Banning people because of a failure in coding.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Ghost_Brotocal, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. xDecap New Player

    Another mistake by devs, players get punished. Incident #3643 LOL... permaban tho, lol jesus, that's ridiculous.
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  2. Zpirit Dedicated Player

    Name a few exploits that aren't the dev's fault.
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  3. LL New Player

    lol yeah money means nothing because losers took advantage of an exploit and warped the economy. If the game did not have to work with free players, and prem, they would just have adjusted the cost for everything.
    However they can''s a joke people don't see how they ruin the game with their actions.
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  4. Tule New Player

    Yeah, like how they banned people who farmed T5 extra bosses. Or the people up in the rafters. Or the people who do a million other things that weren't "intended". Things that were known for awhile, things shown off in videos. But ban people for a 2 day exploit that wasn't even talked about or made clear. Take the money, don't ban them. FFXIV is right around the corner. Come on open beta.
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  5. Evil Grave New Player

    The devs dropping the hammer on exploiters and glitch more often sounds good to me.
  6. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Remember, discussing exploits and details is not appropriate for forum discussion. Please consider this your warning and do not post details.

    In regard to suspensions, please contact customer support for clarification on length.

    We will share more about any actions we may take once our investigations are complete.
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  7. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

    They gambled, they lost.
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  8. Sore Steadfast Player

    They banned people last time the economy was exploited. There are other scenarios and I'm not clear on how many were or were not banned. Some of those areas are grey. Then again, the developers did just post a Developer Discussion thread about remembering the terms if service. I took that as a warning. Personally, DCUO means too much for me. I don't expect FFIV to have this sweet of a real time action combat system.
  9. Evil Grave New Player

    It won't game looks pretty though.
  10. Savage Mind Committed Player

    8 people in my league got banned :(
  11. LL New Player

    lol....u should of come with a The good, the bad, the ugly theme song....with that...:)
  12. Tule New Player

    The last time was infinitely worse, also the last time the money actually meant something. A day farming and I can buy anything in the game. I have every style, every collection, every money related feat (save 2 displays Ill buy soon enough). Right now I'm literally carrying around millions in repair fees. Again, Im not saying things shouldn't be done, but I feel this is just another overreaction. Like the "we can't have nice things" reaction to t5 extra bosses. It's like going out with a crazy chick. Sometimes she'll buy you an iphone for your birthday and sometimes she'll yell at your because you because you didn't pick up the phone in 3 rings. Just be more consistent.
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  13. xDecap New Player

    lol forreal? who got banned? glad i havent been on in weeks... or id probably be banned too lol
  14. neptunesBeard New Player

    Why would they be banned for earning loot that drops a lot when these are the same devs who postponed fixing a similar issue back in the day that allowed everyone to get double loot? I believe their attitude was "enjoy it for a few more weeks before we fix it ;)"
  15. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

    That's not why they were banned.
  16. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    I love video game true crime... 'the Great Soder Heist" or "SoderGate"... maybe there will be a movie?
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  17. Tule New Player

    Because they're crazy. I don't know if we need to give them space, or try to cuddle with them.
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  18. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Answering this question would be a forum violation. We are not discussing exploit details here.
  19. Deathmike Loyal Player

    You're not allowed to discuss exploits even if they are no longer reproducible in-game?

    Deathmike out.
  20. Mercenary Renegade New Player

    They were not losing money with that it didn't matter. It just meant more people would spend replays for the double loot. That's why they weren't worried about it as much.
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