Batman Day 2017

Discussion in 'Metropolis Exchange (Trading)' started by Trade?, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. Trade? New Player

    Hello! it is me back again!
    This time I'm in search of the batman day 2017 items if anybody is willing to give them up <3
    I'd be willing to trade what I have or pay in game cash (been selling a lot of stuff on the broker)
    I'm just a huge Harley fan trying to snazz up my base and I'm a new player
    I had a friend tell me about this event and I was bummed I missed it
    I already have the rebirth poster so I'm just looking for the
    The posters can be big or small really I don't mind either
  2. SkyyRin Issue Tracker Volunteer

    As far as I know the Emblem and Hoodie were account bound.
  3. AKXC Well-Known Player

    yeah ^^^, pretty sure all style items were acct bound to what toon unlocked them
  4. LadsDcuo Well-Known Player

    You still need the posters? I have alot of posters to sell

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