Atomic Tank get nerfed or...

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  1. Gromm865s Active Player

    Today I ran my first starro bounty since the Summer event started. As an atomic tank starro ko'd me a dozen times, not kidding, a dozen times. Ever since Deluge dropped I have never been ko'd by starro as an atomic tank. I would routinely solo him until others would join in on the fight, sometimes for 20-30 minutes at a time. Something I would do when I got bored. Never once did he ever get my health to even 25%. Now either Atomic tanking got nerfed, or Starro got a big buff, something is off.
  2. Cadens Dedicated Player

    They buffed the newer content bounties. I guess they forgot to mention it...
  3. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    There is a thread somewhere. The bounties didn't so much get buff'd. Something was messed up with our defense. They've corrected that.

    Basically, you shouldn't have been able to solo him in the first place.

    There is another thread on the DD bounty, that was the reason he is also a bit tougher.

    I'm actually fine with this one since it's a weekly.
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  4. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    I didn't really notice a difference on Starro, he did his spin attack that pulls you in, it did 13kish a tick, same as before and after gu 84. I was also in healer stance though so it might look a little different on tanks.
  5. Noxious Flora Well-Known Player

    I wouldn't call it correcting. Unless of course tanks taking identical damage to every other role is the way the rest of the game is supposed to be as well.
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  6. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

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  7. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Yes, it's different in tank stance now (for atomic anyways). Feels the same as usual on healer stance tho.
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  8. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    I think the Devs have forgotten than these open world event areas are supposed to be playable by toons all the way down to level 10. Buffing to 218 / 230 does not make up for the fact that they have virtually no SP & only a few of their power set's abilities. 30 - 50% damage from a single boss hit on a 237 tank with 340 SP in these areas is way, way too much.
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  9. Trexlight Devoted Player

    But they are playable by level 10 toons. When did they change it to where its not playable?
  10. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Playable but not achievable. No group of level 10's is going to be able to complete the content.

    All in all this kind of thing happens way too often: making unnecessary changes to the game without the customer's knowledge or permission. Call it a breach of contract, breach of faith, breach of trust; a service is established then changed after the fact without input from the user.
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  11. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Lol, well I mean it is their game. They dont' need to (and honestly really shouldn't need to) ask our permission. Consider it a courtesy when they do.

    In normal circumstances, they acted appropriately. People complained everything Doomsday was too easy, Mepps mentioned they observed (I'm guessing someone sent them videos) some kind of glitch that people were exploiting related to this topic, so they took action.

    That's their right.

    The only thing they forgot about was the population issues we've been having. That and the fact that event content is open to level 10s, like you mentioned.
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  12. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Are they? Did you watch my video above?

    Have you been hit by steel if your group doesn't have a tank? One shot city. Literally. Healers don't hack it.

    If you mean that a couple of level 10s carried by a larger group of actual tier players, then yes, I agree.
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  13. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    I do not feel like they applied the defense scaling properly when they "fixed" the issue. A tank should not be losing 1/3 to 1/2 health from any hit from a bounty. That's just silly.
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  14. Trexlight Devoted Player

    Just wanting to make sure, Doomed Metro bounty right? I mean they are bounties so a group is needed. My Game PC has been done since GU84 so I havent gotten to experience this yet.

    And there was a bug with the clamped zones with stats. Think folks brought it up here in a thread somewhere
  15. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Yep. The issue is that it's not just any group that is needed. You now need roles.

    I confirmed this on both tanks this afternoon.

    On my 234 fire tank, I have 80,000 and with the defense scaling added, it gave me 35,000 defense in Deluge CC zone and 40,000 defense in DoS metro.

    Starro was doing 29,000 per hit with his ranged attack. Needless to say, I died after about 15 seconds.

    Doomsday was slightly better just because he didn't attack me constantly. He then lunged me and killed me in 2 hits. (Lunge plus a basic attack)

    On my 234 rage tank, I have more defense, but still needed a buff to hit the 35,000 defense and 40,000 defense cutoffs.

    The healing back wasn't sufficient to keep starro from also killing me with 3 consecutive ranged attacks. Not sure why he does ranged attacks in melee range, but they were each hitting for 27-29k each. Starro double beam was surprisingly fine. Ranged attack appears to be the issue. Same story with doomsday. Your shield is gone in 2 hits, healing back isn't enough for any normal attacks from him. Fortunately DD's attacks aren't as constant, so you last twice as long (30s) without a healer.

