Batman Beyond DLC Idea

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  1. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player

    I don't know if this has been discussed but wish to state my ideas that I had about this for a very long time.


    -Have Batman Beyond inspired gear based from the Justice League Beyond characters (including Batman himself)

    -Introduce a new movement and a weapon

    -Possible Anti-Hero roles of being Suicide Squad/Task Force X for PvE

    -Have Will Friedle (original voice actor) reprise his role as Terry McGinnis. If not, Quinton Flynn of Metal Gear fame voice him.

    -Introduce villains: Nicholas Blight, The Jokers, whomever in the rogue gallery

    -Create a story where we traverse into the future of Neo Gotham.

    Share your thoughts.
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  2. DaKrushmor Loyal Player

    Remind me please someone, if that actual DCU part or just animated series?[IMG]
    So this villain with Atomic-powahed attax, would be cool to fight. Also lnque, Shriek (uses Sound-powered attacks). But which content to give in DLC exactly?.. Not Atomic powah, cuz l think it must given before and in other DLC with Firestorm & the Atom. Movement? Batman Beyond's mobile not coming obviously, gliding board... l think it can be style of hovering disk (comes into one of HoPs). Weapon? l can't remind any weapons, except whips, but them betta to Amazon DLC. Maybe nunchakas or whatever? Or trinkets/brinkets again.
    l can't imagine anything worth... & most likely not coming, because it's cartoon in general. But still vote +1.
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  3. Ghostof91 New Player

    I like the idea of a Rogue based DLC:) It could include Batman and Joker with a new movement, Weapon or new Power.
  4. Couzintony New Player

    Love the idea of a Batman beyond dlc... New movement.. eh.. I think we are good with the three plus it would take a lot of work to make a new one...
    I would love to see the dlc n have it go into how terry is batmans son... I was just talkin about this with some friends n they had no idea... So I'm sure a lot more of the community would have a wtf momment...
  5. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Most likely would be good with a origin crisis 2 DLC.
  6. Tuff Man Well-Known Player

    With that, they should release all the alternate Batmen and Lex's into legends hopefully.
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  7. Couzintony New Player

    N hopefully it's not just a reskin but with a new loadout...
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  8. Tuff Man Well-Known Player

    I agree, I want to use Ninja bats and teleport everywhere :D In addition, they should also revamp Future bats with this, maybe give him the orbital strike we've all been waiting for in legends :p
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  9. Minnion Devoted Player

    Heck we could fit Batman Beyond as the future of our own timeline (With Splicers actually being an illegal use of Exobytes, and Terry as Bruce Waynes Son being the result of Amanda Waller trying to "clone" Batman with the Exobyte tech they've managed to reverse engineer. Heck as it is now we already have the option of playing a "Splicer" as is...)
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  10. DaKrushmor Loyal Player

    Maybe "Rocket Launcher" weapon to it.
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  11. Couzintony New Player

    No... N no atomic powers either....
    Just the dlc content n maybe a new weapon...
  12. MercPony Devoted Player

    Those that don't want this addition because they think DCAU isn't canon needs to stop and think... Harley Quinn as added to comic continuity because she was received so well in DCAU. Batman Beyond has done similar. 'Nuff said... would love to see Batman Beyond in this game!
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  13. TheDark Devoted Player

    Batman beyond was a good show. I like the multi layered city design and architecture of the buildings in future Gotham. If they included even a small part of that in a dlc it would be fun to stealth, bother and kite villains in PvP phase. It'd be cool to stand next to old Bruce ingame. It would definitely give me an excuse to make an alt labeled D****** Beyond if it also came with a new powerset. Like, what was the one power in file, ballistics?
  14. Minnion Devoted Player

    Why would you be against a rocket launcher as the new weapon for it?
    And what's wrong with atomic powers being present?(Heck I'd be fine if they just had Blight added to Legends)

    Other things that would work quite well if we get a Batman Beyond DLC

    Hyena Skins(To go with the other animal themed skins.)
    Jokerz inspired styles.
    Shrek inspired hand blasters.
    Blight Inspired skin.(Glowing translucent with bones showing through, can alter the color of the translucent part)

