Best multi target artifacts for electric DPS

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  1. NikoK24 Well-Known Player

    Hi everyone, currently i'm running Trans/Strat/Solar for single target ranged with my electric DPS.

    For multi target ranged DPS what would you recommend? I have been thinking about Trans/Strat/EoG or Scrap instead of EoG, since I use supercharge for both single and multi.

    Single target loadout is:
    Heat vision -> arc lightning -> tesla ball -> ionic drain + SC + Robot Sidekick.

    Multi target loadout:
    Arc lightning -> electric cloud -> voltaic blast -> arc -> tesla ball -> voltaic blast -> arc -> electrogenisis -> voltaic blast + SC.

    What are your suggestions?
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  2. Charlieboy Well-Known Player

    You are right to stay with Trans and Strat, they really suit electric as lots of dot damage so lots of crits. SC may be an idea as Circuit Breaker is one of the best supercharges out there and makes a real damage difference. I am not the biggest fan of EoG but on the plus side you can also use that in your Healer build so saves on making another artifact. You need to get EoG levelled up to 160 minimum before its any use, whereas soul cloak you start to get some benefit from the earlier rankings, so depends if you have the cash to throw at a new artifact.
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  3. NikoK24 Well-Known Player

    Thx for the reply, really don't worry about the healer side, there I use different artis, however, I think Scrap is best, but it's good to get some opinions on the topic.
  4. Balistical Ice Loyal Player

    Nope. The meta for Electric AoE Dps is Trans, Strat, and Scrap.
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  5. NikoK24 Well-Known Player

    I'll be going with Scrap then, thank you aswell!
  6. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Late to the party but 100% on trans an strat at least. Hands down no question
  7. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    For Single Target, don't overlook Electrogenesis for a DoT. It is the power's best DoT for single target.

    I assume you are using multi target loadout for raids. If you are doing hallways and adds are dropping quickly, you probably won't be using Electrocute and Electrogenesisas much due to 12 second cooldowns. Or you have to rotate their usage between add groups. If you are going to use Electrogenesis for multi-target, start with it first since it doesn't require PI. If you are superspeed you can also incorporate Whirling Dervish into your loadout and remove one of the longer cooldown powers.
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  8. AD Leo Well-Known Player

  9. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    Trans/Strat/Solar at 160
  10. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    I could set a watch by that response in the electric DPS discussion, you know?
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  11. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    Ballistic's not wrong, but AD Leo isn't wrong either : Scrap is great for SC and Electric has the best output magnifier SC in the game, and Solar Amp is great for output, Period: it strengthens Single Target, which Electric kind of lacks, but it's an awesome contributor to AoE rotations as well. Also Best In Class Might boost at 5%.

    Personally, I use Solar Amplifier on my Electric DPS (one of only two characters that had one and the only one I currently use it on) mostly because of that higher standing Might output, and because it can boost ST significantly without needing a second Armory to do so, plus the extra Solar DOT from Burning combined with the single-target damage makes a more-than-adequate replacement for Voltaic Bolt (and since Arc Lightning sets up PI anyway...) - there probably IS a *little* potential damage in favor of the Scrap/Arc Lightning combo, but at 326 CR with 160 Arts?

    You're still getting 115K/s, ish, if not more, sustainable, so...
  12. Balistical Ice Loyal Player

    That meta might change now due to the changes happening to supercharges currently.
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  13. DarkThorn Dedicated Player

    I'm curious to see how bad the change to Circuit Breaker impacts Electric overall; I'm hoping that they reduce their initial plans for it before it goes live, as a 31% of overall effectiveness is MUCH too harsh IMO... it isn't like Electric is topping the charts, so such a severe nerf is unwarranted.
  14. Shalayah Committed Player

    I switched to Celestial the other day but if I remember. I used trans, Strat and scrap. That loadout hit pretty hard especially if you spammed CB and Buff trinkets.

    Electric DPS is super OP in terms of damage output right now because of CB and Scrap + Extended SC (if scrap isn’t 200) is a very good Combo.