Artifacts Level 140/160 - the amount of XP is beyond ridiculous

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Schimaera, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. Schimaera Loyal Player

    Heyo everyone, hello devs.

    First off I find it a bit insulting and disappointing that you don't even mention that you have added new Milestones and Levels to our artifacts on Test already.
    It shows to me that you either fear the responses on these forums if you would announce it, or that whoever writes and collects the infos for these patchnotes to post here should look for a new job. It has happened so many times that changes were not announced. Everytime you "forgot" it. Yeahh...right.

    Putting that aside, let's talk about the new Artifact Milestones here. Just saw OCs video on it before work and decided that we should talk here as well. Here's his vid:

    Coming with probably the summer event we have:

    • Milestone 140

      Catalysts are Paradox Energie variants from Saving Justice (Alert), Rise of the Bat (alert), Ultimate Soldier

      So speaking of the Cats I would have expected to run some RWC duo for the lowest cat. But then again, I don't mind running two 10-min-Alerts that can drop rare OP collections. All good.

      Breakthrough Chance: 20%

      Yes, not 30%, 20%. We knew this would happen and don't expect them to get higher any time soon. It is what it is, there's no point talking about Seals of Completion. They are here to stay, they are convenient and they cost less than my monthly sub stuff. Also - and bare with me - you won't need them on a regular basis, believe me.

    • Milestone 160

      Catalysts are Orichalcum ( /ˌɔːrɪˈkælkəm/ ) -- ehh it's basically copper with a cool name.
      You can get them from The Visitor (duo), Injustice System (alert) and Spindrift Station. So two instances where some moneeeey can drop (OP collection) is always good. No problem here.

      Breakthrough Chance: 10% Well at this point there's no way anyone would do this without many Seals of Preservation or one Seal of Completion. Unless of course, you have all the time in the world.... which brings me to the main problem here:
    Experience needed from 120 to 140 and from 140 to 160:

    - From 0 to 120 you need 167,663 XP (on live server that's what my Lvl 120s are). That's basically 2x Lvl 80.

    - Now for 140 you need around 380,000 XP. That's double to what we have right now.

    - For 160 you need around 698,980 XP in total. Or 320.000 XP when you are already 140.

    Everyone now can guess how long this will take for one Artifact (usually I would as well advise Scrap of the Soul Cloak).

    Now that this shock is behind us, I have one question for the developers (or to whomever came up with this stupid idea): Are you out of your mind? Really? 700k XP? I really would love to know what you were thinking here.
    How many toons has the average DCUO player? What do you think, devs? This isn't even greedy anymore. This is just an annoyance. It takes four times the amount of XP to get to 160 than to 120.

    Just to put it into perspective: If you want to max out your toon, you need 3-4 Artifacts depending on how you play. That's roundabout 1,600,000 XP to get one toon up to the best stats again. And what do we get? A chunk of 10XP Nth Metal, thanks! Not even double XP weekends seem to be worth it by looking at that.
    And good luck finding smart people who buy into that crap that are Nth Metal Enhancers. They are friggin' worthless.

    Looking at this I think I will spend 2 months of Sub DBC per year on one artifact. I don't even need to buy the sh*tty Catalyst Boxes because I have all the time in the world to get up these little fckrs.

    tl,dr: This isn't even incentivising us to spend money anymore. It would have been if the difference between the breakthroughs would have stayed the same. More likely that we, the players, would need more Seals and Cats then. But by this margin we don't have to spend any money at all except for our subs.

    So what do you players think? And honest to god: What were you devs thinking?
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  2. stärnbock Loyal Player

    i would like to get each defeated enemy have a chance to drop Nth metal (instead of the timer) and way more for sure....
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  3. Brav Well-Known Player

    (Since this Is in the Test Section and Still On the Test Server, I would like to Share some Comments from Another Thread Related to this Subject).

    (Another Suggestion from a Fellow Community Member).

    Most Concerns Illustrated in the other Threads are Regarding the Experience Increase Requirement and the Amount of Experience and Time it would take to Achieve that for Multiple Artifacts, Let alone just One Artifact. Especially with the Current Nth Metal Drop Rate Being Really Low and the Experience from them being Even Lower.

    Of Course my Stance as Stated in the Comments above, Would be to Increase the Nth Metal Experience and Drop Rate for Higher Tiers so that the Higher Ranks will be more Achievable than they Currently are.

