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  1. Jonny Active Player

    If an art is having massive downtimes, do i keep it on untill it goes off again? No thanks, i swap it out for something that works right now right here all the time.

    That is makin an art and artswap. No point stayin with philosopher stone in untill i get my next supply drop, I'd rather have Transformation card on with 100% uptime, or Quizlet, or Strategist, or Solar Amplifier and so on.

    Now with Eye Of Gemini gettin the nerf hammer, we gonna have no greens in raids from casuals, so this one goes to the artswap 'friendzone' area.

    So dear devs, either make 4 slots and lock swapping, or moving forward, make arts have 100% uptime.

  2. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I'm having difficulty comprehending your post...

    You want EOG to be unnerefed? You like it being a tac swap? You don't want artifacts being hot swapped? You want no cooldowns on other artifacts? You don't want it to be 100% uptime? You want 4th slot be available?
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  3. Jonny Active Player

    my post is to make understandable when an art is for swapping, can buff/nerf anything they want for all i care
  4. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Next on DCUO forums....'art swapping disabled'....queue more rage!!
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  5. Trexlight Devoted Player

    I'll wait for the movie haha
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  6. TI99Kitty Committed Player

    I'll get the popcorn! :D
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  7. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    All this time we been able to swap 3 arts or more. but they told us we couldn't have more slots the system wouldn't handle it lol what else are they not telling us smh. I bet all my money will get a 4th slot with eog nerf and a 5th slot with supercharge rework and a 6th slot with inv lock while in combat. I'll bet even more money on them just making an artifact skill tree and just let us wear them all since everyone's crying about clamp
  8. iVim New Player

    It's ridiculous. The only ones who want EoG to be nerfed are either the ones who don't have it maxed out/have it at all, or the ones who've had it maxed out for years and don't really need it(they feel pedestalized with all their ill gotten skillpoints and gear- mostly electric/gadgets prec etc....the people who only play broken powers then complain about the game being too easy).

    They should at least buff every power to be on the same level as these other ones dps wise after the eog nerf. The difference in supercharges, dps, and survivability where other powers are concerned is pure rubbish. If everyone played as electric/gadgets dps of course no one would care about this nerf.
  9. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    Mepps deleted this the last time I posted it, but I see a way to get the best of both worlds and make money for the company - artifact crafting.

    First, create two artifact modes connected to a toggle switch - Manual and Automatic

    Manual mode - tac swap like you’ve been doing for free

    Automatic mode - lock the artifact slots to tac swapping, but introduce a way to combine two artifacts’ abilities into one. No additional stats given. Only one of the artifacts’ stats will survive.

    By crafting artifacts, you could get the use of six artifact abilities in three slots (which is what is happening for many *right now* with tac swapping). For a crafting example, combine Dead King’s Scepter and Philosopher’s Stone to create the Philosopher’s Scepter, and that one new artifact would have the orbital and supply drop abilities.

    To craft, you would need both artifacts at 200, and you would need more nth, cats and seals to accomplish the crafting. It would encourage 200 rank leveling (which many don’t bother with) and would generate more revenue from at least three more artifact craft levelings per player. Given different roles, it could create revenue for six additional craft levelings or more.

    For lore purposes, create a Black Alice vendor to act as an R&D table. As seen in the Rock of Eternity raid, she can combine abilities from two different characters. Stretch her power to combine two different artifacts.

    This doesn’t have to be rolled out all at once. Start with Constantine selling R&D plans for maybe six commonly used combinations (to fill the three slots across roles), and then later introduce plans for another combo and another, etc. It’s on-going once the system is set up.

    Players just want a level playing field. Many may even want to look at the actual game design as they play instead of looking at their inventory screen (which they feel forced to look at now to “compete”). The manual / auto option will keep angry players at a minimum. You like swapping? Have at it. Crating will elevate players to a similar level without tearing swappers down.
  10. Essential Exobyte Committed Player

    Well if you need more damage to scoreboard chase then I suggest ‘get gud’ and get more skill points.
  11. Skoll Well-Known Player

    For me the biggest gripe (if they ever decided to) with disabling artifacts would be the thousands of hours/thousands of dollars worth of arts sitting in my inventory collecting dust that will be more or less unusable or incredibly niche. There are undeniable “swap arts” such as PS and DKS, nobody can tell me with a straight face that those are artifacts worth having on an entire instance, that would be more or less useless. Maybe before starting the fight you can use PS but that is 100% not worth levelling an art for that.

