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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Avair, Jul 5, 2018.

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  1. kingmasternova Dedicated Player

    That's not a option to me I see that as an explort. This is why it need to be address. The easy is to make all mods to be the same as your cr.
  2. Djem So New Player

    I see. Thank you for the reply.
  3. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    No it's not you need to go back and read the development posts.

    Notwithstanding that point if you were to change you wouldn't get instant mods and generator mods and nor do you equally get instant augments, you've always had to work for this stuff post power change.

    There's no exploit here nor is there a problem.
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  4. Ringz Committed Player

    Ya know, speaking on the pvp augments. Unforunately, there are folks who still plays pvp. Some of us have been sitting on max MoValor and Legends for a few years now. Would be nice if we could use them in some type of way for the augument system on pvp side at least.

    Better than converting them into those worthless tokens just to stop seeing red.
  5. Maxwill Committed Player

    Would those boosters stack? Some of us have many TRKs ... Can we use all TRKs at once? If yes then if we use like 90 of TRKs at once will that be like 35% x 90?
  6. Brav Well-Known Player

    (Reminder: The Recovery Tab is still missing from the R&D Station. This will still be needed to Recover the Tactical Mods (White Mods, from the Quark Vendor Mod Box) that aren't from the Base Dispenser.

    Unless you guys have other plans? Removable without the R&D, through our Inventories UI Tab (Similar to the Augments Tab)?, Or maybe Adding them to the Base Dispenser in a separate Tab Perhaps?)
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  7. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Don't need a dev on that one.

    Definitely NOT! Stacking would immediately remove the farming aspect of augments. Will never ever happen.
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  8. FlawlessTime Well-Known Player

    Lol lol ^-^ something like that would never happen I'm sure the devs read that question and was like some of these guys smh lol lol.
  9. Anak Panah Well-Known Player

    Respec Token: Power Type

    When we change powers, will we be able to switch the XP from the augments too?

    When I change from a healer into a controller power I would not want restorative, but vital augments.

    If it will not be possible to redistribute the XP already collected, we basically would need to start from beginning, which would make respec'ing the power type pretty useless.

  10. Plowed In Committed Player

    I get what you’re saying and I have some of the same concerns.

    Maybe they could scale all the supportive and all the damaging Origin Augments together, up to say, the entry point of the episode. Then you would have to do the work to finish the race. I guess that would be closest to the mod system where you can remove a mod, scrap it for bytes, and create a different mod of the same tier. But the more I think of it...it’s just the new system and I think we’ll adapt. Can you respec and be effective in content without Origin Augments current? I think so. Remember too, so many people just looked past modding as it is now and could still complete stuff effectively.

    Are you MAXed out? No. Will it be a deterrent to switching powers/roles. Perhaps. I think some will plan ahead and start ranking up other stuff before making the switch.

    If we take all of the game out of the game, what are we doing anyways?

    Maybe they’ll add an “Experience Adjuster” token to the MP (I think someone else suggested this) for that specific reason.
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  11. MikeYancy25 New Player

    I just wanted to let u know that I noticed that the skill points giving to u for the augment system is incorrect.They round off and give u 10 SP when in reality we're supposed to receive 11 due to it's 220 feat points for each DLC from AF3 to Deluge.Please look in to this.
  12. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    In theory, you could fill the load xp bar with TRKs (now exobyte enhancers), I think it's 5 or 6 unless you can put in a whole stack. But you would be enhancing 0xp. If they do stack, I guess you could have a stack in one slot and xp in the others.

    Personally I would use my first 4-8 with the golden exos, then wait until I have a bunch of pristine type matched exos to use another one.
  13. recoil2 Committed Player

    i for the most part like the new augment system, the optional augments for specific content would be a pain if i didn't have but a few raids/alerts that i really need help in like darkseid's war factory and the gotham zoo in riddled with crime. the main reason i only started modding recently (and hadn't planned on modding as soon as cr 80) was the hassle of removing and replacing mods and the expense since mods are so impermanent per tier that you just about get them in and then remove them. basically the only smart way to mod was to wait till end game and mod then. augment's just make it smarter and easier to modify stats and other things mods used to.
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  14. Avair Lead Systems

    The Exobyte Boosters do not stack, but you can use multiple of them in one fortification if you would like to. Stacking them would make using them super OP. For the transition period we made it so that TRKs (which do stack) could be consumed to give you an Exobyte Booster. This means that when we flip the switch, your inventory will not be full of Exobyte Boosters if you have lots of TRKs.
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  15. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    Speaking of just Me I currently have 50 Total Kits and 16 Excep kits. Does this mean that ALL Will be broken down to 1 per slot?
  16. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    No, what he's saying is...

    You consume it when you want to use it.

    Almost like an unattuned gear piece.

    The TRKs you have will be neatly stacked, and when you want to use 1, you just consume 1. It will then turn into an exobyte booster. That way you can use them when you want to.
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  17. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    Great...Thank you. Just must have misunderstood it. Whew
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  18. Captain1Dynamo Well-Known Player

    By the way, after the 18th the jump to 170 option will need to include the Building a Power Base mission (to get golden exobytes), and not the Stats Revamp mod exchange box. You all probably thought of that already, but just in case. ....except that they will need generator mods. So you will need to include 12 of those. And while you're at it, throw in about 100 more SP. 77 SP is absolutely not enough to play the game at CR 170.

    Bottom line, if someone is paying $50 for this jump they should get everything they need to actually play at 170.
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  19. Alrighty Then Dedicated Player

    "Transition Period"? Is there a future time that TRK's will just convert over? I've got over 50; is this going to be a problem in the future?
  20. Avair Lead Systems

    There is not a time where we will just swap TRKs to Exobyte Boosters. That would essentially delete everyone's EBs past the first. You can consume your TRKs over time when you feel comfortable.
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