    Long story short, now you need a tank and healer minimum, and that's probably not really enough either (if healer goes down, everyone goes down, basically).
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  16. Brav Well-Known Player

    A Couple of Tips to Adjust to this Change:

    1. Mods are a Must. (Even Beta Mods will Help, But Put the Correct Stats). (Example: Tank: Dom/Health, Dom/Pwr Dom/Mgt or Prec, Or Resto/Mgt or Prec. This Mostly Depends on your Power Build but Most Tanks need Dom (Shields/Heals) and some Resto (Heals/Shields). (SP Allocation for your Role. Most Should already have this down).

    - Why? Because Player Stats are Adjusted to a Set amount for Each Open World Episode Content. (Currently Artifacts & Mods are Used to Adjust those Stats, along with the Basic Stats (Tank=Defense).

    - I know Augments will be coming soon but not much Detail has been given yet. This should Help for now. (If anything Augments may give some players more Stats than they currently have (If Not Modded or No End Content Mods) and they can make them Stronger.

    2. Shields are Vital and can Mitigate a Decent amount of Dmg, based on your Dom/Resto. Use your Powers Mechanics to Benefit you within your Rotation.

    3. Group Up: A Group Minimum of 4+ Players can get the Job done. (Each Role is Ideal. If you are Missing a Role in the Open World Episodes you will be Granted the Role Less Buff (Within the same Vicinity), Similar to what we get in the Alerts. It's not much but it can Help until you can get the Needed Role to Join in).

    Side Tip: For the Starro Bounty, Keep a Few Quick Limes on Hand. They are very Useful when the Iconic Characters get Controlled. Use them when they are Turned and Attacking Allies. They will Return back to Normal Each Time. This will Help Reduce the Damage that they can do to the Group.

    That's a Few General Tips that came to Mind as I was Playing Earlier and I am Sure there are more. This is what I Noticed can Help once players adapt to this change/correction in content difficulty as mentioned in the thread.

    I Noticed some Players Frustration over the Change. And I just wanted to Help some Adjust as I've seen that it is Possible.

    Message to the Developers:

    There are a Couple of things I do think should be looked into and maybe adjusted some. The Starro Bounty Is a bit Chaotic. Mainly Because Starro is Stationary on that Helipad and Seems to Perform Just about every Mechanic he does in the Raid. And most of his Mechanics seem Random and are mostly performed almost back to back at times.

    Perhaps Placing him some where else on a larger Flat Service so he can perform his mechanics properly and so that the group can react accordingly. At the moment Starro in the open world doesn't really teach players much other than to stay away from him. But the Small space is very Limited and his Aoe has a huge radius that pretty much covers that whole area.

    There is no room to react and the mechanic tells are random. Timing the mechanics and letting him move about in a larger area (Open Lot, Cage his movements within a Lot of the zone) may be better for this Bounty. If he must remain on the Helipad maybe tone down or reduce some of his mechanics that he will be allowed to perform in the open world.

    In his Current Stage/Phase he is Obliterating most Players/Groups in the Area. An Adjustment to this Particular Bounty is very much Needed.

    This is what I've discovered so far. If anything else comes up I will be sure to mention it. Thank you for your Time and Dedication.

    Sincerely: Brav
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  17. Trexlight Devoted Player

    I'll have to wait to experience it but from the sounds of it, working as intended. When dealing with the Bounties im always in Tank Role so Im interested to see how this pans out. My group normally plays their support roles.....I need my PC up and running. Guess I could try it on my F2P PS4 account
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  18. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    OK, I just didn't know they intended these open world bounties to be full on raid experiences requiring an actual raid group of 8 people with their respective roles. And if that's the way they're going, I really think they need to analyze how the current population is, whether they care about these things down the road or not, and the rewards offered.

    It's interesting to try to put groups together for DD, starro or even the current hank/steel/sb/biz. I'm talking about just getting 3-4 players together before. Now that they have to be roles as well, it's going to be interesting. I'd love to hear your experiences.

    Also, do you normally group via LFG, or run with league members?
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  19. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    I can speak from experience LFG most times is like pulling teeth.
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  20. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Yeah, that's been my experience as well, but I mostly play from 8 pm-1 pm so I can't speak for other times of day. The weekend has been deader lately than I imagined however. There just aren't that many people running this stuff. They replay it to death (or just ignore it, I don't honestly know) and then there's a small population afterwards.

    I wish they would design bounties to be a max of 4 players, preferably 2, after the relevancy goes away.
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