Atomic Is Orange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Burning_Baron Loyal Player


    Villains will be Death Storm inspired , I'm betting. It makes sense since he is Firestorm's evil counterpart and forever evil was a big event in which Death Storm had some focus.
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  2. lokithoz Committed Player

    If it is inspired or based on firestorm would the powers would be the same as fire?
    What would be the differences when it comes to the power trees?
    Would this power be more explosive?
  3. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    It could be and advance p.i and dot class combined. Use tray powers to keep your chain reactions going maybe? Since we know it is definitely firestorm , i feel it will be more advanced pi since firestorm isn't really the kill your enemies slowly type. He usually does something like turning your weapon into salt or throwing powerful energy beams.
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  4. YinChakra Dedicated Player

    Ty Spord, Tunso and the Team :)
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  5. YinChakra Dedicated Player

    It will have Close, mid and ranged abilities. First power with the new DPS set up.
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  6. Thunderbolt Dedicated Player

    Beautiful work Devs. Thank you!
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  7. SuperBell Loyal Player

    I'm pretty sure his name was Nucular Man.
  8. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    Althou firestorm has has a flaming head he doesn't really use fire...he can , along with every other form of energy available. The fire on his head is actually an illusion and not really fire. It is more of a subconscious thing. A belief is that the firestorm body was designed after what would be cool to ronnie.

    He either fires nuclear blasts most of the time or uses subatomic manipulation to transmute objects. He usually disarms villains by turning them into frogs or their weapons into salt. If you ever watched full metal alchemist, firestorm is basically that but his only limitation is knowing the composition of what he can create similar to a green lantern. He is closer to Captain atom power wise. He can materialize clothing among other objects at will.

    Here is a list of what fire storm is capable of:

    He is a top tier hero power wise but is under utilized.


    That is another link where you can actually view the pictures.
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  9. The Great NK Well-Known Player

    Why do so many people hate the chosen color? The current one looks beautiful. Well done Dev team. Y'all winning.
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  10. Thunderbolt Dedicated Player

    Thank you so much Devs for your decisions. I was so scared that Atomic would end up that ugly puke green color that is already in game. It's refreshing that we get an original color for this power.
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  11. YinChakra Dedicated Player

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  12. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    Because the original color was green and they all got used to that one so any change to their expectation is met with discomfort.
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  13. Blight KOBRA Commander

    Now if Atomic looked like this than I'd definitely be excited about it's release.
  14. lokithoz Committed Player

    Thanks for clearing out my confusion. :D
  15. COMBATICUS Dedicated Player

    Have a feeling that's gonna go through a merger as well.....eventually
  16. Dogico Loyal Player

    The Kirby dots are so damn cool.
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  17. Red Templar Dedicated Player

    You keep your Science out of this!!!!!!!!!
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  18. Dogico Loyal Player

    He looks sick rather than super. DiseaseMan, with the power of allergies.
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  19. HymnOfMercy Dedicated Player

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  20. Blitzace10 New Player

    Seems about right. Reminds me of Firestorm.