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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Prindacerk, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Prindacerk New Player


    I came back to DCUO after 4 months of hiatus from the game. I have been watching the news and reports regarding the game but didn't actually play it until yesterday.

    I built my 1st base and then proceeded to do events to get items for the base. However, there are some questions I didn't have the answers for and I would really like to know before I proceed any further with my base decoration. I'm hoping someone can enlighten me on these matters. I would really appreciate it.

    1) From what I read, you can create up to 4 bases for free. Anymore you must buy it from the marketplace. However, I only received 1 deed in my toon. So how do I get the other 3? Or is that 4 limitation apply for the account (4 bases combined for all my toons)?
    2) How do I get some of the base amenities? I want to get my mailbox and bank in the same area. I really need to get those items for my base. Are they rare drops or can I purchase them from some vendor that was introduced?
    3) If the limitation of 4 bases apply for my account and not per toon, does that mean all my toons can access the same bases and have the same items I collected for those bases?
    4) Those special powers in Generators, are they permanent or temporary? I know the boost expires in 30 days. But does the level (1 and 2) expire as well or is that permanent?
    5) Is there anyway to preview an item before deciding if I should take it or trade it? I have gotten some items from my play yesterday but don't know how they would look and if it suits my base style.
    6) What's the purpose of the dispenser? I accessed it after building my base only to find a Dive item in there. I picked it but I didn't see anything happen. What was supposed to happen in that? What was that Dive item and where did it go?

    I would really appreciate it if someone can answer some of these questions for me.
  2. Nighthawke New Player

    1.You can only own 4 bases per character.Deeds you have buy out the marketplace.
    2.Base Anemities are earned through new collections.
    3.Look at 1 & yes your other characters can go into your base if you allow them access.
    5.No unless you use it.
    6.Where you get sidekick/henchmen trinkets.Mods & Orbital Strike trinkets.Dive is a theme.
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  3. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    1. You get one and 3 from the Marketplace.
    2. From the new Collections.
    3. You can have up to 4 bases pee character. As long as you give your characters permission they can enter any of your bases.
    4. Upgrades (first two) are permanent and Boosts (last two) are monthly rentals. Each Generator tier must be kept up alongside the Mainframe Boosts as well.
    5. No except for in the Broker.
    6. It gives you Tactical Mods, Sidekicks/Accomplices and Backup/Henchmen.

    Hope that helps answer your questions. :)
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  4. Physique Committed Player

    With an amendment to #4:

    Level I and II are permanent but you still must maintain the cells which power your mainframe otherwise they won't work.

    #5 Currently there is no preview for items in your inventory. The devs have said they are working on a solution for this. In the meantime, if you look the items up in the Auction House, you can preview what items look like there (if they are, in fact, posted there).

    #6 Once you've powered up your mainframe and purchased the special powers out of your mainframe, you pull those out of the dispenser. Depending on what you've selected, these items will come in the form of either trinkets or mods which plug into your gear.
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  5. The_Artist New Player

    Can party members or guildies or whatever- Can other players come into your base with you?

    I got heavy into the RP scene, and it caused me to leave DCUO for SWTOR. The idea of bases caught my attention, and could be valuable to RP. I mean, for those of us nerds like me, who wouldn't want to get your team together for an evil meeting, or to discuss stopping the latest threat?
  6. SpagTheTapdancer Well-Known Player

    you can set permissions of friends and guildmates to allow them into your lair. it should be at the mainframe.
  7. Prindacerk New Player

    Thanks a lot for the information. That's very helpful. Additionally, I have a non-base related question. Hopefully someone can answer it as well.

    7) Yesterday, I noticed that I'm seeing a second mod slot in some of my gear. Not all of them but some of them. When was this introduced? Is it a glitch or a second mod boost? It's not for any specific type of gear as I see it in different types. Has me confused.
  8. Prindacerk New Player

    How would I access this theme? Would I have to buy another deed to get this theme?
  9. Prindacerk New Player

    How often will the cells drain for me to recharge it?
  10. Chosen One New Player

    For question 7 those white sockets are from your tactical mods from your mainframe at level 1 you unlock weapon at level 2 neck at level 3 you unlock back and feet and finally at level 4 chest and hands.
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  11. Chosen One New Player

    The dive theme is a very basic theme. I would only recommend it for alts and for any base after your first you need to purchase a deed.
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  12. Chosen One New Player

    The cells drain after 30 days.
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  13. Alitain1 Well-Known Player

    Technically though the OP could chose to relocate his current base and when doing so can select the Dive theme instead of whatever one he currently is using, then select a new location. He doesn't HAVE to buy a new deed.

    But I agree, since the Dive theme doesn't have a mainframe if you were interested in the mainframe bonuses you don't want to use the Dive theme except yeah probably for an alt. Or possibly if you feel the need to get more than one base on the same character then buy a deed and use the Dive theme for the second base.
  14. Prindacerk New Player

    Thanks. That may answer the other question I had. If I bought a deed type in marketplace, can I use that theme in any toon as many as I want? As you can see from my signature, I have many toons. So if I buy say the Bunker Theme, can I use that theme in 2 of my toons for their free base deed?
  15. Periphery New Player

    I just switched from my Industrial Lair to a Dive. It has a mainframe.
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  16. Chosen One New Player

    Any theme you purchase from the marketplace is account bound and unless you want a second base for your toon, no need to buy a deed simply relocate your base and choose bunker theme.
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  17. Prindacerk New Player

    Thanks a lot Chosen One. Appreciate the time you took to answer my questions.
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  18. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    Note: While relocating all free placed furniture will be placed back into your Base Inventory.
  19. Alitain1 Well-Known Player

    Really? Because I thought they said at launch that the Dive theme was a smaller lair and didn't have access to the mainframe bonuses. Huh, maybe they changed their mind.
  20. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    If you have the DLC Dive Bases have a Mainframe. However you cannot use them in Lair Battles. I use 2 Dives for my "dropoff" locations because they are small giving easy access to Amenities.

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