Best tradeable gear?

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  1. Superkootje New Player

    Hi there,

    I Have a couple of 90+ toons and I was wondering, where can I get the best gear to give to my alts?
    I have a charater for each power and I allready did every single mission a bunch of times on my main so I know what the story is all about.
    I just want to skip part of the grind with my alts.
    So I would like to know where I can get the best pieces of each indivual part of gear (chest, legs, head, etc.) that are tradeable ofcourse.
  2. Torikumu Devoted Player

    Oooo interesting one... Is it perhaps the Captain Cold hood? Those drop in T3 content. Can't think of anything else.
  3. One Shot New Player

    the best gear is a 78 neck and rings from the vault.. ivy belt is a good one
  4. Superkootje New Player

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  5. Florida Boii New Player

    I haven't geared up an alt since they did the cr thing with the Sub Avatars. But to help you out: abra chest , CC Hood, Sector 13 shoulders, Poison Ivy waist (64 lvl), Mr.Freeze back (64 lvl), Energy Battery hands.

    I believe those are the highest tradable items. (I may be wrong though lol)
  6. Superkootje New Player

    is CC hood, Captain cold's furred hood? because its cr 44.
  7. R0ronoaZor0 New Player

    Best head is from T3 Arkham Scarecrow (64)
  8. Florida Boii New Player

    Strykers is a T3 alert so it should be a 60+ item lvl.

    Strykers used to be a T1, so your source may be a little old.
  9. Superkootje New Player

    I used , are there more recent DB sites?
  10. Florida Boii New Player

    hmm.. I doubt the hood is 44 item lvl. But the world is down so I cant check the broker to see the stats.
  11. kingmasternova Dedicated Player

    If you have 72 item level gear or above & 78 rings & mod them w/ T5 mod's you would be 84.
    Just don't get the T3 or T4 gear til you hit T5 then you should be find doing the T3 & T4 stuff all you mot would got for you 2.5 & home turf stuff.
    I did it with my earth tank just so I can see what is the lowest level 84 tank & how fast I can get there.
  12. Deathmike Loyal Player

    You can farm IL70-71 gear from the trash mobs in Gates.
    They won't attack you until at least one cyclops has fallen.
    When you see a cyclops near death get out and reset the instance then start over.

    Edit: Just realized that gear might have a minimum CR rating although I'm not sure.

    Deathmike out.
  13. farm3rb0b Committed Player

    The OP is looking for tradeable gear in that I guess he plans to farm it with his main and then send it to his alts via mail/shared bank. In that case, none of the tier gear will work. You'll want to go for the iconic gear from the T2/T3 stuff. You can find it on the broker or farm it in instances, but they are extremely rare drops.

    As for you finding incorrect item levels on dcuo-db, they never updated the item levels after some instances were bumped up from T1 to T3 during an early update. So you'll want to consider the instance it's from, not necessarily the item level you see there. That's still the most up-to-date database we have for DCUO, though. You just have to check where it's found - obviously Captain Cold's hood is from Stryker's which is a T3 Alert so it's going to give you 60something gear.
  14. Sechuran Fox New Player

    This came up not long ago in another thread. The best I could come up with (modified with things I forgot...)

    Weapon - Scarecrow's Sinister Cleaver (CR 56)
    Head - Scarecrows Tattered Helm (CR 64)
    Vault Neck - CR 78
    Back - Mr Freeze's Improved Cryotank (CR 64)
    Chest - Vestment of the Magician (CR 58)
    Legs - Catburglar Leggings (CR 52)
    Vault Ring - CR 78
    Face - Oan Tech Mask or Captain Cold's Slitted Shades (CR 64)
    Shoulders - Ryut Shoulderpads (CR 64)
    Hands - Energy Battery Gloves (CR 52)
    Waist - Poison Ivy's Cultivated Belt (CR 64)
    Feet - Clownsanity's Mutant Boots (CR 44)

    A Second Vault Ring - CR 78

    Add to that the level 30 basic pvp trinket and it should give you a CR of around 62.

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