Beating a dead horse #2

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    Okay that was NOT me but OMG I wonder if I was on with one of my other alts because I had that exact same thing happen LOL

    There are some tanks out there that are soling the likes of Owlman, Superwoman .. and so on. Not ME .. at least not yet but I know they exist!
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    Nope, you’re not in my league LOL (we only have 4 active players)
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    Concept idea..

    We have 3 kinds of crowd control..

    - pulls
    - pushes - knock back
    - ground, stun, root.

    3 categories

    So create npcs that respond only respond to only 1 of those categories.

    Tanks have pushes and pulls, which would allow them to control 2 categories of npcs only..

    Only controllers can stun/ root etc.. therefore controls would be responsible to stun locking the 3rd category of npcs til dpsand tank could deal with them.

    This would make controllers a fundamental need in any group.
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  4. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Simple solution to make Trolls popular ....

    YEARS ago I loved playing my Controllers on City of Heroes.. Why ? because they were incredible. I had an Illusion Controller that had two very specific and very devastating powers..

    1. Superior Invisibility.. I was able to click on this and walk right through a crowd of hostile NPCs without being seen at all. This came in very hand when combined with....

    2. Deceive.. which gave me the ability to totally confuse a mob into actually thinking they were they enemy and attacking each other.

    Now imagine.. I walk inside a mission and go invisible. I zap mobs with Deceive and then let them beat each other senseless while I finish them off. I would walk out of an instance having taken out every single mob inside and not take any damage at all.

    Now in that game this also had other very specific benefits.. We had the ability to teleport team members. I could walk into a mission and leave the rest of my team at the front door. Quietly wander through the mission to the spot where a main objective was or even to the room with the big boss battle. Find a nice quiet spot and TP the entire team. Take out what we needed to and TADA ! Mission complete. You want to talk about a way to SPEED up finishing an alert or raid? Try totally skipping all those mobs and JUST doing the boss battles. Suddenly who cares about damage out when all you need is enough damage to take out a couple bosses.

    Okay now let's talk debuffing..

    COH had a power set called radiation for Trolls. There were numerous attacks that not only did damage but the reduced the amount of damage a foe could do, slowed them down so their attacks came less frequently and crippled their defenses so they when you saw a target glowing GREEN you knew... That will take a lot more damage a whole lot faster. The game had a whole set of what were termed "Giant Monsters" Think something along the lines of the Anti Monitor but instead of being locked away inside a specific mission they'd just suddenly spawn and be walking the streets in the neighborhood they were designed to appear in. Teams would form .. with some of those thing one 8 man team was not even enough at times.. That was unless you had a Rad Troller or two. When that thing started to glow ... you could watch the health bar drop like crazy.

    Now I seriously doubt we will ever see teleport here in DCUO But imagine if you one lone troll could sneak into that spot where you need to click a pile of objectives to get to the next spot. He decives all the mobs and watches as they kill each other and then clicks on the objectives with no one trying to take off his head. Then we all move on to the final boss and finish the mission.

    NOW..imagine your taking on ANY challenging boss in game and suddenly a troll casts a debuff and in seconds that bosses health bar goes from 100% down to like 15%.

    Gee I bet the LFG would have a ton of messages screaming for TROLLS. the holds and stuns we have are a joke on an boss. I sot enough SP into DOM to actually OCCASIONALLY manage to get a boss to maybe be helpless for a couple seconds. The buffs and debuffs? Even worse. They help a bit but the difference is so small that in most cases the DPS probably think they are just having a REALLY great day and all that worthless troll is good for is POWER.

    It will take an almost major overhaul to really make the controllers we have effective.
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    Still tryin' to hold it down for hybrids. Do me justice! <3