Atomic Tanking

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  1. Blightwing New Player

    All I want to know are the best loadouts for atomic tanking. This will be for PvE mainly. I am playing a themed character, so I do not want to change power sets. I know that it is powerful for PvP, but I will dabble in that later. Please support the loadout with reasons why (don't just list the power set). Additionally, I know earth tanking is easier and better for PvE, but I want to stick with atomic. Thanks!!! =D
  2. Gabriel ct8 New Player

    Pull, termochemical explosion , hardlight shield , proto remedy, density , mass density
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  3. Blightwing New Player

    splitter as pull, or the other one? Also, thermo for what specifically?
  4. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Atomic Reorganization is the pull, not atom splitter. In lower content atom splitter is fine but in newer content you will just make the adds immune faster which is detrimental to atomic stuns. Thermochemical is your main juggle and combo that extends your aura. It is what you are always hitting as an atomic tank between shields
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  5. Blightwing New Player

    Thanks for the explanation!
  6. Critical Massacre Well-Known Player

    Atomic reorganization, atom splitter, thermochemical explosion, proton remedy, density, and mass density. Unless you’re going to solo as tank then switch mass density with radiation burn. Obsidianchill is right in the higher content it could give you trouble but I think it’s very effective for the other 95% of the game which you’ll spend most of your time at as you level up. When you max cr you might have to switch. But it’s a very fun tank and really shows off the benefits of what a tank can do because of the constant aggro you’re pushing out. It’s pretty fun fighting all the enemies at once and not dying (not in elite or sm of course).
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