Artifacts: Joker's Jetpack, Speed Boots, and Bat Gloves

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Harlequin_Nox, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Harlequin_Nox Committed Player

    This is pretty much in the tin.

    The stats on these are super out-dated. They're rare Vault drops. And they're (so far as I know still) the only things out there which can change your Movement.

    Please change them into Artifacts. This would allow them to level with your character and make them useful again. Thanks. :)
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  2. LastSonOfEarth Committed Player

    While I don't think your cause is a bad one, I'd rather keep mine as they are and equip them when needed like I do now. The level 1 isn't that bad, and I use them at max CR without issues.
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  3. TybeeTahiri Devoted Player

    Interesting concept. I could get behind it, but I feel like the benefits would be locked behind Rank 80, making many players angry.
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  4. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    Can we take a break from artifacts please. We have enough for now. And leave the cap where it is for a bit. I know everyone says yeah yeah you don't need everything maxed right away but somedays it feels like a never ending climb up a mountain with those things. Give us a breather. Leave the amount of artifacts and their current levels and let us put some work in. Most people arent gonna just buy xp from the MP so dont raise the cap just for the minority who might be maxed. I play alot more than most people probably and im no where near maxed.

    Just sayin
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  5. Harlequin_Nox Committed Player

    I quit the game for over 2.5 years (maybe 3.5?) and only recently came back. My CR is 147 right now and I'm just getting to reading the guides to fix my loadout into something decent again. This isn't about maxing out.

    It's about Making Artifacts Great Again. <.<

    Or, uhh... the movement gear, any way. ^_^

    I don't see why the movement changing aspect would need to be altered. The only thing I'd like to see are the stats benefits getting an upgrade to something more current that would continue to scale with a character if they chose to invest more into the relic. You can use this artifact or another one, as needed, just like any other piece of gear.

    Also, since artifacts in groups do not stack, it would add another option to bolster the group in instances where all the DPS are using the same thing, since most people aren't running around using something to permanently alter their Movement.

    It's something already in the game, so it should be a relatively easy thing to implement. And they're iconic pieces of equipment, so it makes sense for them to be Artifacts.
  6. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Going to add my support to what Chill is saying here.. I LIKE artifacts but OMG we just got another group to deal with when the new Atlantis DLC went live. And the items the OP is talking about as they stand do nothing but allow a player to FLY, RUN REALLY FAST, or SCALE WALLS LIKE AN ACROBAT no matter what actual travel power they picked when creating their character.

    NOW I could see at this point since some of these have been available for ever and most players have never been fortunate enough to have one or more drop that they could be placed in the vendor and players can simply purchase them.. Let's be REAL honest these things way beyond just rare... Been playing for over 7 years .. do the vault mission daily on 1 or MORE alts and I have 14 alts. in all that time I have managed 1 Joker Jet Pack.

    But please god no do not turn them into yet another artifact we have to fortify. Here's an idea... Stick them in the stuff players can purchase off on Booster Gold with QUARKS. Problem solved and we just gave players another reason to buy Time Capsules.. So we just made the folks in accounting very happy.
  7. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    Even though they're fun, no one wants more paywalls.

    You know a lot of us waited forever to get these?

    At least ask for a cr increase of the existing items.

    Is this a dev pretending to be a player or something lol?
  8. Harlequin_Nox Committed Player

    Yes. I'm totally a Dev in Disguise. o_O

    I'm suggesting these as artifacts because that would effectively be a "CR increase" that would not just have to be done again later. It's a permanent fix instead of a band-aid. I don't understand the opposition to this. It's just another option out of a few possible options. Wasn't that supposed to be the point of artifacts, to give a new alternative to character development with several possible choices? That's exactly what this is. Why is everyone so scared of change? It's not even a big change I'm talking about.

    I never suggested putting these behind another paywall, but I wouldn't be opposed to making them something you can buy for Quarks, either. I dunno. Or maybe even just make an artifact version of these items and leave the ones in the Vault as they are.

    But having these items available as artifacts just makes sense: If a scrap of Ragman's outfit is an artifact I don't see why Batman's Gauntlets or The Flashes' Boots can't be, as well.
  9. TheLorax Loyal Player

    So what if someone is wearing all 3?
  10. Balton hero Committed Player

    You get hurled into a wall by centrifugal force and tied there with a grappling hook
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  11. Harlequin_Nox Committed Player

    Probably the same thing that happens if you wear all three right now; You are changed to the Movement mode of the gear piece you most recently equipped (and removing it restores your regular Movement, even if still wearing one or both of the other two).
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  12. Blazing Bacon Well-Known Player

    I could see them as being a variant of artifacts. Get XP for the gear for each race that you use them in. Possibly for each piece of content that you use them in.
  13. Wade Spalding Loyal Player

    Doesn't work in races yet. If you are "transmutated" into something else, the races don't start. I tried acrobatic races with the jetpack and speedster races with the bat glove to no avail. But basically I'd support that idea because I really enjoy doing the races.
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  14. DCUO SmackThem Well-Known Player

    This idea in my opinion makes little to NO sense lol.

    The point of the Joker back, Speed boots and all that do nothing, but change movement style. They were never meant to be snything more than that. Now you want there to be a paywall added to the fact that it’s already next to impossible to get? That’s an absurd idea LOL. I see what you’re getting at with the iconic styles bit, but there would be more cons with doing that because now you’re trying to change the whole aspect of what the pieces are supposed to be.
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  15. Harlequin_Nox Committed Player

    I'm really curious as to what point it is that people think I suggested a paywall of any kind. I never did. I am not entirely against doing something to mitigate the randomization of these items, but at no point have I put forward the idea of a paywall.

    As for us having just gotten new artifacts, I am sorry for the timing of the idea. Truth is, though, that we are going to have new artifacts with every new episode or new content now. This is just an idea to make some special items that have become obsolete into something relevant again. Permanently so.

    No one has said that if this were changed that you'd be forced to use them, nor would you become unable to do so if you chose to.
  16. willflynne Unwavering Player

    I'm not going to go into the paywall arguments, but I do have to question the whole bit about making them relevant again because they've never really been relevant (in regards to the stats).

    As far as I can remember they've always been a Level 1 item with no stats attached to them whatsoever, so even during the leveling process they're not relevant other than providing an alternate mode of movement and a new style to add to your character's look.
    Outside of the jewelry that drops, the only items from the Vault that DO have stats to them are the OMAC Nanite Circuitry and the Phantom Zone Kryptonite Chunk trinkets.

    (I don't count the scaling gear drops because they don't have stats when they drop LOL)

    If someone wants to fly and not have their stats be adversely affected, maybe they should have taken Flight as their movement mode to begin with. That or just cough up some cash to change it through the Marketplace.

  17. DCUO SmackThem Well-Known Player

    It’s just every time I see artifact, I see breakthroughs and what not. Sorry if I missed that point, but that doesn’t change my argument. Like the guy above me said, these items were never relevant in regards to our stats since they’ve always been level 1 since the beginning and have served no other purpose outside of changing our movement mode as long as that item is equipped. These items were always nore of an accessory in my opinion more than they were for anything serious.

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