Base loot, that give base feats drop locations.

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  1. zzzJackFrostzzz New Member

    I would like to start a thread that would give the locations of base items for the new base feats. So just leave a post and state where you got the item, or saw it drop, be it a duo, solo, arlert, raid, or from just killing certin NPC's in the open world! Toghather with the help of this community we can make a good refernce for players to check out!
    1. Playhouse base items ( Playscape )
    • Playhouse couch- Amon Sur in Coast City- T3 alerts
    • Playhouse dining chair- Baliff south gotham - Arkham Asylum alert (Poison Ivy)
    • Playhouse chair- Arkham Asylum contraband collection.
    • Playhouse dining table-
    • Playhouse accant table-
    • Playhouse armoire- add in manhiem chinese theater
    • Playhouse bed-T3 solo regal hotel
    • Playhouse coffee table- from Riverfront center. T2 Duos
    • Playhouse night stand- omacs outside gotham stadium
    2. Occult base items ( Cult Classic )
    • Occult dining chair- Smallville crazed citizen (mob) - Trash Mob in the Intergang Wharehouse- T2 Alerts
    • Occult table- Strikers solo- NPC's
    • Occult accant table- catwoman challenge.
    • Occult armoire- Riverfront center- T2 Duos- construction robot at the Steelworks.
    • Occult bed- NPC's outside Ace,- Reapers in CC
    • Occult chair- Battle for Earth duos
    • Occult coffee table- Faust in the T1 Challenge
    • Occult couch- riddler challange
    • Occult nightstand- contruction robot in steelworks - Omac Duo mobs- Lex Luthor in the Star Labs Challenge
    • Occult dining tabel- Strikers solo - NPC's - Trash Mob in the Metro Courthouse Duo
    3. Mystical base items ( I'm a 10th level wizard )
    • Mystical coffee table-
    • Small Mystical rug- Hive Duo (trash drop)
    • Thin Mystical rug- arkham asylum
    • Mystical chair-
    • Mystical emissive bed-
    • Mystical floor pillow- Greenhouse challenge
    • Mystical couch- PVP box
    • Mystical armoire- arkham asylum
    4. Dynasty base items ( The Slik Road )
    • Dynasty accent table- 1st boss in watchtower containment
    • Dynasty apothecary tabel-
    • Dynasty chair- Hive Duo Trash Mob Frist Part
    • Dynasty couch- Trash Mob Regal Hotel T3 challenge - Bludhaven
    • Dynasty end table- pvp box
    • Dynasty armoire- second boss in Area 51 (hard) - hive moon base
    • Dynasty rug- add in outer raid
    • Royal Dynasty bed- pvp box
    • Dynasty hanging lanterns- Police Station Duo - old subway duo
    5. Shabby base items ( Slummin'it )
    • Shabby accent table- from Oolong last boss.
    • Shabby matteress-
    • Shabby armoire-
    • Shabby wire spool table- Hive Duo
    • Shabby diner chair-Lighthouse duo - hive moon base trash mob drop
    • Shabby palette-
    • Shabby diner table- from Sentinels of magic base. trash drop.
    • Shabby granite coffee table- City Hall Duo
    • Shabby coffee table-League of Assassins
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  2. zzzJackFrostzzz New Member

    I would like to send a shout out to all the people who helped make this list from the usps3 forum, i wish i could have added all your names. thank you very much! and to the new poster "since this is a on going thread' i look forward to reading your post
  3. Tsavorentless Active Member

    Dynasty apothecary table- 1st boss in watchtower containment
    Dynasty rug- add in outer raid
    playhouse armoire- add in manhiem chinese theater
  4. zzzJackFrostzzz New Member

    thank you for your post :D
  5. Kewleo New Member

    Occult Table - Flashback duo
  6. Tsavorentless Active Member

    Np also My mains not in that league anymore lol. I personally didn't like it cuz it did sound on the fairy side of things lets just say even though it wasn't supposed to mean that . My 2 alts are still because I just use them for Lockboxes and that's a good way to be left alone.
  7. Tsavorentless Active Member

    Hey also you put the 1st boss in watchtower on the wrong piece apoc table not accent.
  8. Karmapolice Well-Known Member

    I got a shabby mattress from an Ace Chemicals trash mob today.
    It was gross
  9. Hypnotic Bolt New Member

    Found Dynasty Accent Table in Hive Duo.
  10. ManaBaddMan Active Member

    Would love to see this updated, for instance, we all know were Playhouse Accent Table now drops from. Particularly interested in finding Mystical Couch/Coffee Table and Shabby Diner Table. TY
  11. sc00basteve New Member

    Just got the Shabby Mattress out of one of the Operation's final bosses. We did them so fast I didn't even pay attention.
  12. andromeda New Member

    just got the
    Dynasty apothecary tabel-
    from the ACE Legends box, the one that you get when you win...
  13. Dreadwolf Well-Known Member

    Found a shabby matress from the Grodd Duo.. forgot who dropped it though... we where smashing through things and it was on the loot table..
  14. Dump Truck Well-Known Member

    Mystical Couch - Black Adam - Kahndak
    Playhouse Dining Table - Arkham Asylum Alert - Poison Ivy
  15. junglejim Well-Known Member

    Shabby mattress I've seen from oolong alert trash drop from the micro eyebots just before the last boss also as a trash drop in gates at the 1st boss area
  16. TK PUSHA Well-Known Member

    TBH i get the feeling these drops are not tied down to instances.
    for example there are 3 completely unique location reports for the shabby mattress on this page alone.
    from personal and reported evidence so far i'm not convinced that farming specific instances for specific pieces is necessarily a sure thing.
  17. BrightLightz New Member

    Mystical Coffee Table - T1 Meta Wing reward box for sure.
    I have only received them so far from those reward boxes.
    Playhouse Dining Table - T1 Hive Base Duo from reward box
  18. TheLoneLantern Well-Known Member

    Mystical Couch - Kahndaq (Black Adam)
    Shabby Diner Table - Kahndaq (trash)

    These are confirmed locations (by me), but not necessarily the only ones.
  19. Anti Bezz Well-Known Member

    Occult accent table also drops in ace chemicals
  20. Anti Bezz Well-Known Member

    Mystical Floor pillow Catwoman solo Tiger Eye

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