Being a Troll is a tough job/depressing.

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  1. Lights Derp Loyal Player

    Ok I said basics of what I do but if you need more of an explanation. I have hand blisters equipped with the power proc HT mod. I use solar flare in between every cast, if I get to low I pulse beam up to T2 regen. I also have the inertial flywheel mod in my feet that boosts regen and I use that every 6 seconds to boost my personal regen.

    The we have the summer event crab to give power back, and the tap melee with the CC trinket. Oh and sodas, and supply drops.

    Since I'm always watching the battle field I get yo see when anyone else drops a supply drop and I jump in those.

    Do I need to break it down anymore?
  2. Darth Loyal Player

    Because you don't need to be hitting PoT, CC, Debuff, Shield, Soder, Supply drop or SC every second. He was talking about when he uses instant power. When you aren't putting out one of the moves he mentioned and clipping it with instant, you should likely be picking someone up, completing an objective or putting out a weapon combo to build power and SC. You can do all that within your instant's cooldown. The fact that you make it sound like all controllers need to do is sit there, cast PoT and spam instant power in between combos is the bad advice here. But we've both said it, you troll and I'll control. That's fine with me. Don't project your bad habits onto new impressionable controllers though please. There's enough mediocre ones out there already.
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  3. TheRealDeathern New Player

    OP, ignore the DPS who complained, and learn to do this frequently.... Continue to build and fine tune your skills as a controller The individuals to keep powered in any raid or alert is the heal, the tank, and yourself, DPS come in last, regardless of content... As long as you do this, and keep POT up, the group stays alive and the content will get completed. Yes, you can become nothing but a battery, but trust me, thats not a very fun way to play the role. It is far better, IMO, to be a well rounded controller than a battery troll. You'll not only have more fun, but be helping your group/league far more than just giving power. Keep Controlling and dont let this single instance persuade you to give up. Listen to Light Derp, and Darth, they both understand the role, I'm not sure I can add much to what they have already stated.
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  4. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    to the op veziann is giving the best advice, follow what he said and you will be ok
  5. Darth Loyal Player

    Well thank you for finally agreeing with us lol. I know you didn't mean to but what Veziann said isn't even close to the "Shut up, you're a power battery" comment you made. And what he said is all in the thread I shared with you which Veziann looked at and approved right when I put it up.
  6. TK PUSHA Dedicated Player

    ...and we have a winner!!! lol.;)

    yeah, been watching this thread for the last few days waiting for someone to spell it out. finally.

    at the same time i've been playing the last few days, thinking about the OP of this thread, but mostly thinking about JENS ANDERSON! --and how he needs to WAKE TH F UP and realize that DCUO needs to put the 'ROLE' back in ROLE PLAYING.
    These threads are never going to stop. why? not because people are noobs or whatever, but because the development of DCUO has been on a steady DPS-CENTRIC path for well over a year now.

    remember back in 2011 when DPS was actually considered and called the "off role"? lol.
    yeah, i do.
    Back when i personally ran ALL content in Controller stance. solos, duos, pvp... all of it.
    now? lol, no.

    There is a reason that out of the vet players i know that have quit, that the super majority of them were dedicated ROLE players--tanks, healers, trollers
    --.It's the same reason as displayed when i ran Nexus yesterday with some whinny 15 year old clipping, glitching, Hardlight DPS that was screaming for 'MORE POWER' despite the fact that he was getting over ONE THOUSAND POWER PER FREAKING SECOND!!:mad:

    ...deap breathe...
    /end rant.

    yeah, trolling is depressing, lol.
  7. Redhot Well-Known Player

    you will give me power and you will like it lol...
    jokes aside trolling is a thankless roll and unless people know you or what gear you are in they will always ask for more power instead of adjusting
  8. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    TK HL glitchers don't use almost any power
  9. TK PUSHA Dedicated Player

    semantics brah.
    i said glitchers out of hate for the morons that dont know what a weapon attack is.
    trust me, 1000+ power per second consumption is just not working.
    they need to do something about HL right now, i dont know what, but it is unbalancing the power flow and is basically game breaking.
    dont know why they've ignored the issue, and i am no expert on HL, but its been brought up by a ton of people on these forums.
    it is currently 100% impossible to keep up with HL clipping even with 2 professional batteries.
    yeah i dont miind getting through nexus in 30 minutes, but seriously its killing the balance of high end raid runs. period.

