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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Sammy, Nov 12, 2023.

  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We do plan to raise league hall caps, too.
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  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We are looking into this.
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  3. TI99Kitty Dedicated Player

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  4. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Whoa that is awesome .. that back room in the Wayne manor and hall of legends base is gonna be so much cooler
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  5. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Any chance on also give us a respec station in our league halls ? Or maybe add league hall amenities off of cheetah like a respec station…. Auction house.. etc
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  6. Eve YouTuber

    Ayeee that's awesome, thanks Mepps :)
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  7. Aiden_Warren Well-Known Player

    As well as adding more variety of base items items x5 or x10 random box category, vendors for source marks.

    The neglect the mental health and mental disability of people goes through in the world.
    Base decoration is something they enjoy doing. It helps the mind and it helps anxiety and it helps depression. Even if it means a lot of seclusion and solitary from the world. It's something that keeps the mind going in decorations and designs.

    It doesn't seem comfortable to go through content constantly and grind source marks and base items drops and greedy players in broker selling for high prices.
    It weights on them and doesn't help them be happy with what they want to enjoy and like doing freely and casually without having to play the content of the game constantly.
    Many times it's how the mind is for mental health, when it comes to something they enjoy doing and are good at it, they are happy and can function much better.
    But when it comes to things they not comfortable doing, it can cause them to fall to back to depression and discourage no matter how much their family gives them support.
    This game can be much more supportive to people for that so they can be alot more happier.
  8. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    I am definitely feeling the aster. This is great.
    One thing I’ve noticed with the teleporter when visiting a friend’s base is the sheer number of bases I have access to with an underscore and a pound sign next to the name. Is it possible to invent a way for players to control what bases they have access to as well? a lot of the bases belong to people that aren’t active anymore and if I’m honest several of these people I either don’t remember who they are or am not in contact with anymore. So I’d like to ask if there’s a way we can at least hide the bases we don’t plan on visiting?
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  9. Hotgirlzz Well-Known Player

    I would like that also. Give us the option of deleting people from the teleporter.
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  10. WhiteLanternNC Level 30

    Is there any chance we could get a base the size of a League hall ?
  11. Amused New Player

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask... is it possible to add the personal/shared player bank and broker to the league hall? It's weird that they aren't included.

    As to where they would be placed, you could replace some of the amenities that are already there. For example, there are four mailbox amenities all right next to each other, which seems redundant. You could replace two of them with a broker.

    I support the confirmed changes regarding item caps and base amenity placements!
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  12. ArturoSW370 Level 30

    Can you also look into adding more character slots? I have new character ideas and would like to try them out.
  13. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    They just increased the limit a few weeks ago.
  14. ArturoSW370 Level 30

    True, but I was hoping for more. :)
  15. AshocusTheMuse Well-Known Player

    Personally I think the size of the base should dictate it's base items... The small dive size bases don't need more spots. they have (IMHO the perfect amount). The medium size bases such as Art Deco/Gothic/Cave/Sewer/etc need about 1000, and the BIG bases suchs as HoL/Brainiac/Atlantis/Mansion need 1200 - 1500 realistically.

    I'm ECSTATIC that you're looking into making amenities free placement items. (If you could do that with the generator too that'll be GREAT! haha but I know that's staying put lol). I'm definitely looking forward to finding cool ways to intergrate them into the bases more seemlessly.

    As far as League halls go, I'm am VERY glad you're looking into upping the limits for these as they do need some love.

    Keep up the great work! I know it's a lot and most of us just seem to be grumbling, but we do truly appreciate the effort :D
  16. Knight Racer Well-Known Player

    Is there any timeline thay can be given as to when we can expect the raised limit or by how much? So many of us have missed being able to edit/add to there bases but feel we can't if we have to keep removing to add new items. I for one really enjoy base designing in this game but feel like I can't do it anymore because of the cap.