Bad Decision with new Mark Reward System

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Savior Prime, May 13, 2015.

  1. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    The way it stands right now, you have made it where once you hit 117...we have no reason at all and no incentive to do any Teir 1-6 content AT ALL.

    Before, upper teir players would do it to help others b/c they were atleast getting marks. Once you hit 117, gear in the lower tiers are trash.

    Now, there is no incentive for a 117+ CR player to do ANY lower content at all as they get ABSOLUTELY nothing out of it.

    BTW, for all you "HELP YOU FELLOW PLAYER" people, really, how often have requests for help in lower teir content been turned down due to being loot locked. Rest my case.

    This needs to be adjusted.
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  2. AmazingDeVo Well-Known Player

    First of all; thank you for posting this completely new thread with an original view point on the relevancy window.
    Second I refer you to this thread. It may shed some light on the subject.
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  3. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    This isn't anything that hasn't been said a couple dozen times already, and their answer to it was to *** the one extra CR or wiggle room...

    IMO, this isn't going to change or at least not anytime soon.
  4. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    As of right now, went from ALL instances giving you marks (granted some less than others) to once you hit 117, you get 5 (2 duos, 1 alert, 2 raids). 1 ALERT. You know how easy it is to get an alert team together compared to a raid team? And now I can only do 1 alert over and over again. That gets EXTREMELY boring doing that 1 instance repeatedly until someone decides to for a raid.

    Before, we could mix it up abit and break up the grind so it's not just on doing 1 thing over and over. And even at 117-120, Teir 6 is still somewhat a challenge. Noone can one-shot anything in the T6 content. So why not keep letting us get marks in T6 content as it is still relevant.
  5. Trexlight Devoted Player

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  6. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    Don't listen to the trolls here saying, you shouldn't make a thread for something you feel strongly about.
    I agree that having ONLY 4 relevant daily content and 6 relevant weekly content is a damn rip off, especially if you're legendary.
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  7. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    Where are you getting those numbers? ok, here's what I got come to think about it:

    2. Solo Mission on NG
    3. League Hall Malfunction
    4. Resource Recovery
    5. Fatal Exam
    1. Happiness Home (counting the elite cause it's same instance)
    2. New Genesis
    That is all you can do once you hit 117. And if you have no replays, thats only 5 dailies and your done for the day. And those don't take long.
    All I'm asking is to keep T6 content in the mix to get marks. That would give us:
    1. Circe's Trial
    2. Aegis of Truth
    3. Spark of Parallax
    4. Supply Lines
    5. Port of Paradise
    6. Spark of Ion
    8. Solo Mission on NG
    9. League Hall Malfunction
    10. Resource Recovery
    11. Intergang Crime Wave
    12. Avarice Impurity
    13. Return to the Nexus
    14. Act of Defiance
    15. Fatal Exam
    1. Necropolis Underground
    2. League Hall: Lockdown
    3. Labryinth of Lost Souls
    4. Halls of Hades
    5. Throne of the Dead
    6. Happiness Home
    7. Artifacts From the Past
    8. Love And War
    9. New Genesis
    That would give us 15 dailies instead of 5, and 9 weeklies instead of 2. Keeping T6 relevant which it is cause there are still feats to get in T6 content that most people havn't got will give us 24 TOTAL instances/missions to do instead of just 7. Which will keep people alittle more interested. All the devs did was limit the game for people who actually play the game.
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  8. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Actually no to the latter. All they need to do is add AF2 to the mix, not AF1, not HoP1, not WoL pt2, just AF2 and people will be fine.
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  9. Solutha New Player

    Whats stopping you from running that content? There is really no change from prior dlcs. At the start of T6 you had 1 alert, 2 solos and the outside missions. T5 content didn't give you marks for new gear. You are asking for T6 to give marks towards T7 gear.
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  10. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    They decided to combine all the marks into 1 mark. I would be fine with having MoT be strictly for mainframe and rent. Nothing wrong with that. What I dislike is being limited on content rewards just b/c I play the game and progress.

