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  1. mattyice Active Player

    I’m not so much a new player as I am a returning player who has forgotten most of what to do. I have a few characters from before but I wanted to start fresh. I know most of this is personal preference but what is the best layout and power design for a character? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    It all depends on how long you have been gone. Were you here for AM's or did you leave after the REVAMP? Do you like busy fingers?
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  3. mattyice Active Player

    Left before revamp. Not even sure what’s new
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  4. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Well the revamp pretty much made everything new. What did you play before you left?
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  5. mattyice Active Player

    I had a few characters. None that I ever really played past the level 30 mark except for 1 and that one was a dual wield speedster. But the most recent one I made is a martial arts speedster. May try a mental character if I don’t like this current character
  6. AV Loyal Player

    I strongly feel it all comes down to a) playing what feels right to you, b) not neglecting your support role.

    DCUO has an absolutely insane number of potential and viable playstyle permutations so the more important thing is to just play what you enjoy. That said, probably the easiest role for soloing/feeling things out is tank, which is true for most MMOs, so any tank power would give you an "easy mode" button for solo content while you're learning. Theorycrafting your loadout is invaluable as well as checking to see what other people are using online but in the end it has to come down to personal preference.

    IMO, Superspeed + Fire + Staff is the easiest and most n00b friendly combo in the game, capable of soloing a goofy amount of stuff. This has access to multiple stackable 360 pbaoe knockups (by stackable I mean both clippable and that the physics/effect stacks) as well as self heals. Enflame, clipped to Burning Weapon, followed by double overhead smash clipped to Flashpoint, followed by double overhead smash clipped to Backdraft lets you fight a basically limitless number of enemies by keeping them perma-CC'd while healing yourself for an extremely low power cost while everything burns and dies. This also leaves you with two slots for w/e you want (Phase Dodge is a great clip for early game and while you're learning and Reignition is a good beginner SC self heal + knockup that has good synergy, ie. your "oh ****" button until you get comfortable enough to replace it with something better. That's 3x 360 pbaoe juggles in a row and 1x 360 pbaoe pull+heal to ensure the cycle never ends since nothing will ever actually get knocked too far away from you. You're effectively Neo from the fight scene in Matrix: Reloaded where he's soloing a bajillion Mr. Smiths. Can use that all the way to late game (basically as long as you can CC the enemies on DPS and forever on Tank) but Backdraft is replaceable as soon as you can out-DPS everything and don't need the extra CC+heal. This approach gives you a solid foundation until you're comfortable to try out serious raids where you'll need to switch to a dedicated ranged DPS loadout or pure tank loadout.

    Note: For Tank, the above combo remains optimal forever even for pre-boss raid content in endgame. I use that for clearing trash on the way to the boss then change to turtle tank, a/r, for serious bosses.
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  7. Quantum Rising Committed Player

    Munitions. Pretty OP right now. My munitions toon regularly outscores higher CR's. It's extremely easy to play and the playstyle to score high numbers is very safe.

    Playing with this power can get you to high CR much quicker. From there you can decide if you want to switch but Munitions will get you there much much faster than most of the other powersets.
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  8. AV Loyal Player

    Is it as mindless as it seems? Since I got back I've had the impression the DPS with it is **** simple.
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  9. Xibo Loyal Player

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  10. Revoemag Committed Player

    Im probably too late to the party..

    But i could suggest gadgets..

    It has shields, stuns, heals and a personal tank and pets..

    Not claiming it's the strongest power but it is the most versatile one. Great for someone that might need an extra little help.
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  11. Jack-O-The-Green Well-Known Player

    Third vote for munitions. No complicated button combos like light or celestial, no weird mechanics like rage crash. Not my favorite power, but it's mindless and it works. Simple rotation, just stand back and let it rip. I don't know if this is the BEST anything, but just go Shrapnel Grenade>Chain Gun>.50 Cal>Smoke Grenade>Mini-Nuke>Biggun over and over until you have a feel for the rhythm of the game again. It's a perfectly adequate troller as well.
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  12. Quantum Rising Committed Player

    I don't want to bash any power but like I said imho it's very OP right now and when it comes to mindless it's the only powerset that I know of that someone can just go 12345, 12345, 12345 and still come out pretty well damage wise.

    I 'main' 6 powersets. The ones that I do 'main' Atomic, Water, Gadgets, Fire, Electricity, and Mental require you to 'think'a bit more about the situation.

    The other powersets I 'play' with when I get bored of the other powersets. Munitions falls into this area. When I play my munitions toon I can keep up with CR's up to 10 higher than me unless the player really really knows his powerset and has a lot more skill points.

    And another 'mindless' point. One time I was playing my munitions toon and got so bored with just going 12345, 12345 that I fell asleep in a raid.

    But again it is powerful so...
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  13. Brit Loyal Player

    I definitely feel like if you're wanting to DPS, Munitions or Electricity are very new-player-friendly.

    If you're wanting to heal, I actually recommend Nature. While it's far from the strongest, it's mostly just re-apply HoTs and then occationally use the Priority Heal.

    For Tanking, Ice is very user friendly. Shield rotation and shield stacking. Again, not the top performing powerset, but it does well enough and does it without too much complications.
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  14. Jack-O-The-Green Well-Known Player

    Traditionally, Ice is the one where you can raid and watch TV at the same time. My only cavil is that there are subtle things that go into tanking well. If I were a new player, I'd honestly do the fights as a DPS first and watch what the tank does, where they stand, etc..
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  15. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Yes and no. Yes, the rotations are easy. No because I'm lazy and hate switching between single and multi, lol.

    IMO, munitions and earth are the most boring powers. Both are very strong at the same time, soooooo. That's why I play alts. ;)
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  16. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    I'm not sure what you like to play, roles or style. So from my experience making alts and powering leveling. Running content and having people stand around while I do most of the content solo. Tank powers right now are the easiest to run at low levels as a damager in tank role. Atomic is my favorite. It has a little bit of everything. Pulls, self healing, overly OP as at low cost power usage, shields, and the powers do pretty good damage with low skill points or high. Obviously having more is better, but you are asking from the beginning. I've also power leveled a earth tank/dps. That was pretty easy also.
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  17. AV Loyal Player

    It feels like the mini nuke (I think that's the power anyways) has an aoe area that's way too large and does way too much damage despite this. Like... it should be one or the other.
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  18. granddaughterlover Active Player

    i know this might not be helpful and its like any players advice ever, but go with what you like the most, i recently came back myself, created new account, went in with celestial, then switched to rage, then quantum and im staying quantum, cause i love tunneling and the animations, sounds, everything about quantum(OC was my favorite dlc back in the day), the reason i switched was to get the feats and i thought cele would be prec based, thought same about rage lol, you do what you like, go with the power that youre most interested in, if it sucks as a dps power, you can easily go precision, powers are more versatile then ever imo, so chose what suits you the best, what suits your characters backstory, playstyle, support role, overall design etc. hope this was helpful and not some gibberish ^^
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  19. mattyice Active Player

    the Toon I was playing the most was a flight + gadgets. Thinking about switching to super speed + fire but I’m undecided on the weapon. I have thought about martial arts but I do that almost every time. Any suggestions here? I have bow pretty much down to a science as well so preferably not that one.
  20. mattyice Active Player

    Tried this out and it is pretty cool. Definitely easy to use and let’s me get used to the game again. Was hesitant about the staff but it seemed to work out very well.
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