Available Now: Time Capsules + Game Update 63!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Aug 24, 2016.

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    Seems like thats all it is.
  3. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Did we mention you can buy everything you need on the broker? Not sure how well you are money wise but 20 mil got me all my emblems on the first day. The price is only going to drop too. No RNG required.
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  5. DarkAya Committed Player

    Is it just me or this Emerald Mist Aura (compared to Amber and Crimson) has pretty low visibility?

  6. darth_paul Committed Player

    I bought the majority of the collection pieces for the Green Lantern aura today on the broker, spent approximately $700,000 as there were already some cheaper ones on there. Sold some capsules for a decent amount of cash too.
  7. timetracker2643 Active Player

    OK, this is strictly dealing with the Time Capsules, which I first thought was going to be great, considering that I'm a member, however after the first day, I was very disappointed that as a member I couldn't open them at all, even after the Belle Reve challenge. Now instead of buying the stabilizers from the Market, I figured that I could put them together, instead I'm having to go through that once a day for three days in order to get the amount that I'm needing even as a member in order to open the capsules. That right there isn't right. I bought my membership in order to be able to get access to EVERYTHING, and now this is the one thing that even as a member I have zero access to unless I buy these stabilizers from the market place and even then it's only one at a time, and that right there still doesn't help since it feels like I'm getting cheated here. 90 for 1 Stabilizer, come on, that's a bit much, I figured that it should at least be 90 for more than one. Make it worth it, otherwise, yes I feel like I'm getting cheated out here.
  8. Twelve Gauge Committed Player

    Pretty damn sure no one was asking for more RNG and gambling.
  9. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    This is how DBG operates. Membership doesn't mean much of anything. Check out EQ2. You can have an "All-Access" membership, but still not have access to the locked races and classes, or the mercenaries feature, or several other game-changing features.

    TheyBreak Games is living up to their name.
  10. GK45 New Player

    So, has anyone mentioned that the Red Lantern emblem is the wrong color yet?
    Not a single Red Lantern that I know of has a red symbol, they all have a white symbol.

    They even got it right on the Red Lantern NPC but now it's red....because?
    It was red on the Vestments of Rage as well, bothered me a little there as well, though less so.

    Going through them, a couple aren't quite right actually.
    Blue lantern is most commonly White on Black, though has been seen as Blue on White.
    Sinestro is commonly White on Black, though is sometimes Yellow on Black depending on the artist.
    So those are more understandable but there isn't any example I know of where Red has had a red symbol.
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  11. speedster1981 Committed Player

    am I the only person that did the event both yesterday and today and in currency it says I only have 7 Stabilizer Fragments when both times I've had my membership?
  12. Shadowwyvern Committed Player

    Hmmm, 249 MB dl on PS3, vs 14 gb on PS4. Looks like I'll be on PS3 for a couple days m
  13. RogerBlack Committed Player

    Stop complaining. -_-

    You barely got 10 drops before you jumped to a 'negative conclusion'.... (while you calculated in your head..... how long it would take to play the game "completely for free"... to obtain feats.)

    The reality is... Time Capsules seem to drop roughly every 15-20 minutes while you are on a mission... or just fighting enemies anywhere.

    If you don't want to 'spend real money' to buy Stabilizers.... just buy the 'Global Collections' in the Broker... and you will get the very same items that give 'feats' in the mail (as a 'reward') for completing the collection.

    Simply put....

    The Hard Way = Spend real money... Buy Stabilizers... hope you 'get lucky' & the auras drop in the Time Capsules... to get the feats.
    The Easy Way = Buy the Collections in the Broker.... get the same stuff in the mail when ur done... and get the same feats.

    Problem solved.
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    Every five days you get two stabilizers absolutely free, which is twice as many as ftp, and half again as many as members. There's your legendary perk right there.

    if 90 cents a key is too much, then this event isn't for you.
  16. Mefromnorway Level 30

    i have buy token now for so many moeny i could better have buy new no man sky game, evrything i get is something i dont need, example if i play i my ice toon i get mainframe mods for my troll, i play in my troll i get mainfram for my healer, this suks its ony a way to grab Our Money, i been away from dc 2 months and i see why dc only more laggy now too, this boxes is a joke, and sorry my English im Norwegian. And why do we pay for something we dont know what is, im sure devs sit and laugh of us idiot pay for this junk.
  17. Thirsty Nurse New Player

    Absolutely! I was so excited to hear emblems are here but I was uber disappointed to see they made the Red Lantern symbol red on black. Mepps, is DC or some party insisting it appear this way? If possible, Daybreak please correct this or allow us to adjust the emblems with our color palette.
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  18. Pre52Fan New Player

    OMG! This would be wonderful. Mepps, pretty please respond with some good news. All I want is to look like the lantern characters as they appear in the comics. It doesn't have to be a customizable emblem but if that is the easiest work around then let's get this rolling out.
  19. Ramasses II New Player

    How long is the patch update supposed to take today? (August 26)
  20. GK45 New Player

    I would also like to see some color changing, even if it is just a choice between "lantern color", white and black.
    Then people can have whatever variation of the emblem they want and DC will still be able "to protect their iconic image".
    That aside, if you are going to force one color, at least have the decency to make it the "iconic" version or what is most commonly seen on the main lanterns of that color. Or any character in the case of Rage.

    Though, it seems that the only "iconic image" they insist on protecting the color integrity of is lanterns.
    Want a hot pink on lime green superman shield? No problem! Want a Purple and black WW? Go ahead!
    Want a white red lantern emblem?
    We can't do that, the color is integral to the emblem, even though not a single red lantern has a red symbol.

    I would honestly like to know why DC is so concerned with making sure that a Green Lantern symbol is green.
    There are plenty of lanterns with different emblem shapes and color variations.
    Hell the original Sinestro emblem was just a yellow GL, I'm sure there are a few fans of old comics out there that would love to make an old school Sinestro.

    I know that it is a bit nitpicky from a non lantern fans perspective but imagine they finally released a Superman emblem and it was color locked blue on gold, it would bug the hell out of you right?
    You would all be like, WTF?!? It's red not blue, the rest of his suit is blue, now it looks weird and doesn't stand out right.

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