    I would even be ok with them having diminishing returns on marks for T6 content. Like you get half of what you normally would get. Even that would be cool. But to gain nothing but trash gear for doing it? How many 120cr 210SP players go back and do the Gorilla Grodd duo, or even the actual level 2 mission in Metro of Gorilla Grodd. Noone b/c they don't get anything out of it. The same is now true for T6 content. Yes I still need feats out of there, but before, even if I didn't get the feat, I got marks to make it alittle worth the time.
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  11. blklightning New Player

    My curiosity is this:

    Would I be able to use marks to purchase gear... but never equip it, as well as never tune loot drops... until I've acquired enough that I won't mind losing marks in t6? My thoughts are to continue playing at cr114 for so long as I can, then make the jump.
  12. GravitaI New Player

    Buying the 108 vendor gear will increase your CR because it does not come unattuned since you pick what gear you want of it ( your roll or dps )

    You can keep unattuned dropped gear that will not bring up cr unless you 'attune' it
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  13. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

    This is why, imo, secondary marks symbols symbols of "X" were great. Why is was ill received?.../shrugs
    -Still able to earn MoF... which changed over to MoV, all the while keeping all content relevant. None of the goofy relevancy/irrelevant bunk.
    -Still earning Symbols of power for HoP1. Could have had Swatches of Grannys' Lingerie to earn and spend at vendor along side MoV in HoP2
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  14. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    The devs have been led to believe that the majority hated the symbols system, but when in reality, most of the people that hated it just didn't understand it. They didn't understand that it was the best system we could have had (instead of having a separate mark per DLC).
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  15. metalfenix Committed Player

    Sorry but that's what GU 47 is. If they changed that, they would need to change every tier to be fair. I still remember what people said to those who complained about this when they got from T3 to T4 (wich has a similar problem: not too much content to run outside raids): they told them to just stick to Home turf solos, and wait for daybreak to add more content in the future. I could say the same about you: stick to the current content, and just wait for the new content on the next month (that's the plan, isn't it? releasing monthly content).

    And nothing prevents you to do T6 content anyway.
  16. blklightning New Player

    Well, that answers that question then. Thanks.
  17. lukelucky Devoted Player

    turn down one of my team because i am loot locked? what type of team are you in? that is crazy. you have all the styles and skill points? you ever have a favorite dlc, map, or item you just cant stay away from? base items and in game cash. there is so much one can obtain from the previous dlc's.

    this mark arguements for the birds. we can still pay for everything we possibly need or want. why you feel earning t7 anything off lesser content is ok baffles me.
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  18. Sectumsempra Dedicated Player

    Its a strawman argument to entirely ignore this.

    I get 10 marks from throne of the dead at 116
    At 117, with about a 1% increase in stats (and IIRC its less) I receive nothing but drops all inferior to the solo.
    He shouldn't be able to use the marks from say, smallville, but throne having adds and bosses that can go up to 121 when including elite, seems kinda silly not to include it in the relevancy window.

    The old idea of tiers are kinda operating on the old system when crs hopped and things weren't close.

    Also in game cash drops seems to scale. A ton. so later stuff is better in that regard.

    I see both sides of the argument, but it feels pretty flat to try and iron heartedly say, yeah its totally sensible to be locked out at 117 from content with adds higher then 117.
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  19. Humane Committed Player

    Here we go again because the current system they implemented is such an obvious money grab it's shameful. Why shouldn't we be able to gain marks from the previous dlc? They limit us to the new content in the hopes that people will break the bank replaying.
    I personally stopped replaying months ago and refuse to reward their greed and I refuse to buy SC anymore. I still have my sub (for now).
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  20. Jumpnit Dedicated Player

    I think you forgot 1 big thing THIS IS A NEW TIER under the old system you liked so much you would have just as much content you have now.
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