Batman and Robin Going To Hell

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Miss Martian, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. Eve YouTuber

    Maybe let people who actually care and want to make PvP a bit more fun and fair share their opinion about it,
    as you obviously don't care and don't understand much in PvP.
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  2. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    i want a mini series!
  3. Iconic Simulation YouTuber

    Ppl cant agree on how to make pvp fair or fun. Mepps was pretty clear about that. Thats the true issue with pvp.
  4. Eve YouTuber

    If you think using broken characters\powers is the best approach, yeah then Mepps is right.
    Because 90% wants them fixed and you are part of the 10% that stops them from fixing it.
    I pity people who can't win without using something broken.
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  5. Iconic Simulation YouTuber

    Im just gonna refer to Mepps post:
    " The PvP community has always vehemently disagreed with each other on even the most basic concepts and options in PvP, and has only ever included a small fraction of the population of DCUO. Overcoming that hurdle is perhaps impossible. It would take an enormous amount of time and work to unscramble the state of PvP now, define a new direction, and execute that new direction successfully, which again may well be impossible.

    It seems to be a low probability that we would find a new or old design most players enjoyed. It seems to be a low probability that we would be able to execute it to the standards we and you require. It seems to be a low probability that such an update would meaningfully change player behavior with regard to PvP. It seems to be a low probability that any revenue would result.

    It also seems likely that undertaking such an effort would mean not doing at least one episode that year, and more likely that it would mean not doing two episodes that year.

    The potential impossibility of finding a liked design, unlikely possibility of success, unlikely chance that more PvP would be played, unlikely return on investment in terms of revenue, and the near certainty of giving up episodes to undertake this kind of update makes PvP not a top priority for now.

    That said, it still remains something the team wants to do overall, if we can find a way around the above hurdles. "
  6. Eve YouTuber

    This thread obviously isn't asking to fix the entire PvP, just the freaking block breaker. If they could fix Cat, they can fix that.
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  7. Iconic Simulation YouTuber

    After them it will be yet another Legend that has to be nerfed. Some ppl are already saying John Stewart and Two Face are too OP with their rile melee attacks. See the pattern?
  8. Eve YouTuber

    They are not op. Maybe they just don't know how to play against\with them. I rarely see John's or whatever.
    It's always either Batman or Robin or double Batman\Robin.
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  9. Iconic Simulation YouTuber

    Well you will see more of them if Batman and Robin get nerfed.
  10. Eve YouTuber

    I hardly doubt it.
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  11. Iconic Simulation YouTuber

    You can doubt it but Ive been around 5 1/2 yrs with game, and thats exactly what happens. Always the same predictable patterns.
  12. Eve YouTuber

    Whatever you say.
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  13. Iconic Simulation YouTuber

    I can work with that. ;)
  14. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    It's not a nerf, it's a fix. Restoring back to its original...intended nature.
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  15. StillDeathern Dedicated Player

    PVP and Legends?

    Are either of those still and thing?

    Legends LPVE has the distinct pleasure of the player (us) feeling nerfed compared to their normal toon, when playing old instances. What can be done with relative ease with our worldly unknown created characters, for some reason seems so hard when playing as any one of the ICONIC super hero-villains. Why? Aren't they legends, the biggest and best? Did they suddenly loose strength, become old and decrepit over night, or is there kryptonite under every rock in these instances? I am a firm believer that all legends toons should have either a significant bump to their stats, or better yet, their stats should be linked to our created toons, so that they at least wont feel so week in LPVE (legends should keep the stats for arena matches only, LPVE would auto adjust in this manner). This would make the ICONICS heroes and villains feel more viable, stronger, and capable of completing the content.

    PVP has suffered for years due primarily to a select few wanting to make it ultra-competitive E-sport out of it, with the only focus being trying to counter your opponents moves. In doing so, they removed a lot of the fun items, items earned in game that should be use able to be used in game, and prevented their use in this portion of the game. Despite warnings, when the fun left, a lot of players elected to stop playing this portion of the game. Balancing, or the lack thereof prior to the stats revamp, of powers obviously did not help along the way with flavor of the month superiority allotted to the cheese of the season.

    three steps needed to restore these almost non playable portions of the game:

    1. LPVE - Link Legends stats to our own, these will allow LPVE toons to seem as powerful as we are, and it will allow them to grow as your player progressess.

    2. Legends Arenas - Add characters for use, Grodd anyone? Work to re-balance some of the cheese that makes it unfair if not using that particular character

    3. PVP - Restore the fun. Put back in the things that we earn in game so that we can play with them in game. Whats the fun of having a boo utility belt, and then not being able to use it? The list was long for the items removed, sure some of it was cheese, but it allowed those players who maybe weren't the best, to beat the best, if only for a death or two...
  16. Scarlet Mysty Loyal Player

    Correcting bad information (apologies if I get anything wrong, feel free to correct):
    1. Broken is different from unbalanced. Broken generally refers to doing something that is not intended. Since BB's were all standardised, all BB's are supposed to hit at roughly the same amount of damage. Robin & Batmans BB hit's for nearly double the standard. That is what sets it apart from a Legend or move that is 'unbalanced' and why it is referred to as broken. Lex, Wonder Woman, & Bane are all known as Top Tier Legends, lets see how many 'Nerf X' threads you can find if it's just a case of complaining about stronger characters beating weaker ones.

