Been away from the game over the summer and don't see many changes.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Black Prime OG, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    I had Hope's after the changes to our mods over the summer would lead to more fixes. The biggest, that is keeping me from coming back, PvP. I've spent, or supported, this game for 7+ years. I'm very disappointed that the only thing done this summer was updating more TC and adding more ways to pay money for styles from them. At what point will all this support for the game start showing results? How many DLCs this year so far?

    Its been very obvious for the past 3+ years that pvp was no longer gonna get updates or seasons. I honestly no longer enjoy the PvE side of the game. I know there are those that do, and that's great for you. Nothing has really changed since the beginning of the game with raid make up. Why do we still only have 8man raids? When the loot tables were changed to individual, or instant gratification, why weren't things changed or tried? Why not 16 man raids? As much as this has turned into DPSCUO, I would have figured something would eventually change. I hate to use other games as examples, but some ideas and raids I'm seeing from other games make this game look like the devs are stuck in the 80s.

    Destiny 2 has a new PvE/PvP mode where two groups enter their own instance. Each side affects each other. Not only that, but there is a way to teleport to the other side and help the enemies attack the players. If a player dies tha boss on that side gets a bump in health. It's a great balancing act, and very fun. I use this instance as an example because Destiny 2 lost many, many players in the same way DCUO did. This year they have been coming up with new ideas. Changing how things work, ect. Very similar to what DCUO has done, except DCUO stopped with just the mod changes. If I look at all the live streams from this past year, they are mostly advertising for skins from TC. Why?

    Devs, please look at what other companies are doing. It hurts me how much I love this game, and at the same time have been pushed towards starting to hate it. I've unsubbed and have no intention of returning until things actually change.

    Good luck to all the OG players still here and putting up with the same old stuff. I do feel for you all. And no, you can't have my money or stuff. :p
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  2. Plowed In Loyal Player

    You must’ve missed the other threads...;)
  3. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Which ones? I really only see threads on TC and titans dlc.
  4. Proxystar #Perception

    How dare you make me read through your post only to tell me I can't have your stuff :mad:
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  5. Trexlight Devoted Player

    I suggest reading the Staff Post Tracker. You'll find more information straight from the source especially regarding PVP as it's not likely to be touched atm.
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  6. Entrust Committed Player

    So you supported/subscribed to an MMO for about 7 years?

    Nice, that puts you well outside predicted expectations for player rentention.

    You've now become bored with it?

    Understandable, 7 years is a pretty long time to be involved with something. Many people get bored with things long before the 7 year mark. Once again you exceeded expectations.

    You want DCUO to change things?

    Why? It's managed to keep you and many other players (myself included) engaged well beyond predicted expectations.

    It was good enough to keep you engaged for 7 years. Sounds like they've been doing something (but not everyting) right for all these years.

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  7. ALB Dedicated Player

    I don't see the devs really doing anything to pvp. It will effect pve to much. For some reason the devs made it so some powers can't be countered. Idk why it was changed. Idc why it was. Just pointing things out. 2 weeks ago I watched my nephew win 19 out of 20 batman caves 1v1 using taser pull. He would kill the player, go stealth, plant a lot of bombs, hit with surprise attack and bombs, and come out with taser pull spam. It was depressing. Only player I seen beat him was an electric dps who was using Tesla blast and Tesla ball.
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  8. ALB Dedicated Player

    What if you invest your stuff to me and if you come back after 6 months I will have your money + 10% with very little risk? Keyword in that post is risk.
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  9. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    Changes in games like this have to be planned months in advance. I'm talking 6 months to a year in advance not over a summer.
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  10. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Simple answer really.

