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  1. Drake Malice Dedicated Player

    In the "Inspired By" list in character creation under "Superman" it has him with the "Ice" Powerset but Kryptonians dont actually have mastery over Ice, just like 1 or 2 powers related to them right? Is there a power set more befitting? The Kryptonian i made doesnt use any of his "powers" but rather i have the Frost Breath and Heat Vision Iconic Powers and the rest are attacks from the Flight tree. Thoughts?
  2. MichealOkane Committed Player

    Earth with localized tremor and jackhammer.
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  3. MichealOkane Committed Player

    It's ice because of the sun stones, and sun stones look like ice, which is ridiculously logical. :/
  4. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    hes right if you want to make a krptonian build your best bet is earth and flight obviously....

    youre going to want to be a tank cause if you really want to be a "kryptonian" you have to pick up the iconics heat vision and freeze breath and both those powers dont do a whole lot of good in dps stance

    for powers to use to taunt... you can pick up freeze breath and heat vision.. pretty much any might power you use that hits a target will generate aggro/hate from the adds giving you their attention...

    youre gonna want a shield they come in handy....

    i strongly recommend gemstone shield... although its not really "kryptonian looking" none of the shields really will be, its the single best shield in the game its the strongest ..i dont care what anyone says ive played ice ive played earth... earths shield is the best as long as you after shock it and has a very short cooldown... or you could take Hard Light shield in the iconics... but it doesnt take as much punishment and has a very long cooldown

    for a pull move id use low pressure for long distance pulls (it will also pull i think maybe 2 or 3 adds around the targeted add) and epicenter when you want to pull everything in around you

    jack hammer is whats going to keep you alive...after shock it one time and it gives you 50% damage absorption this will mitigate all damage you are taking..and when you are blocking youll pretty much feel invincible (youll need to reapply this every 12 seconds...also it is an aoe taunt and has a very wide 360 degree range) keep in mind jack hammer if the add is blocking and you after shock it you will be knocked down and you wont get the 50% damage that entire time you will be getting hit with the full weight of whatever damage is being thrown your way...

    for an immunity to control effects... ugh this is the biggest problem with earth... ok so you can use unstoppable or the flight one..but i find neither of them do what they are supposed to..both dont work while controlled i dont believe (last i checked they didnt) and if they provide some sort of immunity ive never noticed... its a waste i dont even use it

    unstoppable will apply the dazed pi and also knock any adds away from you so keep that in mind as a tank the idea is tog et the adds on you not away...

    as someon else mentioned localized tremor is a great knock down move however they have to have the pi applied to them so that means you either have to use unstoppable ... tectonic break which both those apply the pi on multiple adds... or the first power in the dazed power tree i think its called stone..its a single target pi though... then and only then does localized tremor actually benefit you in tank stane...

    the flight move high pressure will juggle adds and it hink they push them a way a very short distance.its not so bad but i believe the adds have to pretty much be right on top of you .... i think down draft does something similar but from a distance i dont know though i havent really tested it much... you can also do a knock back with the flight move that you basically push forward i dotn nkow the name but i think it only hits one target...if it hits more you could give it a shot....

    with this said how i would build a kryptonian is like this...

    jackhammer/epicenter/low pressure/heat vision/freeze breath/gemstone shield

    you have two very nice pulls...

    your self buff...with jack hammer

    a shield (which comes in handy when you are put on your back from a blocking add, i apply it along side jackhammer no matter what... that way youre doubled up on incoming damage)

    and two taunts other then jack hammer with freeze breath and heat vision..but to be honest both those powers will probably get used the least they would be good to use if you lose aggro right after jack hammer for whatever reason...

    im long winded... but thats personally what id for a kryptonian build....

    if you are going for a superman look.... remember that fos1 and 2 treasure chests drop the kryptonian flexsuit shirt ... its a "spandex" style chest that can look really great in making your kryptonian character... you could also buy the stalwart defender set in the broker or wait for them to be drops in your promethium lock boxes if you are legendary... thats the "new 52" superman style
  5. Jurgen Blitz Dedicated Player

    The closest Kryptionian thing:

    Movement: Flying (duh)
    Power: Earth
    Weapon: Brawling
    Powers: Localized Tremor, Jackhammer, Heat Vision (iconic), Frost Breath (iconic), Swoop Atack & Whirlwind Attack (flight skill trees)
    And don´t forget the iconic Superstrength to lift cars and busses.
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  6. MichealOkane Committed Player

    And don't forget x ray vision, nano weave, weapons expert, empathetic healing, etc. all the defense and attack iconics. Maybe wisdom of Solomon, but not required. I have a kryptonian myself. I changed to earth today, so he goes with his theme better. Some people say it won't work in higher tier content, but if you find the right build it will work just fine. Good luck with your build!
    PS: What server are you on? I might be able to offer some help! :)
  7. BerzerkerUnit New Player

    Earth, flight, brawl is good for a Superman build, Martial arts can work to if you're into it, so could anything else weapons wise.

