Best weapon for electric healer.

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  1. NikoK24 Well-Known Player

    What are the best weapons for healers currently. I am running handblasters at the moment. Damage isn't important but power regen is.

    I have seen brawling into shuriken WM and dual wield into flurry shot. What is best and why?
  2. TheLorax Unwavering Player

    Hand blasters give fastest power regen. Cross weapon combos do not regen power, only supercharge. If you see a Healer or Controller using combos like that, they're doing it mainly for extra damage.
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  3. lllStrichcodelll Committed Player

    Pick wichever combo you like the most, since you want to spec into superpowered because electricity is all about spamming those abilities as soon as they are off cooldown and no weapon combo can keep up with the passive superpowered power regen.
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  4. Balistical Ice Dedicated Player

    There comes a point in time when you realize that power is no longer an issue with healing (in my opinion and experience atleast) when the cross weapon combos are just something for me to do while I heal. I use both brawling and flurry shot for extra damage when healing because power is not an issue. Brawling into shuriken for adds and dual flurry for bosses and ST. If my troll drops, I can solo heal without a problem. Its all about how you like to play. For power regen, hand blasters is the way to go.
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  5. NikoK24 Well-Known Player

    Is superpowered really Worth it, when you lose 5% resto from hybrid?
  6. lllStrichcodelll Committed Player

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  7. TheLorax Unwavering Player

    All the resto you need is in your gear. Then factor in extra resto from generator mods, stat points, artifacts, augments, league buffs, etc. You won't notice that 5% loss.
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  8. NikoK24 Well-Known Player

    I Will be respeccing then
  9. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Some healers forego supercharges altogether. I don't have one on my Sorcery toon because I was never a fan of Arbiter or Transcendence. Therefore, I run Energized Circle in my helmet mod and power efficiency in my chest with a superpowered spec.
  10. Nangaf New Player

    If you want an advice, always choose power regen 25% than power from weapon, like someone say the combo dont give you power back so, for me a always take the 25% passive regen for all role and power

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