Basically impossible to PUG T5 raids

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  1. One_Man_Army New Player

    Yeah. But not everything in this game rounds down. That's just nonsense, lol.
  2. One_Man_Army New Player

    And I'm relaying to you that DCUO actually kinda does abide by those rules. That is how CR is calculated, for sure, seeing as how 97.55 becomes 98. That just proves my point, though, doesn't it? We are talking about mathematical machine based logic here, after all.
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    One man in regular mods rallies against the masses of players with expert mods. He says he seen the truth. He says he knows the CR cause he has talked to people. Talking to people. If only the truth were so easy to find. If you really want to know the truth you have to talk with your fists around here. Only when joints are made to go against their natural order do you get to the real truth in this city. Regardless the only way to know for sure is to mod your gear with experts. Experts, so many so called experts no way to know what is true anymore. And the rain continues to pour down in Gotham (GD). At this rate I don't think we'll see the sun again.
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  4. thelostczarnian New Player

    simply making a state ment about how cr works provs nothing. if there isnt a screen shot it didnt happen
  5. NexGen New Player

    Nope. In this case it proves that your estimate of .55 is at least off by .45, meaning: stop relying on the cr estimator and actually mod with experts to gain 1cr.

    We've done it, we got it. You haven't. You really can't comment further.
  6. One_Man_Army New Player

    A screenshot of what exactly? The game doesn't exactly give decimals. Tesseract's formula rounds numbers down. The end result of that formula in this case is 97.55. Since the game doesn't use decimals, it will use machine based mathematical logic to round that number to, yup, you guessed it, 98.

    Again, find me that player with 101 CR to prove that expert mods really do raise your CR by 1. If they do so as you claim, the highest possible CR in this game is 101 because I know for a fact basic 5 mods can get you to 100 CR if you were lucky enough to get the very best possible gear in the game.
  7. One_Man_Army New Player

    Actually, I can because I am using straight mathematical logic here. 97.55 is NOT an estimate, not really. It's as exact as you are going to get, and the game will round it to 98 using, you know, the machine based mathematical logic machines usually use.
  8. thelostczarnian New Player

    this game doesnt round up anything ever
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  9. NexGen New Player

    Consult with Tesseract himself then to let him know that his self-proclaimed estimate is perfectly accurate. I'm sure he'll enlighten you. Until then, please drop it. You're speaking hypothetically - we aren't.
  10. One_Man_Army New Player

    Prove it. Oh, wait. You can't can you? LOL Didn't think so. It's a computer game. Computer's use mathematical logic. Mathematical logic dictates that 97.55 rounds to 98. So, based on the straight mathematical logic machines tend to use, you are wrong about that statement.
  11. One_Man_Army New Player

    When did I say it was perfectly accurate. I said very accurate. NEVER did I say perfectly accurate. And yes, his formula is accurate. I don't need any enlightenment because I know how accurate it is.

    Find me that player with 101 CR. If what you guys claim is true, someone out there should be 101 CR because if what you say is true, expert mods are enough to get you to 101 CR. So find me that player. Until then, please drop it. You're speaking out of ignorance of the actual mathematical construct used to calculate CR. I'm not.
  12. NexGen New Player

    Vit calculation (power over time)
    Health calculation
    Defense calculation
    CR calculation

    All round down.
  13. thelostczarnian New Player

    the problem with you requesting to see a 101 cr player is that NOBODY has the best gear yet because of terrible loot drops. OUR request to see a 98 cr player with NO expert mods SHOULD be much easier (as in possible if your correct) than us finding a 101 cr player
  14. One_Man_Army New Player

    Again, prove it. Again, you cannot. Prove to me that the calculations round down. Since you cannot prove it, you cannot say that. I just proved to you how the CR calculation rounded up for crying out loud. Now, prove how it rounds down. We are talking about a computer game that calculates using machine based mathematical logic. Such machines tend to round 97.55 to 98. Such machines tend to round up when necessary.
  15. BatDubb New Player

    I haven't read anything in this thread but the last page, but didn't a Dev around here say that regular V mods versus Expert V mods made no difference in CR?
  16. One_Man_Army New Player

    Of course, and as I said, that will be me. I WILL have 98 CR with nothing but basic 5 mods if I'm not lucky enough to get an expert plan in the raids when the next DLC hits, with 1, maybe 2, item levels shy of hitting 99 CR. That much I can guarantee. Considering my luck with the raids, doubt I'll ever get an expert plan any time soon, lol. I guarantee I'll be at 98 CR when I get all the 86 pieces from the vendor with or without expert mods. If I get lucky with a couple 87 pieces in the raids, I'll hit 99, but I doubt I can get that lucky.
  17. Delta795 New Player

    Just chiming in, but I have physically watched a leagemate use expert mods to go from 98 to 99.
    I've seen his screenshots as he was crazy happy. He was 98 with some expert mods and 99 with full expert mods. Myself I sit at 97 with none. Right now I'm missing rings (81 & 83) and neck (83). Everything else is 85 and I have 87 utility belt. All my mods are V's...

    I guess what I'm saying is I think you both may be right. You can mod with experts to 99 & I'm assuming I can hit 98 without any expert mods (again I'm assuming) based off my current CR and what I'm missing.
  18. NexGen New Player

    No. I boosted Nex one cr when I expert modded the rings.

    I'll do it next week on Wood and show before and afters I guess. Won't be around until the weekend though.
  19. One_Man_Army New Player

    You can hit 100 CR without any expert mods if you got really, really lucky on the raids and got the 88 pieces. Question is, are you that lucky? And if you are that lucky, you probably got some expert plans anyway and switched out your regular 5 mods immediately just for the stat boost because the stat boost from experts destroys the purpose of regular 5 mods.

    I'm simply saying it takes more than just experts to do it because I've seen the difference in CR experts make, and it's just not enough to gain a CR. More needs to be done than just changing from basic 5 to experts.
  20. Delta795 New Player

    Maybe if you are that lucky or have been grinding Paradox A LOT! My point is still valid, I have seen exp. mods raise cr fro 98-99 and in my case (again assuming) I can hit 98 w/out any expert mods.