    New Iconic characters to run into, such as:

    Commissioner Barbra Gordon(Perhaps no longer wheelchair bound in the future and it's mentioned that the Exobytes lead to a cure for her paralysis)
    DeDe Twins
    Future Harley
    Terri McGinus
    10(Of the future Royal Flush gang)
    Future Ra's Al Ghul
    Ace The Bathound
    Future Bruce Wayne
    Future Joker
    Young Booster Gold(Before he went back into the past)
    Skeets(Before they went back in time)

    Splicers(Exobytes have become a popular means of body modification)
    Venom Juicers(Venom is still around)
    Jokerz(Jokers Fanclub, some of which may also be Splicers)
    Wayne Powers Security goons.
    SCU(They are still around and the Villains need enemies too.)
    Justice League Recruits(With the Exobytes there has been a large boom of metahumans, many of which join the Justice League)
    Robots.(It's the future, robots are everywhere.)
    Flash Museum guards.
    Johna Hex(Somehow he ended up in the future..)

    Other features of the future:
    Flying cars.Just like the regular ground cars, but they fly!(Without you throwing them, though you can still throw them.)
    Robots.(Again it's the future)
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  15. DarkSyde79 Loyal Player

    I’ll try to keep this as simple as possible.
    • DCUO is an alt universe of the DCU.
    • DCUO is an alt past of the DCUO-prime (Future Lex and Batman’s timeline).
    • DCAU is an alt universe of the DCU.
    • Batman Beyond takes place in the future of the DCAU.
    All that said, since we’ve never explored the future of DCUO-prime, we’re still writing our DCUO future and haven’t seen elements from DCU’s future, I doubt we’ll be seeing elements from the DCAU.

    There’s just too much content from the DCU, DCnU and original ideas to pull directly from the DCAU. And while time travel and al Earths have been introduced, it has only involved the past and present.

    FYI: DCUO = duh; DCU = DC pre New52; DCnU = DC New52, DCAU = DC Animated Universe
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  16. DaKrushmor Loyal Player

    Or really Ballistic/Power Armor powerset to this DLC, cuz Batman Beyond himself uses it. But Powered Armor powerset (if it comes) maybe better with Blue Beetle DLC.
  17. Mr AFK New Player

    II already write a thread about this months ago. ;)

    + 100000000000000000 for Batman Beyond

    characters in Batman Beyond series:
    Warhawk, Static, Superman - old version, Hush, SHAZAM, Lobo, Brainiac, Aquagirl, Big Barda, Mr Miracle, Ace, Blight, Chronos, Curare, Inque, Dee Dee Twins, Erica Electra, Ghoul, Jack - Jokerz gang, Ju7, Kobra, Mad Stan, Matter Master, Mr. Fixx, PARASITE, Rewire, Shriek, Stalker, Spellbinder, Starro, Ten, Terminal, Vendetta, Woof, Willie Watt. ETC.

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  18. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    This would cause a paradox so big that I don't think it would be a good idea. If you look at the story from the future to the present..

    Brainiac shows up on Earth and enters battle with every hero and villain on the planet. During this battle the heroes and villains start fighting each other to the point in which only Future Batman, Future Lex Luthor and a new hero (I forget his name). Lex betrays Batman and goes back in time to the present. Even at this point a Batman Beyond DLC would not make much sense because the background needed for the DLC is well destroyed leaving only Batman in that time period. But moving on...

    Future Batman catches up with Future Lex and uses Brainiac's Nexus of Reality to battle him and figure out a way to undo what happened. This is where the original paradox begins that shown in Lightning Strikes and Origin Crisis. A paradox is created and the Paradox Warriors are use the Paradox Wave to stop the paradox from being created (this is what Lightning Strikes was about). This is where it gets interesting and why I think the DLC can never really happen, at least not in the form of the DCAU.

