Best weapon to use for electric dps?

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  1. Spooky Spawn New Player

    What do you guys think is the best weapon to use for electric dpsing? I cant seem to find a weapon that i do a good amount of damage with.

    So any suggestions on what would be the best weapon to use with electric?

  2. Spooky Spawn New Player

  3. Yui Loyal Player

    Any weapon is good for any power. You just gotta find the one that you'll be able to work with the best.
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  4. Remander 10000 Post Club

    As Yui stated, it's not about the weapon, but how you use it. I've been Electricity on my main for a while now (previously Sorc), and I frequently switch weapons. My melee preference is DW, but I also like Staff and 1-H. I tend to use Bow for ranged, but also use HB and DP from time to time. Whatever suits your playstyle, honestly. Don't let anyone tell you that 1-H is the only good melee weapon, BTW.
  5. Dark Wáne New Player

    as a melee Dw or 1H as a range i can recommend you Bow or Rifle .
  6. Black Jaq Loyal Player

    No easy answer here because it depends on what you are doing like alerts, raids, etc. If using Wired you need to electrify as many targets as possible which bow and pistols are good that. Bow seems to have better and quickee melee combos so I would go with that.
  7. Willydon305 New Player

  8. M15TER ROBOT0 New Player

    I went electricity and back. Here was what I found.

    Most of electricty's damage is burst and close contact, from what I played. I respecced back to gadgets, because I like controller potential, and I saw a regain in my DPS of about 10k judtbecause I went back to what I levelled in, Gadgets. I dunno if it is better, but it is certainly more familiar to me after levelling in it.

    Brawling. I like brawling. I have a good brawling weapon. It is my best, in fact. Flying seemed to muck thks up some. I levelled acrobatics, and I still enjoyed it more. When I do the races for flight, I think I will try superspeed.

    Hand Blasters. This made my power reserves limitless. I found this useful when we had no controller.

    Pistols. Dual weapons were a bit easier to deal with flying.

    Rifle. I had less play in tactics wkth rifle, but it was awesome for damage without taking much damage.

    Dual wield. My weapon sucks.
    1 hand. Only have greens.
    2 hander. Nothing but pvp wpns in my stock.
    Bow. mine sucks
  9. Destroyer New Player

    Alright, I mostly use One-handed for melee, but it's in the end all up to you.

    I would suggest HB for ranged, just because they have a good power regeneration rate. You won't get quite as high weapon damage numbers as with some numbers, but you will be able to keep your power up on your own. This will also allow you to dish out a little more damage with your powers, but don't spam powers.

    In the end, it's your preference, but I just thought I'd throw out what I use. :cool:
  10. TheyWantYourMoney New Player

    Against a single target they have practically equal potential, against multiple targets, 1h, staff, 2h, rifle have an edge. Most people will tell you handblasters are good, but it's only because they're children who like to see lasers, blasters have the lowest dps potential.
  11. Disciple218 New Player

    Most people say Handblasters are good because they are, they are one of the best weapons in the game, and they do not have the lowest damage potential, people just don't like the fact that they have to mix melee and ranged to get the best damage from them, with 1h ,staff, and 2h, you will be power starved almost all the time if you don't have a controller or two, yea the weapon damage itself is higher than that of Handblasters, but no one does dps with just their weapon, Handblasters have the highest power regen capabilities, which equals more juice to spend on your actual powers, which equals to more dps. (just wanted to point out that blasters are not terrible as previously stated)

    The best weapon will always be the one that YOU are most comfortable using
  12. Massah New Player

    I do not whether to laugh or shake my head at some comments.

    If you are playing mid-ranged to melee you may want to utilize a Melee weapon for the increased Control Resistance and 15% Crit weapon attack damage. (Until Weapon Mastery allows those inmates on all Mastered Weapons...DLC10)

    For AoE Ranged Handblasters is currently hard to beat. Charged-Blast->Solar Flare is the combo you would use for dealing damage. Pulse Beam is more for power Regen than damage.
    Any single weapon attack grants the same amount of power regen as multiple hits before the next combo regen.
    Standard weapon regen Good Tier starts at 10hits, meaning hits 1-9 reward the exact same amount of total power. Some weapons have lower tiers ...Brawling/2-handed/HB (Good combos in 5/6/9, respectively)

    Choose which weapon and combos flow with your play style. Come Weapon Mastery you may decide certain combos are more fluid for your playstyle.

    For pre-weapon Mastery and to deal damage from a ranged attack - I suggest HB Solar Flare. Quick and clip friendly.

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