Basically impossible to PUG T5 raids

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  1. One_Man_Army New Player

    There was probably more done than just replacing basic 5 mods with expert mods in his gear. Sure he wasn't replacing a T4 mod or just modding a better piece of gear? Experts just aren't enough. Expert mods will raise your CR when modding a better gear piece or replacing a level 4 mod. There just isn't enough difference when replacing a basic 5 mod.
  2. Delta795 New Player

    Yep..he replaced his remaining V's with experts.
    There wasn't any gear involved just mods changed.
  3. NexGen New Player

    He must be wrong, or confused, like the rest of us.
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  4. One_Man_Army New Player

    I just don't see it. I've seen the difference from basic 5s and experts, and it's just not enough. The math just isn't there.
  5. NexGen New Player

    Lol man, pull your nose out of the calculator and try it yourself. It happened with my rings if that helped. Two for two toons, going from regular to expert in the same rings boosted me by 1.
  6. Delta795 New Player

    Not to be rude, but I don't care what the math says.
    He had V's in his gear (all of his gear) when they were all replaced with
    experts he was 99. You can believe or not, but I have seen it.

    As for the 98 without exp. If I get lucky enough to get rings neck and face from raids and hit 98 I will
    post pics. I am not modding anything with experts until I have either full raid gear
    or Raven gear.
  7. One_Man_Army New Player

    Again, don't need to try it when the math just doesn't add up. If I changed all my mods to expert mods, I'd STILL be at 97 CR. I know that for a fact. Expert mods will not get me to 98 CR. Only more gear will. I know that for a fact because I've actually done the math. The math says it ain't happening.
  8. thelostczarnian New Player

  9. One_Man_Army New Player

    LOL You really ought to do better when editing my posts and putting them off as mine. I don't theoretically know. I know FOR A FACT because math doesn't lie.
  10. Delta795 New Player

    OK at this point I'm leaving this discussion unless directly quoted. If you are not even willing to discuss
    without quoting a mathematical theory I'm not willing to further this. Especially when given pretty decent info to contradict the #'s.

    FYI since mathematics have been conceived they almost always prove to be flawed
    in some capacity.
  11. One_Man_Army New Player

    I AM willing to discuss, but when the mathematics behind how CR is actually calculated are being flatly ignored by the claims, I'm not the one unwilling to discuss, am I. The math just isn't there. Math is pretty much as exact as you can get. I don't know what you mean by it being flawed since it has been conceived, lol. That's why it's NOT flawed.
  12. thelostczarnian New Player

    you cant claim to know anything untill you have tried it. do scientists make claim based on math? no they dont they form a theory based on math and other calculations. you cant claim anything to be fact based on math unless your merely correcting a math problem.
  13. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    you can defently pug the T5 raids in fact some of the smothest runs I have had were with pug groups and also some of the worst its just luck of the draw..

    but just last week I pugged Nex on my healer and it was some of the most fun I have had in this game in a very long time. the people in the group were all really good players and joking around being funny. I laughed the whole time and meet a good group of players that i previously didnt know :D
  14. Delta795 New Player

    OK, but you are ignoring what others have stated. That either modding a ring(s) or in my case saw a friend
    take his current gear (that had V's ) with experts and go up in CR. I had even agreed with you that its
    possible to hit 98 without any expert mods.

    My point with mathematics is simple. Every single theory or computation that one person comes out with
    historically has at some point been proven at a later date to be false or at least somewhat flawed. Until
    the devs give us the EXACT computationdfor how each PC is applied, right down to the decimal point
    and how this is rounded (if at all) we are only at best giving a guess. Educated or not it is still a guess.
    Instead of fighting with numbers maybe try it and see. Maybe its a fluke..maybe its a glitch who knows?
    All I know is I have seen it & apparently so have others.
  15. BatDubb New Player

    Theory and numbers on paper don't always equate to what will happen in practice.
  16. Ivy Bird Committed Player

    I know what One Man is trying to do here. The only way to show him he is wrong is to make him change his mods to experts. Since he can't make them he just wants donations. ;)

    BTW Tesseract Prime is a girl (not a G.I.R.L. like me).
  17. Tesseract Prime Dedicated Player


    When I posted the Combat Rating Equation I took specific care to mention that IT IS NOT HOW THE GAME ACTUALLY CALCULATES CR. It is my best estimate after hours of trial-and-error testing to attempt to divine the specific weighting used for each piece. A little while after the equation was published I was able to further test some aspects of it, and discovered that whilst it works well at CR70, it was inaccurate at CR34. I have had neither the time nor the in-game cash to further test this, so the equation has remained as originally stated, with the qualification that IT IS WRONG, but useful.

    So. Please do not claim that any combat rating figures calculated with the equation are fact, because they are not.

    As for the rounding thing.

    "Rounding" is not an inherently mechanical computery type ting. It is a convention that has been decided upon because in terms of measurements and other real-world scenarios, it is more accurate to round on the .5 than to round specifically up or down. Just as it is a convention to do so, it can equally be a convention not to do so. Computers have to be programmed to do it either way. As such, if anyone wants to claim that something rounds one way OR the other, they should rightly have to prove it.

    I never ran the maths on rounding myself, I just asked others when I started this project how the game manages things in general so I could take my cue from there. I was informed that the game rounds down. I have never checked this is true myself, but I put my belief in the sources I trust.

    My recommendation: if your entire argument is hinging on the claim that the game rounds at .5 rather than rounding down, it is on you to prove that (or disprove the counterclaim), not anyone else. If you want to run the maths on this, I recommend vitalisation, as the calulations of that were relatively recently confirmed by one of the developers in the discussion about vita-debuffing.
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    Where is the one man army? Time to admit defeat.
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  19. Miahztwin Committed Player

    you're getting yourself cornered...just stop while you're ahead. The formula is nice but he even states in THE VERY BEGINNING that the formula can be at least ONE cr off. One is a lot especially when you want to talk about decimal value.
  20. Ivy Bird Committed Player

    Fixed :)
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