Best DPS trinket?

Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by Revenger, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. Revenger New Member

    I have 7 villian, all DPS and there's a quantum one coming soon XD. So i still don't know which is the best trinket for DPS, i know there's one with fos2 i think but i want to be able to get the best trinket without passing tier 1 in PvE, so any vendors or vending machine that sell a good DPS trinket?
  2. Neptune Active Member

    Central City
  3. Whizzkid Well-Known Member

    Central City, for reasons.
  4. AllanPage Well-Known Member

    I prefer my Fos trinket over CC trinket only because the cooldown is visible. Central city trinket does more than boost your stats though, you can regen health, put shield, use handblaster, Hold right click to do damage etc.
  5. Whizzkid Well-Known Member

    While the FoS1 trinket does share a much shorter cool down, the CC trinket's uses far exceeds the FoS1 Trinket for the entire duration of the suit. I'm surprised more people don't run the CC.
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  6. AllanPage Well-Known Member

    I use both actually, I just keep CC trinkets for boss fights. Thanks to the utility belts for making it easier.
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  7. MARK2099 Well-Known Member

    Fos1 dps trinket is cooldwn 2 minutes, boost is 20 seconds, CC trinket cooldown is 5 minutes, boost is 20 seconds everytime you activate the suit, if you are timing to use the trinket every 20 seconds CC trinket is better, the only reason some don't like is because cooldown is not visible, and the only way to know is put attention in the toon until see the speedrain lightning effect around the player, so many try to use before and get stunned for 2 seconds which can be fatal in some cases.
  8. surge914 Well-Known Member

    Because as you transition out of the suit theres a 3sec timeframe where you can't do anything and its pretty annoying and also like you said it has a long cooldown plus the fact that you can't see the cooldown and unless your keeping track of the time your pretty much guessing when you think the CC trinket is ready. I actuall made a post about cahnging CC trinket so it shows a cooldown and that is all. Just a way to make the trinket more convenient.
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  9. Aiden Warren Well-Known Member

    CC and EBOR
    do CC then EBOR to keep the stats boosted
    +20 each time you can get 80 seconds total if you do it right.
  10. OMAAR Well-Known Member

    I love the fos trinket.
  11. Jurgen Blitz Well-Known Member

    As some have stated, the utility belts make it so that we don´t really have to choose. HOWEVER, for the FoS trinket I´ll have to test my odds against 7 other guys, while the CC triket I can just go and buy with marks. That´s one advantage I see for the CC trinket: higher accesibility
  12. Lamar Active Member

    fos trinket hands down, shorted cool down and no transformation
  13. Agnetta Well-Known Member

  14. Remander Well-Known Member

    This is what I do, as well.
  15. Bishop Well-Known Member

    I concur with the previous comments, what I must add is how many DPS do not know about the right click hold that CC trinketoffers. A lot of DPS secreted away in that little button and hold. Do any other trinkets offer free AoE damage?

    EBOR is FoS trinket: Enforcer's Badge of Retribution. (Scorpinoid Mk-1)

  16. Toxiic Well-Known Member

    I finally know the cooldown time for CC trinket thank you! And for people who've never used the CC trinket before, in those 2 seconds for a healer anything could happen
  17. T20thoughts Active Member

    Five minute cooldown for CC, and two minute cooldown for FOS... Interesting. The math adds up nicely for using both of them, then.

    So optimally one would have both CC and FOS trinkets in the utility belt, and rotate'em like so:

    CC trinket -> 20 seconds -> FOS trinket -> 2 minutes -> FOS trinket -> 2 minutes -> FOS trinket -> wait until cooldown is a little past 3/4 -> CC trinket -> repeat.
  18. cadaverhead Active Member

    While the CC trinket does have a 5 minute cooldown, you have to factor in that the suit lasts for a full minute so it's really only 4 minutes before you can activate it again once the actual buff wears off. You can activate it a total of 3 times after the initial activation so long as you don't use the shield or the heal. So if you get your timing right you can make the CC trinket last a very long time in comparison to other trinkets. It's really only roughly two full cool downs of your fos trinket; factor in a seasonal pet trinket as well and you can start to gauge when the CC trinket is ready even without seeing the speed-drain-esque animation.
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  19. T20thoughts Active Member

    Okay, now I'm curious... How do you keep the trinket going, and how do you activate the shield/heal stuff? I've hit the trinket button again to activate superspeed (which... I honestly don't want), but other than that I haven't made it do anything fun.
  20. RamsesVIIX Active Member

    They're all DPS? Dang man show some variety.

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