    (Though I believe the Developers already have something Similar Planned. It just wasn't Announced to us Yet, As this is still on the Test Server and no other Notes were given as to when this will be Released. Which most Likely will Include Additional Ways to Progress our Artifacts at a more Realistic Rate).
  4. SparklingMayo Well-Known Player

    Moderation? Nah, DCUO players don't want that. Make so far out of reach that it's a 3 week wake to sleep endless grind... or you could spend few Benjamin's for a slightly better chance.
  5. BUDOKAI101 Well-Known Player

    Stop crying, its about time dcuo goes about this - too many people at the same level or progression..this is an RPG people its about time u know what a real MMO is about and this game is not a grind at all yet. I'm very happy to see the artifact rank exp is high; that means when u run into someone with rank 160 you'll actually add them as a friend and not walk on by like u haven't seen that before. I'm sick of everyone having the same progression here in dcuo!! Plz set the rank to 500 next and buff npcs to account for rank 500 for end game or more, thank u :). No I'm not kidding, either this is a super weak game - IT'S ABOUT TIME!! PROGRESSION BABY.
  6. Ice master187 New Player

    I think maybe it’s time u guys let us trade all nth metal so people wouldn’t mine grinding the artifacts and trade them to lg mates who can’t grind like some
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  7. Schimaera Loyal Player

    Why would I add someone with a certain level of gear as a friend? :confused:
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  8. Schimaera Loyal Player

    Tradable Nth would be dope...
  9. E Clip Committed Player

  10. BUDOKAI101 Well-Known Player

  11. EconoKnight Loyal Player

    This is what jumps out at me. For all those screaming P2W - I mean, what are you paying for? One seal of completion every six months? Certainly someone could buy a bunch of stuff off marketplace to level it day one; but why? The stat and ability increase is next to nothing.

    This roll out doesn’t encourage me to spend money unless they’re counting $4.50 every six months. That’s not even peanuts.

    And yes, Nth metal detectors are trash.

    I’ll run content for cats because it’s something to do (I like that). I’ll consume nth metal on an artifact because it’s either that or delete it. But really - what’s the rush?
  12. Liightmare1 Well-Known Player

    I also want to know prec artifacts double their prec whilemight artifacts get at most with a 160 artifact 1.8% buff
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  13. GeorgeBoom Level 30

    Many people have 2-3 caracters 1 tank, 1 heal, 1 troll, you have to max your artifact on each role ( you have to use that artifact not geting older try to).

    you want to stay is ...every day 8-12 hours in game just to try max on 1 caracter , what about your other caracters!

    Oki then relese new dlc/episode, seasonal every 5 monts... They have to give you time to grind , you have to be prepared for new stronger content
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  14. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    Might artifacts don´t hold a candle next to the Precision ones sadly, and the devs seems to not care at all.
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  15. blazeing fire111 Devoted Player

    Those numbers are way too high....Either reduce the Xp needed or have Nth metal drop more often... This is insane.
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  16. Proxystar Devoted Player

    To provide some generalized perspective.

    Lets say you play 5 hours per day and get 100 nth metal per 10 minutes, which is probably being generous but I'm not counting vault and stab event drops so let's leave it there for now.

    That's 600 nth metal per hour, so if you're playing 5 hours per day, every day that's 3000 nth metal per day.

    If you need circa 600,000 nth metal to get to 160 that's 200 days of farming for 1 artifact to 160.

    You can carry 2 artifacts at once and generally speaking there are 2 for each role so when you multiply this by 4, it will take you 800 days of constantly farming just to get 4 under the current system.

    That is 2.19 years.

    I'm all for having a grind but the grind has to be realistic not borderline impossible.

    And bear in mind this is only rough math, sure I haven't allowed for the weekly vault bonus or stab event daily but when you consider most people won't spend 5 hours per day in game, sustained for 2.19 years it'll likely be longer.

    I'm sorry devs but this is utterly and comprehensively unrealistic.

    My problem isn't even the breakthrough odds, I couldn't care less about buying a seal of completion I just want a grind that's more realistic in terms of time frame.

    Oh and don't get me started on that broken precision artifact you seem intent on burying your head in the sand about, that artifact needs work in comparison to any might based artifact it's simply ridiculous.
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  17. codyxrhstou Active Player

    OMG you're right.Making an artifact to cost a **** ton of money or 2 years of everyday grinding to level up would really raise the skill you require to play the game.

    OMG BRO so fokin right.Yeah make every single add an hour to kill because **** mechanics,we only need npc's with higher health and damage!
  18. BUDOKAI101 Well-Known Player

    there is a new seal in the game that makes sure you upgrade and not fail so whoever is crying about seals u can stop haha. whoever has more then 2 toons is crazy i use to have 5 but with this revamp its not worth it. yall want a cheaper membership or a free MMO this kinda stuff is how we get there by keeping u playing longer. by doing so they can cut the member ship right out of the game tell me which one u want more lol
  19. BUDOKAI101 Well-Known Player

    i also want to add that if you're not a noob u will know not to spend your nth metal till nth metal exp X2 drops which has been a new thing and happens once a month. so from 120 rank to 160 wont cost 500k just so u know... the thing with this game is everyone wants **** now. just wait a bit this is the same problem with time caps everyone crying.. keep the time cap coming free sp is always welcome when u have 900mil in game cash. if u don't have that your too busy playing other games so don't come here and cry because u want to run off and play something else. you join an MMOrpg it should be all u play that's how it should be if u want everything now like rank 120 to rank 160 and time cap
  20. codyxrhstou Active Player

    Oh the irony,youre talking about the game being weak,saying the npcs should get buffed but you still love those time capsules "free" skill points.

    Time capsule feats are such a challenge,right?
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