Base Healing Multiplier Testing

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    I was always curious as to which priority or group heals were stronger but was always told they were all the same. I tried searching for the Base Healing Multipliers for the moves but couldn't find them anywhere which is what drove me to making this spreadsheet.

    Please make a copy of the document below and make changes yourself. After a lot of trial and error I was able to come up with the BHM for every healing move in the game. At least for heal powers. The document auto fills the average heal each move does based on your resto and dominance stat. You can see how much difference dominance makes to heals or how much resto is needed to restore HP to certain damage in from this spreadsheet. Hope you all enjoy the hard work out into it.

    Link to Base Healing Multiplier Document

    Healing = Base Healing Multiplier*(30% Restoration + 25% Dominance).
    In-game formula was used to come up with the base healing multipliers for each ability. Input your in game stats to show you how much each ability heals on average.

    All of the abilities are categorized by each healing power type within the game including iconic abilities.

    You might notice that some abilities have two entries. The reason for that is because some abilities cast an initial heal or two followed by much smaller ticks afterwards and they each carry a separate BHM to them.

    Base Healing Multiplier
    Since I didn't have the BHM for the abilities I added 30% Resto + 25% Dominance and divided it by the average heal to give me the BHM. (You are more than welcome to challenge this math and correct it any which way.)

    As I tested the abilities I also counted how many ticks each heal does in order to see how much overall heal the abilities cast.

    This column shows the average heal for each abilities individual tick. This number multiplied by the amount the heal ticks will give you the overall heal from that ability.

    Heal Total
    This column will show the aggregate of the average heals plus the ticks. Some abilities will have an 'N/A' over it since the ability casts only one time.
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  2. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    Soooooo Pheromone Blooms has the highest base heal multiplier than any healing power in the game even more than nature itself lol
  3. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    It doesn't look like he accounted for the full ticks on some of Nature's abilities.
  4. OracleWillTeleportYouOut New Player

    Correct, They all seem to be per tick base healing multipliers.

    Also missing Pheromones on Nature. 0.06 BHM per tick and 12 ticks over 12 seconds. Important because you can have 4 at the same time although cross poli seems to suck so 3 might be optimal.

    I appreciate the work. If you enjoy doing it I can suggest adding target count and duration.
  5. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Cross Pollination scales for each ally healed (up to 16) so it's a little trickier to test.
  6. AquamantheKing Level 30

    Correct, Pheromone Bloom has the highest multiplier but its a self heal so doesn't help anyone else.

    My reasoning for removing Pheromone was because it was a mechanic not an actual ability. I'll end up adding it when I have some time and add multiple slots for different stacks of Pheromone.
    Pheromone (1)
    Pheromone (2)
    Pheromone (3)
    Pheromone (4)

    Also, by 'Target count' do you mean how many can be healed by the ability?

    Yeah, testing abilities that increased in heals as they jumped to group members was proving very difficult. Celestial Supercharges were a real pain.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'll get to the Pheromone addition soon and I'll continue with my tank heals afterwards. I only need Atomic, Rage and two Fire Supercharges.
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