Batman and Robin Going To Hell

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    ^Every game has a competitive community. He probably couldn't keep up or got rocked too many times.
  2. StillDeathern Dedicated Player

    I assume you can look in old threads and still find most of what you ask. I voiced my opinion numerous times over the years, and have often been ridiculed. There was certainly a movement at one time, and specif players in general who pushed for, and received a more "competitive" version of PVP that failed to take into consideration or just blatantly ignored the vast number of PVP players who are casual, not hard core.

    I did try and alert them back in the day that not everyone would enjoy this ultra competitive form of PVP . I warned casual PVPers like myself would not be interested in counter matches, that's when I was told that "it didn't matter if the casual players left PVP, they didn't care..."

    Sometimes you get what you ask for.
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    Doubtful. But keep dreaming.
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    Says the guy who put 380+ in his sig like it is supposed to be impressive.
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    Now you're just making excuses.
    I guess you missed the part that Robin uses a staff and uses the same Block Breaker as Batman. But hey lets try to make stuff up here.

    The type of weapon they use in Legends makes no difference. These three Block Breakers are definitely the same and Dr.Fates is not getting the same numbers as those two. Batman & Robin are busted and that's all there is to it.
  6. Eve YouTuber

    380+ he actually knows what hes talking about lol.
  7. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    Am i being

    What does robins weapon have to do with anything?

    Robin and batman have the same bb, yes.....their weapon doesn't matter. Dr Fates weapon does matter because thats how he uses his block breaker.

    Is this making sense to you? Batman and robin have modified block breakers, it's unique to their character.

    Catwoman and cheetah have a modified version of MA for example. Is this registering with you?
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  8. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    Do you have any examples? The block break/block/lunge/roll counter system has been in place for quite some time.

    You should love pvp now as a casual player because you avoid all that having to learn stuff and improve reflexes and just spam instead (for arenas)
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  9. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    What does Dr. Fates weapon have to do with the block breaker? You're the one that used the excuse that DR. Fate uses hand blasters but missed that part that Robin uses a staff. I'm pointing out your flawed attempt at trying to keep something that is clearly screw up from being fixed.

    Also I will add that this issue was fixed before the Revamp. When the revamp happened that fixed was lost. Just like the the fix that happened last year in the Halloween seasonal with the ghosts damage not splitting.

    Does that ring a bell?

    It was fixed and now it's not. You need to stop trying to make excuses. You're the one clearly trying to troll people here.

    Find another block breaker that hats as fast and as hard as BM & Robins. There is a reason why these two cheeser Legends are being used by a lot of players and not using the ginormous list of other legends.
  10. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player


    Every legends character is a template, with its own unique tray powers, yes.

    But they use the same 11 weapons we use but with a few exceptions....

    Put on a pair of handblasters....hold triangle...and you will be doing Dr Fates blockbreaker.

    Batman has martial arts yet he doesn't do the martial arts block you get what im saying lol?

    Its a unique block breaker specific to only him and the entire game
  11. StillDeathern Dedicated Player

    I did a quick search, since I am at work, to no avail. The comments and the threads were around the 2013/2014 time frame I believe, but I could be off...

    On a side note, doubt, mock, and insult away, it doesn't change anything. A handful of players wanted PVP to be ultra competitive, thus knocking out the casual players that most of the game revolves it's success around.

    Answer me this, why focus PVP on the hard core PVP players desires, when the rest of the game, doesn't cater to the elite players?

    There are certainly more casual PVPers than hard core, seems like if you and the rest of the PVP community really wanted to see PVP thrive, you would focus on retaining those casual PVP players, and eventually convert them to hard core PVPers.

    Just my two cents. Carry on. After all I probably got rocked somewhere.
  12. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    You obviously have not looked at Dr. Fates BB or found another that hits as fast or as hard. It's the same animation.

    Have a good day.
  13. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    I can make a video for you....not being rude im just not sure why you dont understand.

    Now...handblasters have their own little quirks...its bb is really fast and it intimidates people. It has a really short dovetail so you can jump cancel into something else or clip it really fast.

    I believe this is why you're confusing the two.
  14. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    Focus on retaining casual players? So letting them spam bbs instead of doing anything else? If they dont have that crutch maybe they'll actually try to learn how to play.

    They can play how they want as well, but the simple fact right now is the bb needs to be fixed.

    Theres no way to make it logically be fair. Its broken and has been fixed in the past.
  15. Scarlet Mysty Loyal Player

    I suppose everyone is entitled to their version of events and I could have worded my opposing view a little more tactfully. I wasn't really trying to convince you, just offer a differing view.

    For what its's worth my personal view is that trying to blame todays low population on decisions 4/5 years ago is a stretch. Loads of new players in that time that have never experienced that era and got into and enjoyed what PvP had to offer despite those changes, casuals and hardcore alike.

    Even if I accept there was a decline queues, they still definitely popped way faster back then compared with now, 8's were no problem, 5s & 4s popped like 1s & 2s today (even faster really). PvP started to slow down as updates either failed or got pushed back & as people got sick of AM's. At least that's the way I saw it.
  16. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    I think I see what Knarley is getting at but yeah he's wrong in stating that they are the same block breaker. I believe Knarely is implying they both use a forward hand animation thus making them the same BB which is not the case. Just because they both use a forward hand animation to do the block breaker does not make them the same block breaker. Dr. Fate's block breaker is called Charged Blast and Batman's BB is called Batarang Flurry. In the end, we all three agree on one thing collectively. That **** is broken. Dr. Fate's BB vs Batman's BB.........

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  17. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    I really don't care what the attack is called. The animations are the same, the animation times are the same. So essentially they are the exact same block breaker and yet these two are over performing and have been.

    What I highlighted below in red are how the weapon attacks ( Block Breakers ) are suppose to be calculated as compared to other weapon attacks ( Block Breakers ). Batman & Robins BB are clearly not following these guidelines that were set within the REVAMP. These two BB's should have been fixed over a year ago according to this Old Revamp thread.
    ^^^^^Using the criteria set forth here^^^^^

    ( below is copy & paste from link )


    The changes below will allow anyone to use any weapon combo without everyone feeling the need to do the same combos. Below is a list of the changes you will see:

    What’s different?
    • All weapon attacks have a normalized damage multiplier based on the individual attack's animation length instead of the full combos length
      • Example: Attacks like Smoke Bomb are no longer boosted because they are deep in the chain
    • All melee attacks have a boost in damage compared to ranged attacks
    • As with super powers, single target attacks have a small damage boost multiplier
    • Weapon passives no longer give you a hidden crit bonus
      • Crit is purchased from the Stats tab now
    • Power regen is based on length of animation to dovetail, or pulse time if channeled
      • This means all attacks regen comparable power per second
      • Combo meter no longer affects power gain
      • Cross weapon combos from Weapon Mastery do not regen power but deal more damage
      • Fly text has been turned on so you see the blue numbers when you attack
    • Ranges have been normalized
    • All weapon attacks that counter will only counter one target and only when the ability is used (no pulsing counters)
    • Weapon Mastery now boosts Precision & Weapon DPS while that weapon is equipped instead of boosting specific attacks
    • Cross weapon combos from Weapon Mastery have boosted damage but no longer trigger a bonus to super powers
    • Supercharge regen is based on length of animation to dovetail, or pulse time if channeled
      • This means all attacks regen comparable supercharge per second