Auras Graphic Reverted with DLC 9

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Coxosaurus Rex, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Coxosaurus Rex New Player

    Hello All,

    I didn't see any threads about this and I thought the new graphic for the auras was generally liked.

    It seems that the War of the Light: Part 1 DLC has reverted auras back to their clunky, distracting and annoying graphic.

    Any thoughts or answers? I'm sure this has to be intentional but why? Whyyyyyyyy!?

    Holy Cox
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  2. Captain Just New Player

    They said they plan on releasing thin auras in the future
  3. Coxosaurus Rex New Player

  4. Circe New Player

    I bought a Red Aura about a month ago for a Rage character. I bought it in thinking that the aura would remain slim.

    Does that mean I have to buy another aura just to get the thin version? Can't they just give us an option? Or are they just going to milk this opportunity and make it about money as usual?
  5. Coxosaurus Rex New Player

    You're scaring me, please don't tell me there is going to be a bulky and slim version of each color? Ughghghghghg
  6. TheMarvel New Player

    Dollas, Dollas, Dollas
  7. SilentTrollerMan New Player

    I did like the slim color better. The subtle look wasn't as bright and difficult to stare at. After I logged in Thursday I had to remove my aura because it was blinding. I much prefer the smaller version.
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  8. The Sleet Well-Known Player

    It was not done on purpose, they would have let us know their intentions instead of having us come to them and ask about it. A lot of people are upset that they bought the auras from the broker for the rage powerset and now have to buy the "thin" version again, whenever the devs decide to put it in the game.
  9. Coxosaurus Rex New Player

    Bringing back the Booster Bundle lol?

    I had a buddy that bought 4, never saw a plasmic aura a day in his life.
  10. Coxosaurus Rex New Player

    Any DEV links?
  11. Statman New Player

    Aura's ugly stage back

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  12. Sesso New Player


    and more

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  13. AstroCreep New Player

    Give back my aura as it was before dlc9 god dammit!
  14. EPICQ New Player

    Omg I want it back as well, the auras back to horrible now. On my mental toon I had a purple aura that actually looked deep purple and went so well with my mental look, it matched the colors of my powers perfectly and now :eek::eek::eek: it looks like pink cotton candy!!!!:mad:
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  15. Eranthis New Player

  16. MetaMax75 Devoted Player

    BTW - The devs don't get a cut of the auction house.
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  17. Emerald Knight Well-Known Player

    Ugh when I logged on my HL troller I was immediately angry because my white aura had gotten 5x bigger. It looked super awesome when I had the slim version of it on...
  18. Cloud_9 New Player

    The devs should definitely change it back. The fact that everyone started wearing auras again when they slimmed them down (and removed them with DLC9) should be enough to think "Maybe we should release special new fat auras and let them keep the auras they like".

    Instead they changed it and essentially told us "you can have it later", with they implied intention of charging us again. It's bad business.
  19. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    We don't get charged for auras unless people out there are actually buying keys to open the boxes. I believe Mepps said that the slimmer versions would return alongside "new auras" in the future. I'm hoping this means that we'll be able to alter the intensity of them manually.
  20. Campor Well-Known Player

    I hope for that as well, no doubt. But what I hope for when he says 'new auras' is something green. Even if it isn't a glowy one and is one of the mist auras, I just want my green fix.