Best Hard light DPS loadout

Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by Lightkilla97, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Lightkilla97 New Member

    What would be the best load out for the hard light power. Add me "Lightkilla97"
  2. Dee Pius Active Member

    Head on over to Omaars hard light DPSing guide in the Oracles Database and join in the discussion.
    That is your study guide to study for the rest if the semester, good sir.
  3. RamsesVIIX Active Member

    Best hard light DPS load is, Chainsaw on bosses, Chompers in Raids or alerts for the AOE, and Light blast because it looks cool and does the most damage before Chainsaw. Oh and focus on Might over Precision in your mods.
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  4. ImpeccableSin New Member

    No, that's not the best load out. That's actually not a very good load out at all.
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  5. RamsesVIIX Active Member

    Well if he wants something faster than Chainsaw, for trash mobs and you don't feel like using chompers use boxing gloves because it looks cool and you can combo it into Chainsaw.
  6. RamsesVIIX Active Member

    Or mini guns because they look and hit for massive damage. Also from the two supercharges use the Helicopter because it looks cool, does the most damage and only a 25% Supercharge. Use that when you're done spamming Chainsaw.
  7. ImpeccableSin New Member

    Whichever looks cooler is a matter of opinion. However it is a fact that strafing run does more damage than the helicopter does. It sounds like you're playing HL just like any other power. You can't use it to it's full potential without using the construct combos. The powers you're suggesting don't stack up to doing the most damage over a set period of time.
  8. RamsesVIIX Active Member

    Incorrect. You can combo boxing gloves into chainsaw for massive damage. Miniguns into whipthrash into clap into Chainsaw. That Chainsaw is the coolest weapon. I did the Helicopter 4x in Prime last night and we took down Brainaic.
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  9. ImpeccableSin New Member

    I never said you couldn't do good damage with your load out, or that the helicopter was bad. However it's been tested & proven that strafing run does more damage. Plus it automatically hits whatever target you're locked on to, no matter where it moves after you push the attack. The chainsaw does look cool, it's just that it's combos aren't as fast to do the most damage over time as some of the other possibilities.
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  10. Octantis Well-Known Member

    I never try to out score others. I just have fun with my power set. I don't care about the boring Ram, Snap Trap, Fan, Jump Cancel, [Rifle] Mortar clipped back to Ram. It's dull. Plus, I like my Twp Hander too much.

    My main rotation is Snap Trap, Fan, Claws x3, Whipx2, then start all over by clipping the second Whip. With a 2 Hander this nets me a Tier 3 power regen and makes me Power independent. Even if I run into problems I have Doom Spin. I'll often begin my combos with a Homerun Swing clip. And I would just do Clawsx2 but for some reason doing Claws then the Hold results in a Lunge with my weapon, so I have to add a second Claw. And some times I'll replace Ram with Mini Gun just to spice it up, or Whip with Snap Trap and start an infinite combo - because I think they're cool :)

    For Range I'll fall back to Omaar's rotation above, but I like shooting out Light Blast on occasion. Whatever the case, I'm always #1 in damage anyway, even without any mods, so I guess what I do works well enough. We finish the instances quickly, that's what counts.
  11. OMAAR Well-Known Member

    Hello this is what I suggest, you don't have to follow it or use it but this is what's working good for me:
    Loadout: Ram-Snaptrap-Claws-Strafing run-iconic robot-whirling dervish.

    Now go the dummies and test all the combos and rotations posted here and gauge how fast you can bring the dummies to zero.

    Then try this rotation:
    Use Ram-Press square , as soon as you see whips use claw-then hold square, as soon as you see yourself doing something like a ground slam restart from the beginning.
    Practice till you can do the whole combo in two seconds flat.

    Have fun.
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  12. RamsesVIIX Active Member

    Iconic Robot Sidekick? Really Omaar? expected better from you
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  13. Jockin Jay Active Member

    What's wrong with the Iconic Robot Sidekick?
  14. OMAAR Well-Known Member

    Sir, I can prove mathematical values for every claim I make. Iconic robot does an average 20 dps ranged and 25 dps melee, on a 30 minute raid that's 36,000 damage say you fighting 70% of the time thats 25,000 damage.

    You claim you use Chompers? The WORST POSSIBLE HL POWER ALONG WITH SPIKEQUAKE? Using HL chompers nets AT LEAST -700 damage from the normal FFF/AAA/SSS combos.

    Use might over precision?
    Here is why I support precision OVER might from my old guide ( this ratio is being Redone as we speak for escalating might )

    3.Gear: go for precision 4, precision/power 4, precision/health 4 mods.
    Regarding promethium rings and necklaces follow this rule GO PRECISION
    Calculations are down here:
    ram 35% yellow testing with 1744 might 101-131 avg: 116 my original 1499 might avg is 102. So from 245 might we have gained 14 damage x3( being 3 hit from close. ) is 42.

