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    Artifacts should be account bound. I appreciated the double experience weekend, but leveling the same artifacts up across alts is disheartening. Just a FYI for those who will use the handout excuse. I have atleast 7-8 200 and one 160 artifact on main. 3 160 artifacts on healer alt,4 160 artifacts on a troll alt, 3 160 artifacts on a dps, and 3 160 on another dps. Across my other 12-14 toons I have atleast 30 120-139 artifacts.

    I did a lot if leveling this week. Using cache and catalysts to level the same artifacts across multiple alts left me feeling sick. Why can't they be account bound? Artifacts are to op and expensive to be toon exclusive
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    I dont see a problem with the artifacts its a way to keep players active and we need more then that here on the game. The problem with artifacts is people don't really understand the easy way all they see is the hard way. First off artifacts are op because of the power you are using. So what makes the artifact so op let me say that again because its not the stats its the power. it all starts with an exp player not his stats or his artifacts. There for stats don't matter because you can have it all but someone will still beat you. Why you ask because that person knows more then you do about whats actually going on and its not just about the artifact. Secondly there is alot still wrong with powers and weapons and some artifacts. Lastly the blame doesn't fall on one or the other. My advice worried about getting stats when you start beating people who have 3x as many stats as you do. For now you have alot to learn about whats going on with your power or weapon before you get to stats and artifacts. Most people im sure rank up to 200 because they know their power wouldn't just be 2x better. it would be op better because there is already something they know thats op about the power. stick an artifact there and now the devs have a problem stick an artifact there and now weapons have a problem. And we wonder why they won't drop a 4th slot well that would mean we would need to revamp most likely
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    Ok, ALL PLAYERS EQUAL, artifacts are op. Don't get the "player b is more experienced with player a " argument. Make no sense
  5. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    Unless you fully intend to turn DCUO into a 12 hour a day job? Players already have enough to do,

    The problem with Artifacts being set up as they are now is more that the Artifacts in question are really expensive - in either real-world time or actual monetary cost - to upgrade.

    As a player, I like to be able to do more than simply grind out 999 Nth metal caches (and/or the billions required to buy enough of them or the Detectors in order for the gain you get from Caches to be meaningful, instead of trivial). I run five Alts. The Artifact system is set up to be functionally necessary for some late game content.

    The temptation is to say "well get a League", "use LFG", or field any of the other one-line solutions that miss the underlying point entirely. No amount of personal forgiveness makes up for the fact that your characters simply do not function "correctly" according to the expectations of the in-game players and the design of the content itself without having at least a minimal investment in Artifacts.

    If I spent hundreds of dollars OR hundreds of hours leveling out an Artifact to the degree where it's finally finished (or even to a lesser degree wherein it merely becomes "contributory to your character function") I do not want to spend the same amount of time and money to do the same thing for another character, simply because I want that character to work too.

    No other game system I've ever played really expects you, as a player, to make that call - drop 150 dollars or three months polishing up a Character to "functional" status. If you do it the "old-fashioned" way, you're basically running a ton of busywork for something that's going to be obsolete the hot second you have it finished.

    And I really don't want to hear anything about "Well you can buy it off the Broker!!" because real money goes into the Detectors to begin with, and flatly - the Broker is still completely at the mercy of the same handful of folks who broke it in the first place. It's substantially worse now after the money glitch, all thanks to inactivity on the behalf of our developers, but that's a different discussion. Just because it works for an entrenched Forum lifer doesn't mean it's a fair or equitable system of progression.

    This lack of approachability is literally the reason why I quit and left to play Destiny for two straight years - the amount of monetary influence in this game was overbearing and people in the playerbase itself pretended that it was perfectly "fair". Granted, I have more of a disposable income and TONS of free time now (thanks to the pandemic) - which is largely why I'm willing to participate at all in the system as it stands.

    But to be frank, and utterly blunt, defending Artifacts as they are now as a means of player engagement is flat out ********. We already have enough stuff to do between the sheer volume of Feats in-game, the range of content, Augment building, et cetera.

    Either the system becomes functionally manageable in-game - meaning that "meaningful gains are capable of being accomplished in a reasonable amount of time using in-game resources alone" - or it continues like it is and maintains its offputting nature to new players. Catering to whales alone is a bad idea, because the hot second something "big" happens, those guys split (I did - I'm easily in the four digit overall investment range and I still spend about 100 dollars a month here, minimum) and you're left with a completely alienated playerbase with no desire whatsoever to embark upon that slog.

    So yes, I think it's perfectly fair to want something you put that much time (either in-game or in the form of real-life work and cash exchange) into to be useful on a broader spectrum than it currently is. I don't think Account Bound artifacts is that big of a stretch, and I can even see where the additional flexibility to use it in more places might entice a player to spend more actual time or - from the Developer standpoint, money - in-game.

    Right now? Not sustainable. So, that's my 2 cents with a 20 dollar tip added.
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  6. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Because the devs design the game and rewards around a single character account. Alts don't matter. Alternate roles? A little, but Alternate Characters, nope!
  7. BitGam4r Well-Known Player

    I agree with them being account bound, or maybe having a discount in place on catalysts/XP if you already have X artifact leveled. But realistically, I don't see Daybreak doing that because it'd cut into that money.
    Yes, it'd be nice. But Daybreak mostly likely won't do it.
  8. Brit Loyal Player

    Part of me would love to see them be Account Bound.

    But I think even more, I would prefer them to not be items at all, and instead get shuffled over to their own tab like Augments. From there, I would be thrilled to be able to Replay Badge unlock them to alts like Styles and Feats.
  9. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    Account bound please.
  10. ErickStrife Well-Known Player

    Account bound! YES!

    I have lost count of how much real world $$ i have put into leveling up an artifact only to have a new one come out a month later.
    Having them as account bound, would at least help out our alts. leveled up an artifact to max? new one came out? ok, I'll bite, I'll move the maxed out one to my alt, and work on the new one. But, I highly doubt they would do it, because they'd see it as a money loss.
  11. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    I agree, I play with my main and four alts. I managed to get at least all of them with artifacts to 120+ it's lots of money time and effort I did put into them. So anything to make things easier, I would be happy with. I lost count on how many seals of completions I bought. So

    I don't see them changing on that fact.