Best loadout for Celestial Dps!!

Discussion in 'Joker’s Funhouse (Off Topic)' started by Satla, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. Satla Active Member

    After hours of testing all the powers, i have found the best loadout Celestial Dps players can use, and i would like to share that loadout with you.

    Hope you Enjoy.
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  2. General Zod Well-Known Member

    Oh man, I am so going celestial now.
  3. ARI ATARI Well-Known Member

    where the heck are those sparing targets?
    is that a pc thing? cause we have a view of a wall on ps3 next to our sparring targets.
  4. General Zod Well-Known Member

    Sparring targets are getting moved, along with the mail and broker.
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  5. ARI ATARI Well-Known Member

    thats pretty cool, Im rarely in the WT anymore since Its a freeze fest and the only reason to be there for me currently is to convert marks of reality.
    This would have been a nice change pre-home turf.
  6. General Zod Well-Known Member

    They nerfed it. :(
    Celestial Powers
    ·PC TEST Only: Divine Light/Corrupted Divine Light/Cleansed Plague - These powers will no longer deal massive amounts of damage every 1/10th seconds.
  7. jallenw23 Active Member

    Is the powerset more might or precision based driven?
  8. thirty six Well-Known Member

    I'm blocked from YouTube at work. Can someone do a solid and add the loadout mentioned to a post? OP, if you can list your way down the power trees as well. Any combos, likes, dislikes you have as well? Thanks in advance.
  9. thirty six Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna quote op so he gets a notification :0)
  10. thirty six Well-Known Member

    So I watched this now... Wow xD its like turning on the you die now faucet
  11. CandiTactics New Member

    Lol. I enjoyed watching that. As a newly converted Celestial dps, I can confirm... **** ain't like that no more. I'd say about 1/8th that many tics now. Maybe less. btw, OP, what's your prec at the time of video? Dems is some PHAT numbers popping off that.
  12. kraykiller New Member

    I just switched from Fire tank to celestial dps and still learning the combos and stuff. I want to try this one in the video but don't know what powers to unlock in the power tree and what to put in my loadout bar. If you can assist me mail me in the game, my name is kraykiller. Thank you

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