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    The Divine Pantheon is recruiting active members now both new and old. The league is rooted in godhood and nobility. There are two other leagues which I created that are children leagues for this one that are not yet developed. Currently activity within the league has hit an all time low. I've had to kick out over 200 inactive players. Even my seconds in command have not been active in over a year. I am looking to change that and usher in a new part of the Royal Family and the Aristocracy. Those who are members care little for the squabbles of the heroes or villains below. We live a wasteful life style of parties and generally doing what we please. (Haha, or at least that is what I like to think)

    Rules of the League:

    General disclaimer: The Divine Pantheon is a league the enjoys fun and as such nothing is typically outlawed by me of members of the league, however, excessive harassment of any player within the game or excessive in league fighting will result in immediate removal from the league and you will be reported.

    1. Be active: My main issue is that you stay active. I tried to be lenient when deciding what activity is. I gave so much as 3 months before one was deemed inactive and that did not go well. I will say, if you are active at least twice a month that is fine with me.
    2. Be Respectful: As I said nothing is generally outlawed, not even swearing, but in all that you do please be respectful of the players of the game and especially within the league.
    3. Obey the Hierarchy of the League: We are a league based on nobility so the hierarchy should be self explanatory. Here is a quick run down of the league's chain of command:

    1. King: The Supreme word of Reason within the League
    2. Grand Prince(ss): The usual voice that commands the league, their can be as many as 3 at a time.
    4. Archduke: They are the admins of of the league. Each Grand Prince can pick 2 of them to serve in their place. Each of them has there own responsibility.
    5. Duke: They are the Moderators of the League. If some one's league activity is questionable they have the right to permit removal. each archduke may select one Duke.
    6. Crowned Prince: This is the base of the Royal Family, they have the authority to remove members and are League Hall Admins. Other than that they have no real responsibility.
    7. Viceroy: They are league hall Admins that rule when none of the higher members are around. If something happens they can report it to a higher member.
    8. Count: They are respected members of the league. very few are granted the role of Count. They have permission to decorate the league hall.
    9. Baron(ess): They are the entry level nobility. They can access all banks in the league hall.
    10. Knight/Dame: They are entry level members and can access 3 of the banks. All members once level 30 will be promoted to the rank of Knight.
    11. Esquire: the basic member of the league they can access 2 of of the banks.
    This is generally all there is to know about the leagues rules. We do have a link in the message of the day that lays out more of it's rules but they are not much more than this.


    The Divine Pantheon has a league hall with all statues unlocked. There is a partner league that has also grant access to their league hall. There are many bases scatter threw out gotham and metropolias that you can access. If you have teleporter mods in your base this could help you quite a bit when you dont have a warp to base option available.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you are interested in joining, we are on the USPC Server and you can send a mail to King OdinZeusMrPace, or leave one here.