Best and easy trolls to use?

Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by ElectricJordan, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Ixnay New Player

    Best: Mental = Gadget = Hard Light
    Easiest: Mental > Gadget >>> Hard Light

    All have pros and cons, Hard Light is the hardest due to several melee moves needed to do certain things plus it's the hardest power reguardless due to construct combos (which I love). League mate of mine recently switched from HL to mental with their reason being that they were fed up of being stepped on :(
  2. General Zod 10000 Post Club

    Easiest: Mental=Gadgets=Light
    Neither power is easy to use or the best they all have their ups and downs. Pick a power that appeals to you don't just rule it out simply because the community says it's hard.
  3. Fire Xion New Player

    Well each power has it advantages/disadvantages. Light troll doesn't have much variety debuffs, only 1 defense debuff, and i think only 1 or 2 damage debuffs and 3 heal debuffs. Also requires to get in the heat of the fight to debuff and the group shielding 50% supercharge. Mental has the greatest distance and multiple debuffs as well as bastion, a 50% group shielding. Gadgets has a medium range and again multiple debuffs, but no group sheilding supercharge. Instead a 35%, i think, robot drone supercharge that restores small leaks of power to the group over time.
  4. Delta795 New Player

    Contradict yourself much? I agree with your final statement...none are the best. I prefer HL simply because it's fun. Pick whatever power YOU like. Not what some forumite tells you.
  5. General Zod 10000 Post Club

    Noted. While writing the post I had 2 ideas in mind and instead of writing one I wrote both. :oops:
  6. ElectricJordan New Player

    I'm pretty new just strayed playing again about one or two mainths ago so don't make fun of me but what's CC?
  7. Worlok New Player

    cc is crowd control. stunning effects and the like. either way, HL is probably the worst in every way.
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  8. General Zod 10000 Post Club

    False hardlight is just as capable as the other controller powers.
  9. Amarsir New Player

    As you can see, each set has it's own fans so there's no wrong choice.

    One thing you should be aware of is that for Light, both "Power over Time" moves and the Defense Debuff move are melee attacks. Both Gadgets and Mental can do those moves from range. Now that's not a reason to avoid the set. But since you specifically asked "easiest", it's something you should know going into it since diving into melee in a boss battle can be trouble.
  10. Ding New Player

    I know someone who is currently an HL Controller and does a very good job to be either the main guy or support one. He manages to get around with the 'challenges' that an HL troller faces in raids in particular. But being a Gadget controller myself, I find that this is me, my play-style, in compare to the other powersets. In short, one can make the best out of any of these powersets and make it your own :)
  11. pebcak New Player

    it all really depends on the play style of the troller for me personally i like mental because it reminds me of range dps in past mmos ive played
  12. Tesseract Prime New Player

    I was having this discussion on TS the other night. I genuinely couldn't say which is the overall best. They each have pros and cons.

    If hard light was given a good defence debuff and a grandeur/distract move, I'd say HL. Until that point, I really can't say.

    Although I have the most fun with gadgets. ^^
  13. Echephyle New Player

    I love gadgets. Very easy to use and clipable powers. You can also become a dps easily as many of the powers are good for both roles.
  14. Black Jaq Loyal Player

    Just because Hard Light's P0T moves are melee oriented doesn't mean you have to target anyone or be in melee range to activate it and the P0T effect. However, those moves use 250 power when Gadgets and Mental only cost 200 power, no doubt due to the HL combos. HL trollers require a different play style than Gadgets or Mental as they can get more in the thick of things but need to know when to back off and go range attacks.

    Gadgets debuffs are the most power thrifty as you can select 1 of each that only cost 300 power and thereby is the best debuff controller power set. You can use Gauss Grenade (defense) and Cryo Foam (health) and create a DoT power interaction as well.
  15. Sore Devoted Player

    HL no-weapon controlling with brawlers equipped generates personal power faster than any other class. An extra vit bonus for specialization doesn't hurt. But the melee oriented POT and DEBUFF is a drawback even if you can work around it.

    Gadgets and Mental are pretty much equal. The benefits and drawbacks of each aren't as pronounced as HL. Gadgets has a pull. Mental can group debuff/polymorph. I like Mental for the polymorph but that's just a preference.
  16. Torrent New Player

    I am a HL troll, and I really like it. actually did a short stint as a dps, which was a lot of fun with HL. I switched back for the same reason that there just seem to not be a whole lot of trolls on.The bad part is i got rid of all my troll gear so i am having farm MoT to get it all back. The CC abilities with HL are very good if you have high enough dominance to back them up. Hit snap trap, or encase, and hold right mouse button, stun everytime except of bosses. I tried mental and didnt really like it. I have a gadget dps which is fun fun fun. The main thing is to give them all a try and pick the one that suits your playing style. Hope this helps! If ya need help in game hit me up... Light Torrent
  17. BaddestJade New Player

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  18. Dr Improbable Dedicated Player

    The biggest problem with controlling is that people are just plain mean to them (on USPS3,the trailor park of DCUO). Guys are just slapping Vit4's in all their slots and going on about how high their Vit is. So sad. I play healer and troll,and I prefer healer. If you do a good job you're appreciated. If you do a good job as a controller,(at best) you get ignored.
  19. Dr Improbable Dedicated Player

    Well played Sir! +1
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  20. RamsesVIIX New Player

    Mental, great crowd control. I used to be a mental troll but switched to hardlight died more often than not doing solo missions. Mental is just awesome to crowd control.

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