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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Mepps, Apr 29, 2021.

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  1. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    There are a lot of comments so I won’t be able to read them all. I’ll outline things that I think people would like but that could also help the game as well.

    First before I get into the membership alone I think I should say that the F2P and premium cash limit is to low. You want even those who can’t get memberships to stick around until they can afford membership. The game should be playable and alluring to potential membership holders. $2000 limit goes against what you want. People can’t afford repairs, or some gear because the price is above the $2000 limit. The F2P should be raised to 3k and the premium should be raised to $8k-10k. This way people can still play the game but will still be limited from buying everything.

    With that said I’ll list a few things I think should be included in the membership and why I think they would help the company too.

    1) increased exp gain:
    The process to leveling to 30 is just a hassle after your 3rd or 4th time doing it. People who have a membership should gain 10% extra exp and 50% extra exp if they have a toon over level 30. Extra exp is a common reward to membership and dcuo should be no exception. The game should encourage players having more toons since having more toons means potential to spend more.

    2) feat buying discount:
    Now I know this sounds like it only benefits the players but hear me out. As it stands most players have 1-3 playable alts that they use to run things. This means that most players will only spend on 3 alts. The 2 biggest limiting factors to this are SP and artifacts. If someone has a membership they could get a discount on older dlc feats. This means that players still have to earn them but once they have them it gives them a way to buy them for alts. Most people will buy feats for their top played alts. Usually just the 2-3 they use. If you make all older dlc feats cost 1 replay instead of 1-3 replays people will be encouraged to buy feats for more toons since it’s a discount. Now what determines if a dlc is old enough? Well you have that system in play already. Dlcs eventually have their credits converted to source marks. This can be the marker.

    3) Increased day break cash:
    Not sure how it works on PC but on PS you get 500 daybreak cash per month. This means that every 2 months you can afford to buy a $10 item. This should be changed to 1000 per month. Since my other 2 ideas are meant to encourage alts, this idea is meant more for a main OR alt. Day break cash is an account currency.

    4) membership reward box:
    These last 2 ideas are meant more for the player to choose who to give it to. I said that most people have 1-3 rooms. But a lot of those people still have mains. If you make the entire membership geared towards alts people who only care about mains won’t bother to much with them. The membership reward box is bound on the room you accept it in and the rewards are also bound to the toon. The reward box should be opened as soon as you accept the reward for a specific reason. Now the content of the reward box.
    12,500 nth metal x3
    Seals of preservation x 2
    Stabilizers x 5
    Reinforced unstable seal of completion x1

    The unstable seal of completion will last for 7 days and it will expire if unused. Hence the reinforced part. The reinforced unstable seal should last a month but will automatically be lost if another reinforced seal is detected. This is why the reward box should be opened automatically. This way players can’t just save up the boxes. Players can use this box to help out an alt or boost their main. The point is that it’s the big thing that players will want membership for.

    All other membership benefits that current exist should also stay. Like the marketplace discount.
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  2. boibrion New Player

    Some great ideas, the ones I like the most are huge discounts in marketplace and mega loot drops across all content. I'm also big on crafting, which I think DC lacks and should expand on, so my idea is dedicate a weapon crafting forge for members. Weapons can have augments and enhancements and become a unique and personal artifact where its more than just leveling up the artifact.
  3. Miserable Committed Player

    I was going to leave this thread but I just can't help myself but respond your points (sorry :/). I will try to keep this short though.

    I'm aware there's no charter or constitution entitling us to "basic freedoms," but it's as simple as it's what a good game should do, given their expressed intention of making not being subscribed a viable way to play the game. Again, this is given their current direction. If their intention was for Premium to effectively be an indefinite trial, then keep the cash cap and add as many restrictions as you want. But that doesn't seem to be their intention.

    Premium players getting only what they pay for isn't strictly true. They get the base game. They can access Gotham and Metropolis, they can equip gear and artifacts, they can trade and mail items, they can change their style. IMO, ease of repairing gear should be part of the base game.
  4. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    This. Also some kind of way that members can have account bound artefacts. This way if you have a toon you longer use but has decent artefacts levelled, you can transfer those artefacts to the toon you use more. Maybe some kind of device you can get that you can transform an integrated artefact into an account bound artefact. Would help players with alt toons or if a player wants to switch faction to use a toon there.

    Definitely the Seals thing though, beyond a certain point you have to have seals to get stronger.
  5. Jsd3ct New Player

    Bigger Marketplace discount is a good idea. Free style unlocks account-wide. Style unlocks for materials would be a help. Add stabilizers to the monthly DB cash. Up the monthly cash to 1000.
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  6. Nyx Vega New Player

    -I would like to see access to the past iconic styles. I’ve been trying to get firestorms chest style forever, but it’s discontinued.

    -Can membership tiers have exclusive access to new powers. (Maybe: f2p - 1, premium - 2, legendary - 3/4.) I would really like to see the elements complete with an air/wind power.

