Been a Long While DCUO, Where do I start?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Tye Hailstorm, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Tye Hailstorm Well-Known Player

    Hello all,

    Tye Hailstorm here, Player since 2011 (I still have the physical disc of this game lol), I played religiously until about 2014 and had to back off due to real life stuff. (New Job, Financial stability, relationship woes, moving, a bunch of adult stuff :oops:) I've been gone a long time.

    What I really want to know is, other than the Stats Revamp (Which was all over Facebook for me) what am I missing?
    • What does a Returning Vet like me need to know to get back into the grove of things?
    • Has Trolling gotten to love it deserves?
    • Is turtling still a thing?
    • Are there any news on the next Power set coming?
    • Are we ever going to Stop supporting Ps3 so this game can get the love and support it truly deserves?
    • I'm sitting at about 150 SP, what is the current SP upper limit? have they made collecting Feats more streamlined?
    And pretty much whatever else you all can throw at me to get me up to date. I'm waiting until after I pa other major bills before I subscribe and commit to playing hardcore again.
  2. Mazahs Dedicated Player

    Welcome back! I remember your name - or at least it looks familiar ( I have disk too) Jump in and play...Lot's of changes, but still fun IMO
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  3. Non-REM New Player

    Not worth of coming back.
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  4. Mazahs Dedicated Player

    Yet, your are trolling the forums...?

    Makes total sense :confused:
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  5. Tye Hailstorm Well-Known Player

    Well in terms of feat grinding, I was wondering if they changed the way you grab feats/ If they made Skill point farming easier. but it seems its more of the same. And the game is more Skill point Dependent!
  6. Ringz Committed Player

    1.) Besides stats revamp stuff. Research on artifacts, Content quality has dropped significantly, don't bother with pvp if you were legit about it, augments are on its way read recent announcement thread, prepare to be told the broker is your savior for any future complaints you'll have, there has been really good Quality of Life updates that happen so read up on those.

    2.) Trolling been abandon.

    3.) If you want turtling to be a thing it can ber. Read new tanking guides as tanking powersets have change.

    4.) Nothing

    5.) Funny on the love and support part, since ps3 been dropped since Janurary. Still nothing worthwhile besides the QoL. Even a green name stated to not expect what you're probably wanting.

    6.) Uhh, 250 is all you need and your good. Streamlined huh. Timecapsules are your new friend

    Real answer. Not worth coming back

    Typical/Safe from forum threats answer. Try it yourself for a month for 15 dollars.
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  7. WilderMidnight Loyal Player

    After running around completing my deluge and doomed metropolis open world content i went to warp to my lair and have been stuck on a loading screen since. i can lof onto alts but tryng to switch to my main...lsd.

    the more thing change...

    there have been some nice qol changes here and there. lot of items now stack to 99 and even 999, more warping options. Some graphics/character models have been worked. Playing on the ps4 is starting to feel like playing on the ps3. still tons of lag, disconnects, loading issues.

    i hate the revamp. everything about it. weapons and powers are grossly imbalanced. a couple of powers were left in a "half finished" state and suffer from lots of problems and have been abandoned. some powers were changed around in ways i can't stand. i was looking forward to going back to ice and loadouts i was using back in the day but too many of its powers have been changed around. feels slow and clunky. how you spec is strange. might/power is required while vitalization and restoration have become secondary stats. healing has been nerfed. trolling has been left in a weird place.

    on paper content sounds great: we had a time traveling JSA dlc, and Earth 3 dlc, a Batman inspired "riddled with crime" dlc, a Titans dlc is a month away...but overall content has been lackluster. I would probably be enjoying the content more if my powers didnt reduce me to an invisible dps but it is all very cookie cutter ith cut and pasted missions and cut and pasted grind feats. There is some fun stuff. I like the Amazon Fury and Deluge raids. The alerts are always top notch, the visitor duo is well done.

    R and D is a mess. i fear its about to get worse with the introduction of enhancements. crafting mods and mainframe mods is a slow process. you not only need exobytes and materials you need things like "essences" and "essence purifiers". you'll need a lot of them. whereas back in the day you only needed one focusing element now you need many. you have to run the corresponding content to the level of mod you want to make (i.e. if you want to make an olympian mod you need to collect monstrous essence, you only get monstrous essence from salvaging AF3 gear...)

    giong to have to brace yourself where feats are concerned.

    we now have the addition of "time capsules" in the game. little loot boxes you open that award collections that when completed give you special styles. emblems, materials, auras, gear. sounds nice until you realize you need to potentially open hundreds, even thousands of these time capsules to finish off everything with time capsule keys (or stabilizers) costing a buck a pop. worse even is feats are attached to everything so currently theres some 50 odd skill points in game you can only get by opening these boxes...

    i really don't know why i still play...
  8. Helios The Eternal Flame Dedicated Player

    Welcome back Tye. Don't really frequent the forums the way I used to. Its way to toxic and is often a hotbed of mis-information, fake-news, and doomsday preppers. I keep stressing that my overall enjoyment of the game has improved ten-fold by simply avoiding these forums. That being said, get back in and experience it for yourself. Don't allow anyone to influence your decision. Many who have returned have enjoyed the game, some have not. Re-up for a month and you will get a conplete picture. Hope that helps
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  9. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    You'll get too many varying opinions, best to just try it yourself and see if you're willing to devote some time into it
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  10. Deus Ex Machina Well-Known Player

    Since you're way, way behind in both content, feats, styles, gear, and many more, it's a great time to come back. I suggest first go to the events tab and do the John Constantine mission and get the tutorial on how Artifacts work. They are a form a passive progression that can assist you via stats and neat passive buffs. You can currently hold two at any given moment and can swap out for different ones should you need to.

    Along with getting the necessary CR to get into the current content, I also suggest grinding out some marks through the event tab especially since everyone is awarded triple marks. (Starting today and ending with Sunday server restarts)

    PS3 is no longer supported. Water is the latest power. Max SP is 414-415. Don't let that discourage you. With stats revamp you need roughly around 250 to be above average.

    Controlling is probably the easiest it's ever been. There is usually one controller per run. There are superpowers that help generate Supercharge (for a controller it's one of the debuffs), so you will be constantly getting supercharges as a controller. In addition to them, we also have an artifact in game, Scrap of the Soul Cloak, which further increases your supercharge generation and reduces the cooldown of supercharges by a certain amount starting at rank 80.

    Turtle tanking is still a thing, but there are more options now such as battle tanking or just keeping your hit counter up and retaining defense as if you were blocking.

    Welcome back!
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  11. Tye Hailstorm Well-Known Player


    I'm interested in the new Artifacts, is there any merit to the Artifacts being something that can help with the Battle Troll Roll? or are they all roll specific?
  12. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Yes they can help, no they are not role specific. They are buff specific. For your battle trolls depending on power, you'll want the debuff artifact and the super charge artifact. Both help a lot. Imo, munitions and quantum are great PffT trolls. HL can do it also, but haven't seen it. Gadgets and mental, I believe, are better with a weapon. Search the forums, there are threads on battle trolls and even a gadgets tanking-troll.
  13. MsTickle Fate Loyal Player

    There are no further plans for new powers we're aware of at this time. Water was the last.
    Done almost a year ago.
    414. Top CR possible is 240, with OP gear. Top PvP remains 101, nothing new has been done with PvP in eons.

    You can probably find the answers to most fact-based questions here:

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