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Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by Yaiba, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Yaiba Well-Known Player

    Being a Light troll, I'm quite satisfied because it works so well in endgame contents. As a battle troll, what are the good numbers (10s parse) on single and multi targets I should aim for, assuming I have enough vita for group power?

    About the other powers, how good are they as a battle troll and how should I play? Also what's your BT's ranking? Mine is Light and the rest because I haven't played the others :p

    Thanks in advance and see you guys on EU server :p
  2. NotObsidianChill Committed Player

    The parser data you will be seeing will be completely reliant on if you are precision vs might spec'd and what your stats are. Without that context its hard to judge what you should be seeing. Ideally any kind of damage support build for single target should be seeing 20k+ on 30s parser or multiple 10s. For multi targets harder to judge again unless you are taking just 3 targets which then you'd at least need 30k+ closer to mid 30's to be a realistic help in damage to the group, anything lower you might as well just run a proper build if your dmg rotation doesn't at least have the atk and def debuff within it.
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  3. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    Im A Mental Troll cr 270 sp 470
    any suggetions on augments and Artifacts i should be using?
    I got the DW/Bow but unsure if i should be doing flury or Explosive
  4. Yaiba Well-Known Player

    The parse I look for is for might spec'd, and thanks for the data, now I know my setup is good because on 3 targets, I got around 35-37k, even 40k, and on single target, I could reach 26k but my average is still 20k+ like you said :D
  5. Pinky Well-Known Player

    Get both Flurry and Explosive shot.
    Flurry shot is for single target dps, so you'd want to use it on the boss.
    Explosive shot is for multiple targets, you can use it to aoe dps groups of adds.
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  6. Jadzea Dax Well-Known Player

    If youre asking abt Flurry Trolling:

    prec augments wrist dispensor, grimoire, power harness.
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