    -A boost in prestige points, maybe?
  7. Dsinful New Player

    Simply allow members to access all our styles on all characters without needing replay tokens. it doesn't make sense that we have to pay money to unlock a style we already own. it just comes across as greedy.
  8. AV Loyal Player

    A membership tier that either grants several free power change tokens a month and/or heavily discounts power change tokens in general.
  9. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    *Sorry for duplicate ideas - I didn’t read through the thread*

    1. Access to Log in rewards. A simple thing off the top of my head are rewards just for logging in daily. Escalating rewards for coming on every day ranging from an extra vault tickets, stabilizers, Nth metal and exobytes to perhaps something like 100 replay badges for the max reward before restarting? Incentivizes logging in every day while giving away things that might not have a ton of monetary value

    2. XP bonuses on Nth Metal and Exobytes. Nothing crazy, an extra 5-10%.

    3. Increase to the number of stabilizer fragments earned daily

    4. Slight uptick in Marketplace discounts to 15%

    5. 12 additional Bank/Inventory slots

    6. Increase in Marketplace items up from 20

    7. Replay Badge cost reduction. Cost to replay a raid should be slightly less than a non-member (maybe 75?)
  10. Zoe· YouTuber

    What do you mean by Increase in market place Items?
  11. Turtle_526 New Player

    Have all content reward source marks, nth metal, and quarks so members who are no longer CR relevant to the content. This would incentivize players to run old content to help out players who are getting into the game or in the middle of old content to queue into things faster.

    Have all your gear and artifacts account bound and shareable between all your alts so we can sink more hours into the game by playing every power/character.

    Have stabilizer fragments drop like nth mental and promethium boxes
  12. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    Sorry, that should have read Broker.
  13. Zoe· YouTuber

    Ah ok. I don't really think we need more broker slots but that's not my choice to make :)
  14. whitemouthgag New Player

    I didn't read through all the suggestions, so apologies in advance.

    For memberships, what if you do a special loot box or time capsule once a month? Inside the capsule, have a bunch of perfected Nth Metal for augments, a seal of completion, a membership only aura or material, maybe some replay badges, a special membership style to collect, and rare base styles. Oh, also, add some older auras/materials/styles that are no longer available?

    Another suggestions, for memberships, allow double the currency for raids. Only raids. All the time.
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  15. kingmasternova Loyal Player

    Just have 2 member base 1 f2p & paid,
    First step what should be free to play
    Like lair/base & Shield weapon
    The sidekick & henchman from mainframe could be added to the tier 1 upgrade f2p, 2nd upgrade legendary.
    Having 2 version of pets
  16. DCUO_Resurvivor New Player

    A passive Bonus like 2x NTH-Metall Drop watch my recent post for further details to Membership.
  17. PolarisSylar Committed Player

    How to become premium..... spend five dollars at marketplace, boom we are premium status.
    Let's stay on topic of membership legendary. How does dcuo entice people like free/premium to become membership.
    Well, one of the main stuff is
    1. Open episodes
    2. In game cash limit.
    This thread is about legendary membership.
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  18. Alpha Fangz New Player

    Thats precisely the point. It incentivizes them, the devs, to make quality of life improvements for members. If we don't handicap ourselves by only allowing a cash cap to be the reason people sub, what value can we truly bring (instead of robbing people of cash that they have earned over time)? I bought episodes, why do I not have access to the cash I earned through content I paid for?

    If they got rid of the cash cap (side note: or at least gave a token to premiums who bought at least one episode to have access to escrow for a day a month) what real value could they bring for a subscription? What do you consider valuable? Its no longer access to content. Great! What could be a game changer? If artifacts truly are the most important piece of the puzzle for being 'strong', then making membership have perks in relation to artifacts and their leveling are of prime importance (to draw subs). Is that pay to win? Most people say its already that way. At least in this way, its sub to win and not just keeping throwing money in to get a decent artifact (and wait for a special event).
  19. Proxystar #Perception

    Why do you not have access to cash?

    because that is not what you bought

    You are not entitled to cash access, if you want that then you buy membership thats clearly written down in the membership perks

    You've chosen its not worth it.

    Again explain to me how taking something else from membership and giving it away for free makes membership better?

    They've already taken episode access, which is what lead to this thread and you want to take more?

    If you take episodes and cash away then you're going to need a hell of a lot more than most are suggesting in this thread to make people sub

    Especially if you want them to stay subbed, what you'll get if you free up cash is people more frequently just subbing a month when they want something and then canceling.

    Some of you guys just really, dont. Get. It.

    It's not just about getting people to sub it's about keeping them subbed.
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  20. Alpha Fangz New Player

    Your answer is a bit redundant friend and moot, obviously cash access isn't what I paid for. I am pointing out the inherent flaw in selling episodes (access to content) without being able to enjoy the benefits of that content. Let me sell you some ice cream but you can't lick it unless you pay more, lol. :D

    As for "taking something away" from membership, I was not implying they should. In my first post in this thread I merely suggested they give premium players (who bought episodes/actual content) a token that gives escrow access for a limited time (not full access 24/7 365 days a year) per month. Your excuse of "just spend $5" to become premium is flawed, when people actually owned content, where as legendary members, presumably, such as yourself only borrowed it (for a period of time). People did this so if their membership/sub was discontinued they'd still have content to play and assist others in. You shouldn't look past the value of premium, or dismiss it as irrelevant in this discussion. They are members of the community, and a part of Daybreak's cashflow.

    Who knows how they will fill the gap here, now that a subscription is worth less (because DLC will be free to all). Thats what we are here to discuss. Only you shouldn't crap on other people's suggestions because it takes away from you. Nothing wrong with elevating everyone's experience, and what you feel is being taken away from you, you ought to brainstorm how that can be made up for. What would make you subscribe if DLCs were free, and cash cap was eliminated? And again, I am not saying they should do that necessarily (though escrow access tokens for premiums for limited times would be nice).

    Have a nice day Proxystar.
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