    Regardless of where you stand on the HL issue, i was just using that as an example of a much larger issue-- the lack of love for support roles in DC or the the DpsDevelopmentDisease as it should be called.
  10. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    Darth see where he said only debuff the boss or an add that is aggroing the healer? Lol u haven't said anything like that. You guys are talking about CCing everything. Me I tap tap hold clip with power dump, I don't try to CC trash mobs cause I rather give the power to dps to burn'em down. only time I throw a debuff is on bosses I let the tank cc. If you wanna cc more us a crushing or dazing consumable, but that's just my opinion
  11. Lights Derp Loyal Player

    Don't mind him TK he wants everything spelled out of him in every little detail.

    Also I agree with you I run with a lot of HL DPS and when they're going for max dmg it is impossible to keep up.
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  13. Lights Derp Loyal Player

  14. Maxx_Watt Loyal Player

    Personally I keep the dps low on power just so I can score higher on the scoreboard, then I tell them what a garbage dps they are.
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  15. Darth Loyal Player

    Ummm, what do you mean I haven't said anything like that? It's right there ^. And when did I ever say CC everything? All I ever said was that Real Controllers aren't just batteries. I haven't gone into how to control here because I don't think it's necessary. The only time I would CC an add is if a healer or the group is in danger and the tank can't handle it. Maybe you're just really bad at English? We were saying that every move we do has a CC effect... You can't throw PoT without putting out a CC effect unless you're out of range. Have a coffee man, you need to wake up.
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  16. H.. Committed Player

    Although, you can listen to others advice, some of it very good advice that you can use a guide line for yourself) ...but...
    Nothing beats finding out and doing it on your own (experience) - that means practice to enhance your own play style, not try to play like someone else - you have to find yourself first - your own Technique!

    That's what I did and, still do - Practice Techniques every time I log on! I don't think I know everything and I keep looking for answers to better myself, and help others if possible.

    The best "Controller" (IMHO) are the one's who can do a "multitude of things" and be Dynamic. Unfortunately, just like the real world, some people (self serving) will try deny or, limit your" in game fun" be it "EGO-boosting", Competition - trying to come in "Number One" on the "Bill Board Chart" etc...

    I DPS all the time and, I see so many players who rush, into battle to get those first licks, in just so they finish with the highest damage using tons of power to do so. (This happened yesterday in the "Shaddy" Nite Club" duo. LOL

    ...This happens "Competition" is very High here and, you have deal with the circumstance (people) at hand - just try to move on to better things and places , however, always remember (even when some forget) that "this is a game" when all is said and done, it should be for FUN!!

    Some think that "Controlling" is "useless and thankless job" and, that maybe true! Its easy to get that impression, especially when some people have that opinion. What maybe "Not True" becomes "True" based solely on a court of public - "opinion"!
    Although, just because it is popular doesn't mean it is "Right" as some players just follow the crowd.

    If general consensus of "Controlling" being "thankless job" then the developers of this "MMO" should start looking into and asking the hard questions of "Why this is"???? -

    Do they want DPS to be the vast majority of players??

    All Roles are (should be) important, and deserve respect since, no "one role" is greater than the other but, as a cohesive unit, the can make a "GREAT ONE"! When you forget that you fail.
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  17. Darrken New Player

    I have played this game for just under 2 years. My main toon started as a mental troller, but once I hit 30 and started doing bigger raids I got frustrated at the insane amount of people yelling at me to give more power. This game is the first MMO I have ever played. I started playing it because I have an enormous love of comic book lore. In the last 6 months I have returned to my original character because I have convinced a group of friends to start playing the game, and I found Derp's "bible." After playing DPS for a bit I can fully understand the importance of my role. Wish I would have found something like this earlier in my career as a CONTROLLER, not as a troll ;)
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  18. Luthia1281 New Player

    Hl fan glitchers dont use much power lol I pugged nexus on my troll this week and There was a hl dps that had 1m dmg in the first room ALONE and had 10k power in.. while the other dps had 400-500k and about 100k power in each lol I turned to look at the HL and sure enough he looked like he was having a seizure xD
  19. Wilder Midnight New Player

    i can't wait for the next ninja looting thread.

    i love controlling. in nexus knowing how to stun and debuff is key to making life easier for the group.

    i've been doing this long enough that i know what i'm doing. when players try to direct me everything gets messed up. when players try to direct me and are rude about it then everything gets messed up and i get cranky on top of it.
  20. Lights Derp Loyal Player

    Do what I do.

    Player tries to direct you, you reply "yeah sure I can do that" and continue what you were doing. 9 times out of 10 the people that gave the direction willbbelieve you're following them and will shut up.
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