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  1. HL4LYFE Well-Known Player

    I have been playing atomic for awhile now, as both tank an DPS, mainly DPS but lately doin much more tanking, an everyone seems to say something different so I need to get some solid clarification if someone can provide it.

    1) Resto does not affect its heals

    This seems likey as the abilities says that they heal for 40% of your dominance, but at the same time i hear some people sayin its a healing tank resto will help. Also whether it does or does not, how about the heal crits from ur stat points, do those affect it?

    2) Spec

    You gain healing from your aura being active, 2% of your max health from all attacks you do, and 40% of dominance for doing the combos themselves. ive heard spec 100 dom then max health and vice versa, which way will help the most?

    3) The Distrul artifact is still not as good as the Everyman Artifact

    The distrul heals you everytime you pull right? an in my rotation i use the aoe pull as a main tool, so i would keep getting the heal from it right? people have said you can get the heal but i should replace it, the other to artifacts i use for tank are Manicles an the Mystic seven

    If someone can give me a definitive answer on these points, i'd be grateful, thanks.
  2. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    1) No affect. Resto does not affect your combo heals, nor do crits; combos heal for a fixed amount and do not crit. Resto will affect heals from Mystic Symbol of the Seven, however, since you use that artifact.

    2) I advise Max Dom, followed by 100+ health. That means my build is more focused on doing combos to heal than on having a larger life base. A larger life base will add to your 2% healing from attacks while your Aura is active. I find the larger heals add up to a higher functional life. Your mileage may vary.

    3) Dilustel Refractor gives you a higher life score, but does not heal you. Picture it as increasing the size of your gas tank, but not filling it up. I rarely drop low enough on health to get much from the Everyman, either. So, I use Eye of Gemini and have Mass Density ready whenever the need arises.

    Dilustel can work fairly well with a high Dom build as you can quickly fill your heightened life with a combo heal. I just don't feel the need for that extra life is great enough to sacrifice the utility of the Eye. 3rd slot is definitely more of a 'personal taste' type thing, IMO.

    Hope that helps!
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  3. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Everything said here is correct. Resto will not do much for you as an atomic tank. It does affect a few things but not enough to justify speccing into it. It will help proton remedy and the heals you receive from the mystic symbol artifact as said above.

    You will always want to max out dom first since it will increase your self heals more than higher health. The 2% from hits is nice from the aura but the main benefit from the aura is the damage mitigation and the cc resistance.

    The refractor doesn’t not heal you at all. It’s just increases your max health pull. Something to keep in mind thou is that a lot of major attacks in the game are now based on percentages of your health so having a higher health just mean they take more health away. These attacks were mainly used to bipass shields. So I PERSONALLY like the Everyman over the refractor. Thou they both work just fine.

    I currently use Everyman, mystic symbols, manacles of force PERSONALLY. But there are other great options like the refractor and the Gemini as stated above
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  4. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Proton Remedy and Mystic 7 heals are resto based. Resto also helps strengthen your shields. That being said, for most playstyles/loadouts, it’s not worth considering speccing in to unless you’ve already maxed out Dom and have 100sp in health. Like resto, healing crits help Proton Remedy and Mystic 7 heals. I testec it and there is a consistent and somewhat noticable difference is the Mystic 7 heals when getting pummeled by a set of adds but not enough to sacrifice Dom, health or resto,.

    The Refractor can still be a good option, especially in certain situations. It actually works well with the Everyman since it raises your total heal pool and the defense boost from the a % of your total health. In a perfect world I’d have both leveled and swap the Mystic 7 and Refactor back and forth situationally, using the Mystic 7 when there are a decent amount of adds and the Refractor for boss fights with one or two bosses and little to no adds.
  5. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Dilustel effects don't stack, so spamming your pull doesn't keep increasing your Health pool.
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  6. Juggurnaut Level 30

    Hey HL4LYFE, been atomic for quite a long time now.

    Main stats for Atomic

    Why is Dominance the most important stat for Atomic?
    40% of your dominance is converted to heals whenever you do a combo. This never changes and never crits. You can simply multiply your dominance by .4 and this will always be the healing number that you see, no matter what.

    This is the second most important stat for Atomic for 2 reasons.
    Having high health for a tank is a no brainer. The higher your health is the better survivability you have.
    Part of your self-healing is also based on health. 2% of your health is converted to healing any time you damage an enemy

    Combining these two healing numbers will give you the total healing amount each time you use a combo.
    Dominance at 24,000
    Health at 140,000

    Dom healing: 24k * .4 = 9600
    Health healing: 140k * .02 = 2800
    Total Healing per combo performed = 12,400

    Spec: always max out your dominance first. This is the most important because it not only helps your self healing it also strengthens your shields.
    If you have left over skill points I recommend putting 30 into resto to help your shields. This gives you a 5% boost to your restoration and is he biggest bang for you buck. Lastly I spec the rest into health assuming you have 100+ extra to spend. If you have less than 100 in health I would not put any into resto. So a simpler way to say this would be 100 into health, 30 into resto, and all the remaining into health after that.

    For artifacts personally I think Everyman and Manacles are the two most important for tanks right now. These are by far the strongest artifacts. The third artifact is kinda dealers choice. I have been using Eye of Gemini for the heals because I use the the perfect poise supercharge shield. It also gives you 4% dominance and resto helping self healing and shields. I also replace it with Mystic 7 for the bonus defense against adds and the small heals. It also gives you better base health and dominance I believe. (Don’t quite me on that last part). I think dilustel wouldn’t be a bad choice either. It doesn’t have the resto% to help with shields. But it does buff your health which helps self heals, and the Everyman artifact.

    Hope this helps.