    St white from 716 Precision is 271-329 avg is 300 Old 512 Precision is 251 so we have gained 49 damage from 214 precision ( not including an in dots .

    Power 50% St with 1744 might is 214-282 avg: 288 Old 1499 might is 217 a nice gain of 71 damage ( again not including dots )

    Fan 35% with 716 precision is 333-485 avg: 409 vs old 512 344, a juicy gain of 65 damage

    Whipthrash 35% 716 precision 104-135 avg:119 vs 93 a gain of 26x4= 104

    Add to that 214 Precision is 21.4 weapon damage.

    On Ram-St-fan

    So from 245 might vs 214 precision we have gained: 42 damage vs 21x1.35+49+65=142

    2 mobs: 42x2 vs 28x2+49+65x2= 84 Vs 235

    3 mobs: 42x3 vs 28x3+49+65x3= 126 vs 328

    142/42= 3.3, 235/84= 2.8, 307/126. =2.6

    On Ram-St-Power St-Fan

    So from 245 might vs 214 precision we have gained: 42+ 71 vs 21x1.5+49+(65x1.5/1.35) = 113 vs 152

    2 mobs 42x2 +71 vs 31x2+49+72x2= 155 vs 255

    3 mobs 42x3 +71 vs 31x3 +49+72x3= 197 vs 358

    1.3, 1.6, 1.8


    42+71 vs 31+104+72= 113 vs 207

    2 mobs 155 vs 31x2 + 110x2 + 72x2= 155 vs 426

    3 mobs 197 vs 31x3 + 110x3 + 72x3= 197 vs 639

    1.8, 2.7, 3.24

    So if the trolls cannot sustain FFF it,s 3 to 1, 1 precision = 3 might ( funnily shingeki was spot on)

    If the trolls can sustain SSS 1 Precision to 2 might, FFF 1 precision to 3 might .

    Ill take worst case scenario and go for 1 precision to 3 might.

    MEANING: YOUR PRECISION SHOULD BE 2x or 3x your might which is impossible, so go all out precision.

    Now before expecting BETTER than me. Prove what you are saying.
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  15. OMAAR Well-Known Member

    That was also on a stat by stat basis. If you still have any doubt I can give you the percentage might values.
  16. RamsesVIIX Active Member

    Um how does that explain the Robot Sidekick?
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  17. Sieg New Member

    lol herp a derp.
  18. OMAAR Well-Known Member

    Iconic robot does an average 20 dps ranged and 25 dps melee, on a 30 minute raid that's 36,000 damage say you fighting 70% of the time thats 25,000 damage.

    That's the equivalent of 10 orbital strikes without the need to activate it. Remember the robot damage is CR DEPENDENT. The numbers above are from 87 CR.
  19. Apostate Rising Well-Known Member

    well played Ramses VII.
  20. Impact Prime Member

    Ramses, I picked up on your terms "massive damage" used quite often for powers which most would not describe as such. If you want to increase your damage out in an instance, you have to consider the time factor, since it's damage over a duration. This is DPS, damage done divided by the time taken to do it. Look at some of the construct combos suggested which can be executed very quickly, and multiple abilities can be landed simultaneously. Total that damage and divide it by how long it takes and it'll be a lot more than if you cast chompers, spike quake, boxing gloves, and even chainsaw. I'm not saying they can't be used to good effect, or combined with other abilities to make them faster and more viable for increasing DPS, but used in the way your suggestion are coming across is not using light the way it is really designed to be used, and it will fall very short of what construct combo clipping can output.
    For example, even if you just replace chompers with ram, as that power ends you can tap melee then another power quickly. It'll appear like using two powers in sequence, but you'll get an extra 450-500 damage per target within a 180 degree mid range AoE. The second power could be chompers, or something similar that can be clipped with a jump or jump+tap to make it timeless and also unseen, making it appear like you only performed ram. Or it can be another power that can lead into another construct combo, which you can clip again.

    Now if you're using construct combos, as far as Might Vs. Precision is concerned, the ratio between the two will depend on the rotations you use. The damage increase to your weapon by precision with any power set is likely to be close to, if not greater than the damage increase seen to your powers by an equal amount of might. So when you consider light using more precision based attacks, the effectiveness of precision will at least double, maybe more as I said, depending on your rotation. You don't actually need maths to know that precision is more effective for you than might, and that if you're not using the constructs, you'll be balance at best, not might focused.
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