best flight races for No Movement feats?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by TK PUSHA, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. TK PUSHA New Player

    its been so long since i did these on my main, and i'm trying to remember which ones i used to get the adept and expert no movement feats before i do a movement mode switch on one of my alts.

  2. NelsonMuntz New Player

    Gotham University Adept.
    Midtown Expert.
    Hands down, the easiest way, IMO.
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  3. TK PUSHA New Player

    yeah, midtown expert was one of the ones i thought i did b4... maybe even the GU one as well.
    thx for the reminder.
    omg i cant wait to get these done and switch to SS... i forgot how horrible flight is in combat--painful!!
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  4. Lokkii New Player

    ^ these for sure.
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  5. Miggly New Player

    I realized I have not done these yet. If I run these how do I get the feat if I already have the movement. Should I respect my powers and not put anything in Super Speed?
  6. Toren New Player

    Yes.. best way is to respec and save some SP so you buy your movement modewhen you're done with the race.
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  7. TK PUSHA New Player

    well, banged out the midtown one... cant seem to find the adept GU one tho... only expert.
  8. TK PUSHA New Player

    weird, just checked mmorpg and it shows the adept location where the expert is now.......
    this stuff must have changed when they messed with the races awhile back to get them away from adds.
    so... no more adept GU race as fas i can tell.
    any other suggestions?
  9. Lokkii New Player

    the adept one in midtown where u go thru the superman statue
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  10. TK PUSHA New Player

    thanks. i actually just googled the feat and saw a guy did it on downtown, so i did that one.
    easy peasy. 2 tries and done.
    yay! SS here i come!
    sorta bummed i gotta ditch teh retro futuristic back that has the glowy jetpack tho, lol.:D
  11. jaten1 New Player

    Who says you have to get rid of the back piece? Think of Wil.E. Coyote and him strapping a rocket to his back.:cool:
  12. BumblingB 10000 Post Club

    Gotham U definitely, but the I do not know what it was, but the met one always gave me trouble. I don't remember the name, but the one south of east end pd was the one that is good.
  13. TK PUSHA New Player

    heh, yeah i always wished those animated jetpacks would at least light up for inertial inversion or rocket assisted glide...
    without the annimation though its a pretty boring backpiece.

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