Been practicing, what do you think?

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    POO, butt write a story that you would like to read, if you try and 'appeal to the masses', you will end up writing only bad clichés (ala "Twilight" and "Fifty Shades")
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    Hey Newel. I'm just gonna throw out everything I have gathered in terms of info and tools and you can do what you want with any or all of it. I'm inclined to agree with Visor there. One, I would say, just write the kind of stories you want, whats interesting to you. I know from personal experience [not that I have a lot of it] that what you intend to do comics wise is not always what you end up doing.

    I think your first goal should be to just finish SOMETHING. Whether that is a 2-3 page thing, a couple of panels or what ever. Don't shoot for the big 200 page masterpiece that we all think we have in our head right away. As far as not being cliche', just don't blatantly rip off something that's already established. If you wanna write/draw Psidewider then write/draw Psidewinder. Your first one/attempt, I think, should be one where you figure out the basics of making a comic [i'm looking at what I did for Bernie and what I am doing currently for Syd's book and see a difference already, it might be something small like leaving room for captions and balloons, but these are little things that you eventually start to think about]

    Do rough scribble sketches in a sketchbook before you move to doing the actually page. Quick, loose ideas to get a sense of what you want on a page can be good to refer to so as to not not put some much pressure on yourself to turn that white piece of paper into a finished page right away. I have and continue to look at the rough ideas for a page and inevitability end up changing something about it, but I am able to do that because I have some kind of frame/context from my own head to work from.

    As far as the actual making of the page, I tend to work traditionally. I will do the pencil and inks on the paper/board and then scan them into my computer and do the color and lettering work digitally.

    As far as tools. For my pages I use Blue Line Comic Art boards. I love using these. They are 11x17 in art boards with a smooth surface to them and are lined for comic printing margins.

    Other tools. I use a .7 mechanical pencil and for my pens, I use a combination of Micron pens and brush pens. I usually buy all my pens from Jet Pens.

    For coloring. I use Krita - it is a totally free open source digital painting/drawing program that looks and feel VERY similar to Photoshop without the pricey monthly subscription.

    My tablet is an XP-Pen artist 15.6. There are tons of different tablets to use, I just prefer the ones with display screens on them, varying prices attached to them, but they are becoming more and more affordable lately. I picked up my from amazon on a sale for less that $300.

    For lettering, I use Comic Life 3 - its an image editing program mostly, not much in the way of drawing or anything, but it is really cool and easy to use for things like importing images and using its script editor function to type your dialogue and stuff [sound effects, captions and what not] and drag them onto your image and manipulate it from there. It's really inexpensive too. I bought it/downloaded it for like $25.

    My plan is to use KDP [Kindle Direct Publishing] through Amazon to self publish the book(s) and list it there as well.

    So, there it is. That's my whole set up. I should say that this is what works for me and not saying that this is how you have to do it. Also, I listen to a TON of podcasts related to comics making, some of my favorites are:

    Comics Manifest
    Off Panel
    Comic Book Workshp
    Dreamer Comics Podcast
    Comics Experience - Make Comics
    [I download the Podcast Addict App and search in there and subscribe to them - all free, even the app]

    Going back to the top. I would say that the best place to start is to ask yourself "Who is Psidewinder?" and go from there. Get a 3-4 page story and just get it out there. There are tons of places to post that stuff like Instagram or other places where you get can get eyes on it.

    I hope this helps and I look forward to seeing what you put out there.
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    Hey All,

    I had a question for anyone who might be able to answer it. The comic is going to be going to the printer in the next week or so. Like many creatives, I am not very well versed in the business end of things when it comes to promoting/marketing and things of the like. Anyone have any tips/suggestions/advice around how to get word out to people who might be interested in the book(s) without being annoying and shameless in the plugging of it? Thanks in advance all.

    Also, while I don't think I am anything great in the way of art or what not, I think I have come along way in terms of confidence and ability. I came from not even wanting to show anyone to displaying pieces in shops around my area, to creating a whole 30+ page book [pencil, inks, colors and letters] on my own. What was a hobby born out of frustration from looking for an artist and colorist to me saying
    Anyone ever have a moment in creative endeavors like this?
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    No problem. Let us know how things go.
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    So after what seems like forever [countless re-formatting, resizing, adding trim boarders, figuring out how to merge documents - I don't think the actual drawing and coloring of the book was this hard] I have finally submitted the book to the printers and am awaiting final approval [proof copy in en route to me]. This has been an amazing learning experience for me. I look at the first one and see where where I could have done better, but I am proud of it. The second one [Syd's first book] I think will be much smoother of a process. It's a drop of water in the ocean, but it is my drop and I am looking forward to getting feedback on it.
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    I hope you are all doing well. I just wanted to share a finished commission I did for a friend of mine. This is her D&D character Celebieth. Let me know what you think.
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    Looks great :D
    The head (with the mask) reminds me of a minor character in "The Delve" (so minor they didn't survive their first showing: went up against a vampire singer)
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    I'm liking the look. Is Celebieth a dark elf or a rogue elf? :D Sorry, my D&D geeky side often comes out when talking about D&D
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    She's certainly no Drow, and the only pale 'dark elves' are found on Krynn
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    She is a rouge elf. According to the player/creator, she is the daughter of a blacksmith, hence the family crest with the hammer and the marking on her thigh armor with the hammer and anvil. The last name Idril means "sparkle Brilliance" which is how I got to the idea of the Sun on the crest. She really likes the piece and I am excited to give it to her.
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    Reminds me of the Kagonesti elves (barbarian elf on the right) from D&D's Dragonlance.
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    Oh boy don't get me started...:p
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    If I think about how many quarters I dumped into this game, I will cry.....but it was so worth it. How many of you found and defeated this little thing
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    Don't remember that game, and feel so much sad :(
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    Not trying to change the topic on Bern's thread but the game is available on Steam and all consoles. It may be a little late to the party :p but you can at least get a chance to play it
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    Don't have either Steam nor a modern console (and let's get back to looking at Bern's great art :D)
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    Hello All,

    I hope everyone is doing well. I come to you today with a question of how to proceed on this next page. I recently picked up a new mechanical pencil and had a go with some blue pencil led [knowing I could do the under drawings in blue pencil and then refine the drawing with a regular pencil led and filter out the blue line digitally].

    here is my question; do I ink it traditionally with my pens and brushes, then scan it and filter out the blue lines or do I scan it, filter out the blue lines and then digitally ink it? I have never done digital inking before so I am not sure how to approach it. Any input would be appreciated. Again, I hope you are all doing well.

    EDIT: I need to put a rat monster head in that middle bottom right panel looking at the gun.

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    Not bad
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