ATK & AUX sodas

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Iron YoJimBo, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Iron YoJimBo New Player

    Are they gone from the game?

    Will they return & will there be T5 versions?
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  2. BO PERRY_CRS Well-Known Player

    I think I received one over the weekend. Didnt use it tho.
  3. Little Sister New Player

    They still exist. But no, no T5 ones.
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  4. Yui Loyal Player

    They still exist. They drop from lockboxes, but they have a really rare drop rate. So far, the highest level of AUX & ATK soders you can get are IVs
  5. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    when I do get them I put them on the broker for 500k and it sells. If a Tier 5 was added it would be overpowering. Literally be around 4700 might and 1600 precision.
  6. Iron YoJimBo New Player

    Thank you, all.

    I had some left over from a while back but haven't seen one drop since I picked up playing DCUO again.
  7. Dead_Corps New Player

    I really though I read that they took them out all together somewhere and that is why the ATK go for a cool million in the broker.
  8. inferno Loyal Player

    I use to get the ATKs and AUXs by the dozens but ever since they moved the gold rings and lockets into the vault (june 2013) the drop rate went down to a ridiculously low rate. I've gotten only two since then. I've even put in a ticket about this issue they just said to ask the devs for a higher drop rate.
  9. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    They still drop, but VERY rare now. :( I liked them, but people didn't.
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  10. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    I'm not sure they drop past a certain cr but I could be wrong.

    I have two stacks in my bank, they are so valuable now I won't use them and can't bring myself to sell them.

    Lots of people complained about the drop rate, and when I say lots I mean a lot it was about four threads a week, so the dev took them and gave us base items.

    I think they could have just adjusted the drop rate on them but im just a gamer not a developer, seriously have you seen the hours those guys put in. Every time I think I have thankless job I come read the forums and feel better, it's free theraphy.
  11. TeenWuulf Well-Known Player

    I liked the sodas, I didn't like the drop rates. Particularly when lockboxes were capped at 15 a month with a long cooldown timer between drops. If you had to wait 10 hrs for a lockbox and really needed the ring/necklace that could come from it but got 1251234 sodas in a row, it got very frustrating.

    I'm glad the lockboxes are no longer known as "soda boxes," but the current drop rate could probably be tweaked upward ever so slightly.
  12. Iron YoJimBo New Player

    I miss stacking sodas. I used to keep them for higher end content. & am sorry to see them gone. I'd like a return, or maybe even T5 versions.
  13. oasenhoheit Loyal Player

    I think most people liked them.
    The problem was just, that they shared the loot-table with the highest and best rings and necks in the game, and of course most people prefer a permanent stat-upgrade compared to a consumable.

    I just wish we would get more soders again and less useless (not feat-related) furniture from lockboxes. :(
    Also both types should have just been merged, so there would just be one soder, that gives a boost for every role.