perception

    I appreciate you hold that view and I'm sure Daybreak appreciate your money, but you cannot run a business based on an expectation customers will provide you with that level of charity, it's simply unrealistic.
  18. Proxystar #Perception

    This isn't just for you, but might also be for anyone suggesting so heavily perks surrounding artifacts.

    I think people are putting too much emphasis on the importance of them and the value that end players put on them.

    There are numerous and I mean numerous subscribers that have large numbers of artifacts leveled up now to 200, so much so they're maybe only working on artifacts as and when they come out.

    Putting too much importance on benefits surrounding artifacts isn't going to be as attractive to all players as some might anticipate, just saying.
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  19. Proxystar #Perception

    I agree completely, that's why lifting the cash cap is such an absurdity, you want people to keep subbed and that cash cap despite numerous other perks being attractive is one of, if not the biggest perpetual hook to keep players going, especially when the returns gained from other perks becomes ever more diminishing the longer a person plays the game.

    DLC access was of course one of the other ongoing perpetual hooks, this is why it is so extraordinary to me that the people requestinng the cash cap removal, simply cannot see what is going on.

    I honestly think at this point they're purposefully ignorant because they do know why it's there, they're unprepared to accept the reality of why it's there, because what they're really after is a reason not to sub, not a reason to sub.

    removing the cash cap would be guaranteed to ensure less people sub than the other way round, no matter what other freebies and discounts you throw at them.
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  20. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    The value of membership has changed DRASTICALLY... the only difference is to separate a BIG GAP BETWEEN FREE PLAYERS and LEGENDARY INCENTIVES.. One of the ways I recommend is to, encourage LEGENDARY PLAYERS to stay on the GAME LONGER, without RESTRICTIONS..

    Rewarding MEMBERS to keep Replaying content is the WAY TO GO!! LEGENDARY membership should be geared towards encouraging and incentivising LEGENDARY players into play DCUO LONGER(GAMER RETENTION)... ALL we really want to do is KEEP REPLAYING THE GAME but we cant because we are BEHIND PAYWALLS, but we REALLY SHOULDN'T BE BEHIND STRICT PAYWALLS when you already have LEGENDARY MEMBERSHIP.. ITS 2021 there are soo many new avenues to make money from especially with artifacts, FEAT UNLOCKING, TC, STYLE UNLOCKING,etc.... INCENTIVISING LEGENDARY MEMBERS WITH MORE REPLAY OPPORTUNITIES TO ENJOY THE GAME SHOULD BE THE FOCUS for LEGENDARY MEMBERSHIP IMPROVEMENTS.

    This means dishing out MORE INCENTIVE REPLAYS to LEGENDARY MEMBERS. Especially now that youre offering the F2P model for the rest of the year. So this what i suggest FOR LEGENDARY MEMBERS

    • 1000MC (MONTHLY)
    • 1000 REPLAY BADGES monthly (in Theory thats just 11.49 RAID Replays a month)
    • DAILY RAID RESET NO LONGER WAIT 7days (EXCLUDES ELITES, compromising for the ELITIST, make your profit from the WHALES that way as well)
    • 1 CR SKIP monthly (The content you guys are making are VERY VERY GRINDY and not ALT friendly, CR SKIP allows LEGENDARY MEMBERS to keep up their ALTS..)
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