Atomic Is Orange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by BlazeChamp, Sep 23, 2015.

  1. Harlequin Devoted Player

    I will deal with it by not playing it.

    Truly, all roles play pretty much the same in this game with minor variations in what buttons to push. What separates the powers more than anything is how they look. I had great interest in playing as the atomic that has been in the game since the beginning because it looks cool as hell to me. I have zero interest in playing something that will mimic fire's look so closely when I still have my fire toon.

    As with most things, opinions will vary.
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  2. Skelter Helter Well-Known Player

    You've gotten a couple of people mentioning they know how you feel. Twice in one persons case. It's no secret choices made by the developers has had players extremely disappointed in past. I still want my Aftershock AM, I still want a better reason for running old content, heck, I still want Atomic has a healing power. :p

    I know I mocked certain aspects of your post, but only because it seems like you were hyping up the color of power rather than actual power itself to the point of making this overly dramatic thread and even going as far as to spend all of your money for an aura beforehand.

    You can probably tell I'm on team Orange, but if it was Green, I'd be disappointed, would I still buy that respec token? Damn skippy. Not saying you won't, but you get my point.
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  3. Ghostof91 New Player

    Looking at the Animation shows that it will be taking in damage like a healer, that is a known animation for healers, btw what comes to mind when you think of Atomic tank, yeah maybe a few shapeshift abilities, but it wilo most likely be hot, and dots like I suspected.
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  4. AverageJoe Dedicated Player

    well that sucks I'll be switching to atomic though I rather have another color as well but I'm not looking at just the color. It if the looks like its leak will stand apart from Fire therefore I'm happy with. I'm sure in time once everyone dealt with it, I say within a week it would be the new FoTM.

    But but no means an I saying you are wrong in your feelings everyone has the right to voice their feelings who knows if enough of you tell the Devs what you want they may do it also...did the Devs every say it would just be orange? It looked like they leaked Firestorm who powers are just that color....Did the devs say it was that color for both heroes and villains or did people assume and running away with it? Idk I'm just asking?
  5. SpicyMoonlight Devoted Player

    So you mean to tell me if i power hop and become FoTM i can keep my current outfits and not change the colors!!! :eek:

    j/k- I'm sticking with fire
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  6. Zpirit Dedicated Player

    I'd rather be showered in Cheetos than tennis balls. lol
  7. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

  8. Zpirit Dedicated Player

    Quantum is Mental 2.0. lol
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  9. Skelter Helter Well-Known Player

    Not sure if serious...
  10. Ghostof91 New Player

    Same for my fire character, if Atomic doesn't center around Shapeshifting, than it's most likely a Fire 2.0
  11. TheDarknessWithin Loyal Player

    I like the colour green way more then orange, but it was mainly the dominant black, and the murky dark look it gave, that's why I've always wanted it.
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  12. akaivy Dedicated Player

    I don't have a dog in this race because I'm not planning on using atomic, but when I think of green and dc, I think of lanterns and I don't think there are any atomic lanterns. I could be wrong....

  13. infinitygauntlt Well-Known Player

    Good Morning I think the devs did a great job on the ANIMATION and COLOR for Atomic tank.
    Green is definitely not the color for atomic.
    The colors are perfect for Firestorm based power set.
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  14. YinChakra Dedicated Player

    Who said Orange you glad we didn't get green ? lol Might put that in my sig.
  15. TheDarknessWithin Loyal Player

    Maybe I was over exaggerated abit, but I still stand. Atomic threads and power ideas were mentioned before the forums started, then a few people made detailed threads of it, and it in it's green colour. No one mocked it much until getting round this time of year. Firestorm hype never came up until mid this year.

    What I'm saying is there were So MANY threads on atomic as it was green before 2014 August.

    To your second point, if it was faction based, yes people (Orange Villains, Green Heroes) would be still upset, but it'll be less, as people would have the option to make alts, buy sp over time, and with the rumoured (or confirmed) suicide squad pve coming up it' would've been less of a hassle.
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  16. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    I also find it odd people care so much about the color, when there's actual problems DC has that are more than cosmetic. As long as the power is cool and fun to use what else matters.
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  17. oasenhoheit Loyal Player

    The moment they announced it to be tank and not healer, as they told us first, I lost my interest in it, so they could have made it pink and I wouldn't care.
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  18. Aglorenzini Dedicated Player


    All of my effort to get all of the orange auras wasn't in vain.

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  19. DaKrushmor Loyal Player

    Well, toxic theme can go there too as one of trees (remember, that it will contain both radiation mechanics & molecular (chemical) manipulations). & what are poisons if not chemical compounds? As one of tree ("Molecular" or "Matter", while another one ("Nuclear" or "Energy") would contain ray projections & explosions). But that's just a speculation.

    Anyway, l don't think anyone will be upsed if make Atomic yellow-green for Villains, as l don't think someone wants to play Firestorm-inspired Villain. They would have majority of player base for teammates on hero-side to play orange Atomic. Just think about Atomic Skull, Blight, Metallo, their color's murky sick-green, along with NPC & environment fields. & generally diversity between heroes & villains in colors, if there is such opportunity (like in Celestial) is always great.

    l also don't think it's too difficult & PS3-resource expensive to give Villain-side another color. Just alter few variables (#ff0000 -> #00ff00) & it will be done. l see there's greater community wants to play orange, it's approx. 67% of orange vs 33% of green, but that third requires respect too. Honestly l don't think very much players wanna play orange-colored Atomic Villains. They all will be heroes & will be pleased. Just leave us option to be green at another side for sake of those 4 years we waiting so patiently!
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  20. Aglorenzini Dedicated Player

    lol, I will for sure tank. I just don't tank with my ice toon because I don't like ice, I play with him to gear up while I wait for atomic.