    2. This is not a pattern of PvPers complaining until PvP is fixed or perfect, anyone saying that either lacks the understanding for what makes this an issue or are intentionally misrepresenting information. Rifle taps have been an issue prior to the Batman & Robin BB. For a pattern to emerge we would have to have had the BB's fixed, then still be complaining about the next thing, which isn't the case. Nothing has been fixed, Rifle issues have been known since before the stats-revamp.

    3. You are not an actual iconic when playing LPVP/LPVE, this is a (understandable) misconception. See the Iconic Simulation Solo for more info. Even if this were the case, arguing 'relative' realism makes no sense when you have characters like Green Arrow & Superman. Either Supes is under powered or GA is over powered, that's why this is such an asinine point to make.

    4. PvP has not suffered due to a 'select few trying to make it competitive', this is nonsense. It's also utterly patronising to the devs as it suggests they are mindless zombies who can't think for themselves and only react to player complaints without thinking about the consequences. PvP has had times of excessive damage & low damage neither of which can be solely blamed on the players. The period of low damage has often been blamed on a certain group of players, even though there is not even circumstantial evidence for this and it is largely a rumour spread by a few people from one or two leagues who are openly hostile to the people they are accusing, it's just stupid drama rumours and shouldn't be taken seriously.

    5. The removal of home turf mods & accessories and the reduction of overall damage are not linked. That is to say, some people wanted damage reduced, however the vast majority of players wanted Home Turf removed from arena's. I could find more threads but see the below for just an idea of the appetite for Home turf. More specifically, people wanted henchmen & sidekicks removed as they provided the biggest issues due to the amount of screen pollution and eventual lag (on larger maps)
    All Legends needs as a few simple fixes. But the Batman & Robin one would be best as it's the easiest to spam. The reason you see less Rifle complaint threads (aside from the free aspect) is that it takes a little more knowledge to abuse compared with Batman & Robins BB.
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  17. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    At first I was like screw BM & R just lunge them. Then, I remembered that DR. Fate has the same BB but there were no cries about him. So, I went and did a double check in between the three. What did I find? I saw a huge discrepancy in between Dr.Fate and BM&R. These two definitely need to be fixed. They are getting at least double damage.

    Compare Batman & robin's BB with DR Fates. They have the same BB. Then come back to this thread.
  18. StillDeathern Dedicated Player

    Sorry, but yeah, a handful of ultra competitive spam counter fest players ruined PVP when they sold the DEVs on the idea of ultra competative E-SPORT type PVP.

    The casual, fun loving players were pushed aside, along with all the bells and whistles that gave a less experienced player an opportunity to compete with the ultra competitive PVP junkies, and the fun that was had by all, simply disappeared. "Get good" they said, I warned "players will quit"... "oh well" they said... well they got what they deserved, lower and lower and lower participation numbers.

    You can call it drama/stupid/league related (even though I doubt i'm in the one or two leagues you are referring to) but what it really boils down to, is that the DEVs listend to a select few, tried to go ultra competative mode, in a game they typically like to refer to as "casual MMO", well they should have kept it casual PVP, IMO, because most players would at least PVP some.

    It was far more fun then than now, and the number, or lack thereof, players who refuse to PVP now, shows I am right. Fortunately I have all the PVP style suits, a lot of the feats, so it isn't a loss to me.
  19. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    I've seen you say this before lol. They are not the same. Dr Fate uses handblasters.....You can't rapidly throw a BB that way.

    The batman block breaker is different. You're confusing them because the animations are extremely similar, yes.
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  20. Scarlet Mysty Loyal Player

    On the EU side (and partly due to PS4 allowing video capture) it seemed like PvP was growing both as something to play and something to view on youtube during the period after home turf's removal. As a side note, I personally think when people nowadays say 'Watchtower is Dead' they are likely referring to the days of people standing around duelling each other. PvP podcast/Peoples podcast all got big during the era after Home Turf's removal.

    I personally don't see the connection between that era of after Home Turf and population reduction. People may have not liked it, but everything I experienced during that time seemed more like an uptick of interest in PvP rather than a reduction. Most of the biggest EU youtubers & leagues have the highest view counts on their video's after home turf and that in turn spurned on more people to play, funny side note, every time Orbit/Balkan or even Smile logged on, the que's would pop so fast it was crazy.

    I think if your not interested in creating drama for the sake of it, and you PvP'd regularly throughout the last 2/3 years there are two clear out and out winners when it comes to what caused the population to fall:
    1. Lack of attention
    2. FOTM caused by the addition of advanced mechanics.
    Particularly the drawn out way each power was revamped and left over powered caused what seemed like an endless FOTM until we got the stats revamp and after all that waiting Nature & Elec got shafted for another year.....lets take a moment to honour those poor Nature & Elec PvPers.

    I'm curious why you think certain players tried to make it competitive, how you feel that came about, are you saying you were in those threads at that time and most people in those threads hated the idea of making it competitive but the devs went with it still? Did the devs ever say were are making these changes to try to make it an e-sport? Do you know these 'influential' players or leagues? Is it the ol' 'PC players are ruining my game' or something more concrete? There are a lot of rumours and accusations out there regarding PvP, I really don't see much evidence or truth to them outside of silly drama.
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