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Discussion in 'Joker’s Funhouse (Off Topic)' started by CarlynnCarnage, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. melvinpox Devoted Player

    Got your nose?
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  2. montazumas revenge Devoted Player

    CC is dealing with family stuff, don't think she will answer you before you go back under ur porch
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  3. Ankh_Legacy Devoted Player


    I'm wishing her well and hope that things can be worked through.
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  4. BernUnit81 Devoted Player

    Despite being as you would say, a "smelly" hero, I wish you and your family well wishes and hope whatever troubles are looming over your heads pass and you can return to your villainous ways soon, this night you are left alone, but know that this smelly hero is out there and waiting for evil to show its fork tongued face.

    In all seriousness, I hope whatever you and your family are addressing passes quickly and without any complications. My best to you and your family.
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  5. melvinpox Devoted Player

    This is sad. Carlyn I know you ain't the praying type, but you know that I am, so my wife and I will be praying for your family.
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  6. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    I am home in bed.
  7. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    Give it back already!!!
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  8. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    Thanks guys. Things will be ok. Everything always works out in the end. :)
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  9. montazumas revenge Devoted Player

    To Da (((((CC))))) ;)
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  10. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    New piercing Queenie?
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  11. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    Nah. All of them are old. I just don't always wear jewelery in them.
  12. melvinpox Devoted Player

    I wrote a book.
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  13. The Forest Shadow Well-Known Player

    I won the Nobel Prize for *****.
  14. montazumas revenge Devoted Player

    A dog book , only dogs can read it , woof woof bacon squirrel woof woof
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  15. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    That's awesome!
  16. nowburn4it Loyal Player

    Enjoying Difital Hellstorm?
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  17. JusticeGirlCeleste Dedicated Player

    Do you know how much I miss you?!
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  18. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

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  19. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    No. You should tell me. :p
  20. JusticeGirlCeleste Dedicated Player

    Sooooooooo much!!!! :D
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