    Back in the present Lex Luthor shows up to warn the present Justice League about Brainiac immediately after Brainiac shows up and Exobytes rain down to Earth. These Exobytes create us (the players). We help the Justice League/The Society to fend off Brainiac from key control points on Earth. Furthermore Brainiac's influence corrupts smaller aspects of Earth including but not limited to the spectrum of light (where Fight for the Light and War of the Light Part 1 start to emerge from, and the lantern leveling content), Themyscria (and thus the Amazons, bringing forth Battle for Earth and battles between Circe and Wonder Woman), Kryptonian's (meta humans), astral magic (Hands of Fate and Eclipso content), etc. I can keep going but bottom line is everything that has been happening in DCUO is because of this initial paradox.

    What this idea is basically suggesting would require another paradox. A paradox in which Brainiac never attacked, Future Batman and Future Lex Luthor never created the first paradox, the future that he know never existed and there was no big battle, and most importantly of all we would never exist using Exobytes for our power source.

    You would essential have a third paradox morphed the fight between two other paradox's. I don't think I would like to try to understand a story like that let alone write it. :p

    Now maybe in a distant future (real time) after War of the Light, Amazon Fury and Halls of Power. By than we have created a new future. A future that includes an undamaged Earth and lots of Exobyte based heroes and villains (us). However I don't think the DLC would have the same story as the DCAU simply because there would be a bunch more heroes and villains that have passed on their legacy (like Bruce did).

    So this may be a good idea but I would only expect a story that is inspired by the DCAU one and not really the same.

    (I guess shifting everyone to a different reality but that adds a whole twist to the story, one that I am sure Brainiac would be involved in. ;) )
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  19. Minnion Devoted Player

    That's not to say there is no room for elements of the DCAU in DCUO's future areas... Obviously there may be some major differances from both the DCAU and the main DCU due to the introduction of Exobytes... Anyways we have a means to alter DNA on the fly, so if we do have a Batman Beyond there would likely be some changes such as:

    Splicers not limiting themselves to animal DNA, and could come in several varities such as:
    Animal Splicers: They want to be half human half animal.
    Doom Splicers: Basically they like to splice themselves with Doomsday DNA on purpose, the results... Well you remember Smallville right?
    Meta Splicers: They want superpowers and will pay top dollar for the DNA infused Exobytes of their favorite superhero/villain.(Though some are unwilling victims, such as the little parasyte clones from Metropolis)

    Commissioner Barbra Gordon being in a wheelchair.(It's the future though and she's friends with Bruce, so naturally her wheelchair is AWESOME!

    Blight's secrete identity is that of the owner of Wayne Powers still though in this timeline his having become Blight was the result of trusting T.O.Morrow with his life when deathly ill from something that happened as a result of meddling timetravlers.(As opposed to Terry McGinus)

    Terry isn't Bruce's son in this timeline (Because the events that lead to Project Batman Beyond never happened due to a Time-traveling Batman finding a way to save Ace in this timeline.), though he does still become his apprentice in this version.(Because Genetic relation didn't actually have anything to do with Bruce's picking Terry as an apprentice, though things end up being interesting as Ace now works as Bruce's live in Maid, who you get to fight as a villain when invading the future Batcave.)

    Venom Abusers still exist, though the Jokerz have their own variant that the call "Jenom", basically turning them into a hulking Clownsainity type mutant.

    The Jokerz(Including the Dee Dee Twins) still exist too, and aside from some using Joker Venom, but also come in the Omac Variety(Unwilling recruits), as well as animal splicer flavor, and general whackjob joker wannabe flavor, and some even have lantern rings...

    Future Gotham has actually built on top of the Brainiac Bottled buildings.(As in the bottled buildings are still bottled and the city has rebuilt around the bottles.)

    There are also crashed Brainiac ships half submerged in the bay.(Braniac has come back and made further invasion attempts, but thanks to the high concentration of Meta-humans now living on earth and their familiarity with his tech he hasn't been able to reestablish a foothold since we last defeated him.

    Green Lanterns now have a regular beat on the streets of Gotham now after the events of the War of Light.(Speculation)
  20. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    Your next 9 DLC's are spoken for. If they make 4 DLC's a year and don't throw in 1 PVP DLC a year in your looking at a two and half years or so. Three is they do a PVP DLC here and there.

    So maybe in three years