    Players don't want change.
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  11. Penryn The Gadgeteer

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  12. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    comic book fans by nature are creatures of repetition. how many times have you read the same great comic over and over? how many times have comics promised grand sweeping changes only to revert to the status quo?

    i think its the dc comics aspect of this game thats keeping most in check hoping for better things.

    pretty sure i'll be taking a break when my sub lapses later on in the month at least until the next dlc. Whatever it is i've been doing in game it certainly hasn't been playing it. titans dlc has been played out, nothing really new to do on the side.

    the new materials are great. i genuinely like the resurgence time capsules. i actually splurged even a little bit more than i intended.

    even after the disaster thats been the past year i want to see the game do well...but whatever its doing right now its not that.
  13. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Though I get everything you meant, ima keep my reply simple.

    Players have the power to cause a change.

    Players here don't want change.

    Thats why dcuo haven't changed(at least for the better).
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  14. Trexlight Devoted Player

    Players have caused many changes to the game and some have been for the better and some have not. You can attribute a lot of changes to the game thanks to Players, for the good and the bad. Some things are still not perfect but like all things, time will tell.
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  15. Ringz Dedicated Player

    My post would have originally been that there were no change. Then I stopped and thought for a moment. I then added the parenthesis part. So you are definitely right though, there has been changes.

    Nevertheless, me knowing prime and just reading his post, I knew his intention of using change and what it was meant for, so I didn't feel the need to emphasis on what I meant by change in my context. And im not the type to nitpick peoples post. So my statement stays the same.

    Players want no change(for the better).

    Thats why dcuo haven't changed(for the better).

    P.S Some of your vids have been in my nostalgia runs of watching old dcuo videos. Hope everything is going well for you Trex.
  16. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Same excuse they have used for years. That's not new, just a newer post. See if they would obviously realize the old pvpers, or the majority, are gone. Most of the newer, by that I mean since the PC merge, are also probably gone. Last year during the revamp or this year during whatever they've been doing. They could have put their big boy pants on and made pvp they way they want it to be. I refuse to believe if they would make zero revenue. Are the top selling console games not pvp based? This, at one time, was among those. Why? Because there was a system in place, and people used it. People still pvp now. Maybe more of just legends. Sorry, that statement along with the survey monkey they did last December, I believe that had asked people if they wanted pvp fixed. There are PLENTY of profit models to build off of, similar to the neverwinter touches that came to DC with the devs from neverwinter.

    If they are refusing to work for the profit. Yes. I agree pvp would be a fail.

    Was pvp in this game a fail? No. The lack of standing firm and keeping a certain direction with pvp was its downfall.
  17. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Pvp has been broke for nearly 4 years. Then more so after the revamp. So...I was waiting to see if the mostly not talked about subject was going to happen. Take a peek in the pvp threads. No green names in months.
  18. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    well things have certainly changed, we just got a quality of life improvement, 2 MAJOR ones in fact. there are now decent looking materials available to 60-70% of the player populace and starting with capsules 1 & 2 the devs have started including rare capsule styles/rewards in a vendor. as for being bored with pve, i fail to see how someone can still claim to like pvp and just dismiss the much wider setting of pve especially given some of the new mechanics given to recent dlcs (As in the last 3). the only other thing besides atlantis coming in november they could do to improve pve and open world would be to make semi modern japan an open world location, something i would wholeheartedly support given all the great base items/styles that idea could produce along with new scenery for dcuo's world building. just really sounds like all you want is for the game to be 98% pvp, which if all you do is pvp it already pretty much is.
  19. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    You can blame the Milkman for that fiasco after SOE 2015.
  20. MyDpsIsBetter Dedicated Player

    I haven't touched Dc since that entire stats revamp mess that was nothing like we intended and I come check back and hear nothing has happened, they need to really consider a dcuo 2. Or pull a wow and rehaul some things such as graphics and take the time to get this game back in the right direction. I mean I really don't know who has to speak to them for them to understand what the player base actually needs insteads or what they think we as a whole want and have being giving us. PvP was so fine at one point then all the random changes it was like have you ever heard if somethings not broke don't fix it. Welp good to see some familiar names still here hope you guys been well.