    I have said it before, but an “artifact dissembler” kit that you could either buy off Doctor Fate vendor or in the Marketplace that allows you to “destroy” an artifact and retain 50% of the artifact xp to then give to an alt would be nice and then players wouldn’t have multiple artifacts sitting in their inventory they can pretty much never use again.
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  12. Jonny Active Player

    For sure, even a 4th slot cannot save PS and DKS , they gonna need to give them a buff after.
  13. Starry Knight Active Player

    I'm curious about what these 'swap arts' are - though being a healer I've had little reason to look at most of them. Maybe Starheart? I mean, I only levelled that one as high as I did because when I started the only other healer art I could find was Orb and I was continuously low on power (didn't really know what I was doing at the time) so Starheart it was, and kept it there because nothing's levelled high enough to replace it yet.

    (I won't run EoG - sorcery supercharges just don't interest me and if I was planning on loading Word of Power then I'd be levelling Isis, not Gemini, and I don't consider it my job to worry about the dps' damage output. Yes, that does mean I wouldn't get invited to certain groups, but, well, I've never yet seen a request in LFF for 'Needs dps' and I live in hope that I will meet a like minded tank and we can start that trend.)

    There are some artefacts that I just cannot see any point in however, for any build, like Wrist dispenser, or ones for niche builds like Rao's Amulet - are these the ones you meant?

    (And I don't think I even noticed one called Philosopher's Stone, but I fully believe you that it's there - I never really paid attention to supply drops so would've skimmed over it if it affects those.)
  14. JDIRS Well-Known Player

    There will always be a meta, but when the meta becomes something as unappealing as going into the inventory menu every ~5 seconds of combat, that can become an issue.

    Hopefully the developers also address or fix the in-combat swapping in the game update with the Eye of the Gemini adjustments.
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  15. OneWhoLaughed Committed Player

    The two main swap arts are Philosopher's Stone which affects the cooldown and potency of a supply drop and Dead King's Scepter, which increases orbital damage and reduces cooldown of utility belt items.

    If you are running pet builds, you might also have MERCY artifact, which can be a decent DPS bump as a swap artifact when summoning pets.

    EoG can be used as a swap artifact effectively, but what's more common is someone using eog and swapping something else with Scrap of the Soul Cloak to boost SC regen.

    Pied Pipers flute is another popular swap artifact for might DPS on SC activation.

    Every artifact can be swapped but those are the main DPS choices.
  16. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    just a suggestion but there is this thing called fun and it is possible to play less than optimally at times to try out things or just to mess with different loadouts and artifacts to see if you can make something else work than what your used too.. just food for thought
  17. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I would think if they ever 'disabled' art swapping....I'd actually think they'd just make it a bit harder or less convienient so you can't do it every 3 seconds in battle vs not at all....yes, I'd guess some sort of recovery option would need to be given. Either that or a way to transfer the amount of Nth+seals/cats over to an alt who can then get an arti up with it.

    My point was that with all the crying over the obviously 'not what we intended' EOG spamming pushing these changes, let's keep making threads about how art swapping is now mandatory as well. We are our own worst enemies sometimes.
  18. Jonny Active Player

    So what happens if some instances are incredibly easy to heal? Like you just throw a circle of protection and a couple of prio and group heals here and there? You stay full heal and keep spamming your buttons in a rotation ? Healing full bars ?You don't just try to help the group burn faster and be done with the instance ?

    As a healer myself mainly, going full heal is incredibly boring. I do anything in my power to put the heals at bare minimum, so I can do something for the dps. Like an actual support basically.
  19. Jonny Active Player

    I'm all about having fun and seeing what works and what is viable. Hoping one day we can use all artifacts and allies equally in many different builds. Some things are just not worth building around tho (trust me I already tried to make La Mort card work twice, it just underperforms )
  20. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    For the record, I don't think anyone 'wants' it to be nerfed, but many of us knew it was coming and can see why they are doing it. I have several EOGs and enjoy the unlimited SC a group with 2 or 3 people popping circles back to back, can provide, same as anyone. However, many of us are not also not blind to the fact that unlimited SC causes other issues with balance and HAS caused several other changes to be made to counter-act it.

    It will be interesting to see that IF the changes are put in as laid out in test, will some of the other things that were changed to adapt to the EOG's impact, be reversed or at a minimum, be lessened.