Atomic Is Orange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by BlazeChamp, Sep 23, 2015.

  1. jpharrah1010 Devoted Player

    Lol I was wAiting to see you here

    Didn't that gif look awesome
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  2. jpharrah1010 Devoted Player

    The new gods part is what I'm excited about I see a lot of infinity man clones coming soon
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  3. Veritech Loyal Player

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  4. Dynagirl Committed Player

    Learn? What in the 4 years of this game makes you think our community learns anything.:rolleyes: We just get louder and more incoherent with our complaints. :D

    Oh if you could all see the biggest smile on my face when I saw this news.

    A gif of Casa De La Dyna today.;)
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  5. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    Not interested in Atomic, I may try it but I'll stay loyal to fire. Happy for those who were waiting for it. It's coming soon.
  6. Dynagirl Committed Player

    It looks more beautiful than I imagined. :D My only little thing is that I want the effects to be moved up a little. It kinda looks weird that the center of mass is at the lower abdomen. It would better if it stemmed from the chest area.
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  7. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    I guess because people spent thousands on a green nimbus or smoke because they thought the power would be green and now it is orange. Millions dc money threw out the window.
    Not that much interested, I'll try Atomic and maybe I'll like it but I stay loyal to fire.
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  8. Jcal Dedicated Player

    I'm not happy with Atomic.......because it's not Serums.

    "Give me Serums, or an Earth Aftershock AM (since the subject came up in this thread), or give me death." :p
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  9. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    i can't help but feel if atomic did include the green/black animations we see in game players would be upset because it isn't something new.

    we're getting a new power. thats exciting enough for me.
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  10. Dynagirl Committed Player


    You all made my day.:D However, you think you can move the effects up some. It kinda looks weird that the center of it is at the lower abdomen.
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  11. TheDarknessWithin Loyal Player

    I know, I have not one bit mocked or insulted Orange Atomic, I'm actually fairly happy for Orange players. My friend wanted orange.

    I simply want answers why couldn't we have green for villains? Are we going to get a green variant? Why on earth do npc's get to use green atomic for over 4 years but we don't?

    Yet we have people here mocking us, telling us to get over it, calling green spew, calling it gross, saying orange you glad we didn't get green?

    It's just plain rude. I haven't seen any mocks at orange except for the fire 2.0 which is completely understandable.

    The least we could've got was sympathy or sorry green players.
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  12. Prosser Dedicated Player

    I was wondering this too. I personally can't stand self healing tanks, if I wanted to be able to heal myself, I'd go play my healer :p I would much prefer any mechanic other than self healing.
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  13. Ghostof91 New Player

    That's good for you guys, but why want 2 tanks orange, it really turned my interest down for the powerset and hope other green lovers feel the same, and thanks for one thread requesting Firestorm with the same players requesting green.:p
  14. MrSuperman Dedicated Player

    Amazing what a color will do to people. Sheesh...
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  15. AverageJoe Dedicated Player

    There is no debate they choose Orange deal with it people :D.
  16. Ghostof91 New Player

    Nice comparison but very inaccurate, Gadgets color is The while Quantum is a blue and white variation.

    Again, munitions is not the same green as hl.

  17. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    My guess is that they wanted to embrace the firestorm theme a bit more because that offered more power variety. DC also likely gave them the nudge to go full Firestorm. With the theme the green didn't make sense given that the powers used by OMACS were all radiation based. Even if it was green I don't think it would have used the the same effects the OMACS had as they were of lower quality than the newer sfx of the powers.

    What made you prefer the green and yellow to the orange and yellow?
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  18. MrSuperman Dedicated Player

    I can't believe you haven't realized by now that the villain side can't even call themselves villains. All the villains run are content that is reversed for heroes. Villains haven't been villains for a very very very long time. And yes, I have played both sides.
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  19. Ghostof91 New Player

    Easy to say when it's in your favor.

    End rant.:rolleyes:
  20. The Great NK Well-Known Player

    Yeah, that's true. Maybe next time I will.