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  1. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    Reading the forums of late has inspired me to build a battle troll.

    I am looking to use 1 armory to run as a battle troll.

    I get the whole feeling of just DPS if you want to do damage and that is fine...for you, cool.

    What is a good spec for trolling?

    I currently am sitting at around 320+ SP with mixed mods.

    My generator mods are Olympus or better, vit / power.

    Let's share ideas the only idea that is not new is just go DPS for more damage.

    Again, if all you want to do is do complain about troll, healer or tanks doing damage or these roles trying to increase their damage output then this thread is not for you.

    Let's discuss all tanks, healers, and trolls damage builds that can still be viable in raids but be very effective in alerts.
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  2. Heywiar Committed Player

    Are you more interested in doing damage with your powers or your weapons? Also, what is your power?
  3. Original Cryo boy Committed Player

    Imo the only way to do it and not be a detriment to your group is to go precision. For troll and healer anyways. Especially healer.
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  4. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    I've seen a munitions battle troll do 75% of the DPS damage while keeping the group up (these weren't bad DPS either). Unfortunately he quit dc, otherwise I'd try to find out what he was using.

    It wasn't his weapon either, it was a PFtT build.
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  5. lordexecution365 Loyal Player


    I prefer to run hybrid, using WM clipping into debuffs and power dumps.

    I am more curious as to how others use there SP or if they are going mixed gear.

    Not trying to be selfish and wanting to open a thread others could possibly use as well.

    Oh yeah, not looking to do straight damage but don't want to hot like a pillow either.
  6. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    I do open world stuff as troll. I don’t go crazy with the whole battle troll thing as I want to troll properly in raids and I’m too cheap to get an armoury to dedicate to it. But I kill stuff pretty quickly.

    I go the precision/hybrid route too. Power dump gives you a weapon buff nearly as strong as the actual weapon buff power so why wouldn’t you? :D

    I bet packing 3 debuffs and the Parasite artifact would work a treat, haven’t tried it yet myself. Legionnaire’s Training A.I isn’t weaker in support role like the Cog is so that would probably be neat.
  7. Original Cryo boy Committed Player

    I think it depends on what your definition of keeping the group up. Theres a troll in my league that dishes out so much power its literally hard to run out. I'll be waiting to use my supply drop for when I'm low and end up popping it so the buff doesnt go to waste bc I'm just flat out not going to run out of power. I find it pretty hard to believe that a troll doing 75% of my damage could do that same job bc if you do that much dmg you obviously are going thru a dmg rotation and dumping power less often. I understand that I could manage my own power better if I needed to. My point is just that the troll in my league is the better troller to have in a group imo. Sodas and supply drops are saved for emergency situations etc...

    I dont think a troll should have to do crap dmg and clip basic weapon combos with power dumps the entire time. I'd fall asleep if asked to do that. But I think weapon mastery combo clipped with supercharge generator then wm combo clipped with power dump precision build is the best way to go battle troll.
  8. nawanda Loyal Player

    I might get a bit of hate for this, but I always think that someone in a raid as a 'battle' spec is selfish, and should just get on with their actual role.

    The group probably needs and would like you to do the support role properly, as opposed to fannying about trying to do damage as well for your own amusement and interest.

    I can't think of a single situation in my time on DCUO where I've wished any of the tank, controller, or healer were doing more damage, but I can think of many situations where they weren't performing their role adequately. It just puts pressure on everyone else.

    I suppose if you're playing a 'battle' role with friends or league mates who are happy to indulge you, it's fine. But I don't want to raid with half-baked support in the team.
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  9. Original Cryo boy Committed Player

    Honestly I agree with your sentiment. But hes saying he clips weapons mastery combos with power dumps and debuffs. Thats the best way to do it without being a detriment to your team. As long as hes not speccing precision over vit hes fine.
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  10. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    I was battle healing which consisted of nothing but spamming celestial combos, and he kept me up. In fact I think I still have the video saved in the battle healing section of the cele guide. It was when AoJ was current, about a month after the revamp, before people even knew the hotness that munitions was.

    I'll even post it for you so you don't have to search
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  11. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    This is what I was referring to with my comment about players who complain about trolls, healers, and tanks doing damage.

    OK since you joined in fine I will attempt to give an adequate response against my better judgement.

    All content can be beaten in so many ways and most groups, if not all need the extra burn because, to be obvious, the damage needs the most help.

    I can't think of any content that actually require more than 2 DPS, but then again because support roles damage is super low except for a few tank powers.

    So my main answer is step up or stay a DPS.
  12. Original Cryo boy Committed Player

    Idk much about celestial or how power hungry those combos are. How would you say it compares to me on my fire dps going inferno-fireburst-mass det- wildfire- detonate-fireburst-inferno-mass det?

    Thats 300-400-400-300-100-400-300-400 in power cost.
  13. Original Cryo boy Committed Player

    Are you saying raids dont need more than 2 dps?
  14. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Video is in the link, and yes celestial is pretty severe on power, more so than fire imo

    Edit: ignore the surrounding info the guide, it's slightly outdated
  15. Original Cryo boy Committed Player

    3 things about the video in your link, first celestial healing looks very cool. Second your munitions troll was not solo trolling. There was a gadgets troll in there as well. Third the battle troll who did decent damage gave approximately 1/4 of the power out as the troll who did not do very much dmg. So based on that video evidence pfft battle troll is not going to keep the group up.
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  16. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    It just seems odd to me speccing into precision. But I will check it out.

    Them artifacts seem strange and off to me as well. The way they work in raids to me maybe flawed being mine are still below 80 and I always try to run with 2 trolls, though I may in up running solo.

    Kinda hard running 3 debuff but I will adjust to see was running gravity well for the stun. It gave a wide range and any NpC that walked into would be instantly stunned.

    I know the players who cry about controllers doing damage would prefer I didn't use it but the amount of DPS lives saved because I used it far outweigh that opinion.
  17. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Forgot someone else had swapped to their hero, you're right. Been awhile since that run.

    Even then I believe he still would have done better than most trolls do nowadays lol. I wouldn't necessarily rule PFtT battle trolling out just yet, it may just require the perfect set up.
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  18. Original Cryo boy Committed Player

    One things for sure I know what I'm switching my water healer to.
  19. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Be warned, it's a fun power, but hungry. She needs to be fed.

    You're right around my sp though so you should be fine
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  20. nawanda Loyal Player

    I suppose if the game were built in such a way where 2-2-2-2 groups were a thing, I could certainly buy in to the idea that it might be in the group’s interest if 2-3 of the support role players had some emphasis on damage. I can see that. I really can. Rightly or wrongly, only having 2 pure DPS really slows things down. Imagine battle roles in PanoE or SSe. The fights would all still be beatable, but it would slow them down so much that the group would be exposed to the mechanics for such prolonged periods that you’d see more wipes in addition to the obvious drawback of the longer fights themselves.