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    Assuming you mean for DPS, I will run different ones depending on the content. If in solo content, I like the sidekick. He doesn't really do much damage, but he'll keep be from getting knocked out of Fireburst or other cast move, which translates to more damage done by me. The shield also comes in handy if it pops at the right time. If in a Raid or alert (especially raids) I'd use the backups (I generally use the Seahorse really...but let's say 'not sidekick') as the taunt function and shield function of the sidekick don't really do much when there is a group around...especially tank and healer.

    If you are talking about running a role, I hardly use anything but the sidekick. Grabbing agro and throwing a shield is more important than a few extra hits if you are in role IMHO.

    But I'm guessing there will be varying opinions on the subject.
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    I normally run with the backup. Now I switch on my tanks because you can get some extra heals to keep you alive from that sidekick. Never did any sort of a test so I have no clue as far as how much damage to expext.. I'd assume the Sidekick does the same or close to the same as having that trio you get with the back up.

    I just like the "look" of summoning my small army to pound on stuff :D
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    The sidekick is absolute garbage post-revamp. It was almost a bit OP before but they took a total hatchet to the poor little thing. Backup isn’t terribly useful either but at least it’s customisable.
  6. Proxystar #Perception

    You can get a golden metal man bat sidekick from the open world man bat bounty ;) (There was obviously also the shadow one but that was SM)
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    in group content, I only ever use the sidekick. & even then, very sparingly. it's confusing enough trying to see what's going on through everyone else's sidekicks / henchmen / orbitals / supercharges all going off at once. I try not to add to it. solo, though, & open world, I always use me back-up. because it looks cool.
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    And if a metal covered man bat doesn’t go with my characters? Nah. Plus, the damn thing never dropped for me anyway.
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    If it doesnt go with your character you just get a 10% damage debuff in concept damage output :D
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    10%?! Unacceptable I tells ya, unacceptable! :p
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    Neither. DPS Trinket, Orbital, Supply Drop and either Seahorse / Rune Slayer (depending on if your're doing melee or range damage).
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    Use Lexcorp back up and Slayers sunken rune for melee situations and then dark construct bat or seahorse and lexcorp back up for range in combo the back up and pet will do over 350k damage ea time they both get called out (together) which imo computes to more damage in the long run over using a dps trinket but i replace back up with dps trinket during boss fights.
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    The pets are separate from the backup/sidekick and you could run both

    Standard utility belt load out for me
    1.Pet 2 (backup or sidekick) 3:Orbital Strike 4:Supply Drop

    If you want healing and shield, you go for the sidekick. If you want damage, you go for the backup

    If you want a variety of appearance, there are more options with backup. Sidekick has only Golden Manbat, Shadow Manbat, and basic sidekick