    Powers: jackhammer is obvious and good. I also don't mind the sand devil power, you wave your hand and throw little tornados, its not too out of theme and can be after shocked for a higher damage absorption.

    I also recommend gemstone shield, Kryptonian crystal tech is a prevalent concept in game so it works fine for this incarnation of Superman and kryptonians in general.


    Unbreakable and all non controller break out powers seem to be broken. Had a fire player in 1v1 pvp last night endlessly break out of hardstuns with some self heal, really cheesy. Ended up losing to time over. I digress, the animation and effect of I breakable is cool but the Cooldown is awful.

    Heatvision and frostbreath are both fine as long as you take the empowered channeling turf mod for hands. No more knockdowns and a 2k defense buff. Frost breath might even brick the adds.
  8. DEMONIZER1 Loyal Player

    I've done multiple builds with a Iconic loadout in mind and in the higher tier it is not going to be that great, up to T3 / T4 it's a blast!

    I'd love too see a truly worthy Iconic build, something you could run all content with, won't happen, but would be really cool...

    If you tried to run a loadout like you suggest, you'd never make it to the first boss in Dox or Nex before you got kicked!

    Sad but true, I really wish it could work!!!

  9. MichealOkane Committed Player

    I know im probably late here, but you said its a blast through t4. I thing by T5 i will change to rage, light, or maybe even hope if it's out by the time im t5 ( i enjoy the ride, not the grind )
  10. DEMONIZER1 Loyal Player

    Yeah,, T5 and up you are screwed!

    Both HL and Rage are great powers, but, there are others that are viable options.

  11. MichealOkane Committed Player

    I'm using rage or hl because of the war of the light content, and wanted to fit the theme of the lanterns.
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  12. Daitoso0317 Active Player

  13. Forum Junkie Well-Known Player

    Fire with solar amplifier. Infinite health. Kryptonians get their power from the sun. This is how I see it. I have been ice, earth, and finally went fire. Single target is great and with the right knowledge, AoE is very powerful. Flight with swoop attack, heat vision, frost breath, snuff out (if you use lernaea as I do.) Transformation card, solar amp, and lernaea. Very strong build.
  14. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    Best is subjective because a theme build won’t get you far unless you’re experienced enough. Krypton has two gods that I can think of, Rao sun god and some Ice goddess I can’t remember. You can play as fire, ice, a red, green or yellow lantern while still being a kryptonian character. As well all know, kryptonians are tanky. The best way to go about this is to be in tank role. While fire increases your base health, ice increases your defense but only when using a shield. Ask yourself this, do you want to take an ability slot just to activate your tank buff or do you want to have your defense buff be your base? Fire increases your health by a large amount but its defense isn’t good and requires attention and action.

    Ice defense increases when using a shield. Earth defense increases when using a specific ability like jackhammer but in tank role you can either increase your defense that way or be a pet tank build (don’t recommend due to a kryptonian build). Then again you can supposedly think your earth character be a Doomsday kryptonian. Now atomic is amazing.

    With atomic in tank role you get 90% defense increase just by being in tank role. I think that suits the tanky side of being a kryptonian. You can further increase your defense with the neck and hand mod. Frost breath and Heat vision helps in that regard so the hand mod empowered channeling benefits from those two powers. You can equip solar amplifier artifact to further increase your heat vision damage.
  15. L T Devoted Player

    Arise oh dead thread....

    Man this is an oldie! And it highlights how much the game has changed over the years. Heat Vision and Frost Breath have now become extremely potent DPS abilities and, if not necessarily chart-topping a decent "kryptonian build" will do pretty good in most conent.
  16. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    this is the second Daitoso0317 ancient thread revival
  17. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Yeah lol my post is riddled with old info the one he quoted.

    Is gem stone shield even the strongest shield anymore ?