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  1. Zamara Committed Player


    To start with the guide here's a video made by Jafin showing the whole process of getting your first artifact.

    If you want to read the original announcement thread by the devs click the following link
    Or the guide written by the dev team
    And of course with the addition of the new system we got some new feats added to the game, here's the feat list so far (These feats can be found in General > Artifacts)
    Mantling of Barbatos
    Collect a flawless nth metal - 50 pts
    Collect or equip an artifact - 10 pts
    Ore of the Strygidae
    Collect each of the following types of nth metal: processed nth metal, refined nth metal, and purified nth metal - 50 pts
    Alloy of the Owls
    Collect each of the following types of nth metal: raw nth metal, extracted nth metal, and treated nth metal - 50 pts
    Collect-Ore I - X (There are 10 feats for collecting nth metal that go from 1 to 10 in roman numbers so i'll just list the number and the points)
    I - Collect 100 pieces of nth metal - 10 pts
    II - 200 pieces - 25 pts
    III - 300 pieces - 25 pts
    IV - 500 pieces - 50pts
    V - 1000 - 50 pts
    VI - 2000 - 50 pts
    VII - 3000 - 50 pts
    VIII - 5000 - 50 pts
    IX - 7000 - 50 pts
    X - 10000 - 50 pts
    Relic Ascension
    Fortify an artifact to rank 20 - 10 pts
    Relic Ascension II
    Fortify an artifact to rank 40 - 25 pts
    Relic Ascension III
    Fortify an artifact to rank 60 - 25 pts
    Relic Ascension IV
    Fortify an artifact to rank 80 - 50 pts
    Relic Ascension V
    Fortify an artifact to rank 100 - 50 pts
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  2. Zamara Committed Player

    Artifacts in-game description


    Please note that these are from the max ranks & the experience values can vary depending on the Nth Metals you've used on each, on test we were given a box with 99 of each Nth Metal type so i probably used more than the amount that was required to max them out so sorry for that.
    Each of the artifacts is designed for a specific role but for some reason it only shows up on the vendor & it's not on the item itself so i'll just leave it down here:
    Entwined Rings of Azar - Recommended for controllers
    Tetrahedron of Urgrund - Recommended for powers (might) based damage
    Cog of Mageddon - Recommended for weapon (precision) based damage
    Dilustel Refractor - Recommended for tanks
    Starheart Fragment - Recommended for healers
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  3. Zamara Committed Player

    Types of Nth Metal
    Raw Nth Metal - 10 XP
    Extracted Nth Metal 20 XP
    Treated Nth Metal - 50 XP
    Processed Nth Metal - 100 XP
    Refined Nth Metal - 200 XP
    Purified Nth Metal - 500 XP
    Flawless Nth Metal - 1000 XP
    It takes 82500 XP to reach max rank (currently 100).
    Each type stacks up to 99 although account bound & non tradeable versions don't stack with each other.
    Some of the Nth metal items are account bound. The ones obtained in the artifacts tutorial, the vault & the stabilizer instance can't be traded.
    Note: As of November 11th "Nth Metal -Daily" loot lock from the Stabilizer duo is character wide meaning you can run it on all characters to grab some Nth Metal. "Stabilizer Fragment" loot lock is still account bound so only the first run of the day will give you those.

    Seal of Preservation
    These come in packs of 4 & can be bought on the marketplace for 200 DBC/MC.
    Prevents the loss of your catalysts in case of a breakthrough failure, it is consumed instead of the catalysts.

    Note: Catalysts can be bought from constantine in the HQ, they no longer drop from instances.
    Catalysts - Location - Rank & amount needed
    Electrum - Area 51 (T1 Alert ?) - Rank 20 requires 2
    Dionesium - League of Assassins Stronghold (T3 Alert) - Rank 40 requires 2
    Superior Dionesium - Brainiac Sub-Construct (T2 Raid) - Rank 40 requires 1
    Mystic Lightning - Shadowlands (T4 Duo)- Rank 60 requires 3
    Superior Mystic Lightning - Trigon's Prison (T5 Alert) - Rank 60 requires 2
    Concentrated Mystic Lighning - The Gates of Tartarus (T4 Raid) - Rank 60 requires 1
    Quantum Field Energy - Spark of Ion (T6 Duo) - Rank 80 requires 4
    Superior Quantum Field Energy - Zamaron Conversion Chamber (T6 Alert) - Rank 80 requires 3
    Concentrated Quantum Field Energy - Artifacts from the Past (T6 Raid)- Rank 80 requires 2
    Stellarium - The First Piece (T7 Duo) - Rank 100 requires 5
    Superior Stellarium - The Phantom Zone (T7 Alert) - Rank 100 requires 4
    Concentrated Stellarium - Blackest Day (T7 Raid)- Rank 100 requires 3
    Catalysts loot locks are weekly on every area.

    Catalyst Packs (Available on the Marketplace in the Catalysts & Seals category)
    Marketplace description:
    This Pack is full of essential Catalyst items needed to unlock Milestone Rank "X" for an Artifact.
    Please Note: This is a one-time use item, and is not tradeable cross-platform.
    Below is a list of the different packs & their prices (without the member discount).
    Rank 20 - 120 DBC/MC
    Rank 40 - 120 DBC/MC
    Rank 60 - 220 DBC/MC
    Rank 80 - 740 DBC/MC
    Rank 100 - 1240 DBC/MC

    Breakthrough percentages of success
    Rank 20 - 100%
    Rank 40 - 95%
    Rank 60 - 90%
    Rank 80 - 80%
    Rank 100 (Highest rank available) - 60%
    The higher the rank of the breakthrough the lower the percent of success will be.
    If the breakthrough fails your catalysts will still be consumed.
    You can use a Seal of Preservation to prevent your catalysts of being consumed in case of a failed breakthrough.
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  4. Zamara Committed Player

    Reserved just in case i forgot something
  5. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    What's the math for the might increase? Is it 2.4% times our base health?
  6. Zamara Committed Player

    Yes it seems to be 2.4% rounded down, i get 701.736 from 29239 health but the current effect tab shows a 701 increase.
    What i don't seem to figure out is how they calculate the might, it goes from 17485 to 18640 after using a superpower on the sparring. I see a 2% might increase from the neck mod & a 2% damage from the hand mod & the 701 from the artifact.
  7. silikyan Well-Known Player

    How much time does it to lvl to 100?
  8. krytine Loyal Player

    Doesn't the 2.4 go to your group members . Shouldnt you only get the 2% listed in effects and if i read it correct the 2.4 is based off of your health or am I reading it incorrectly
  9. IonHero Well-Known Player

    So I have to assume that 17485 is the might stat with you having at least 100 SP in Might/Power, (too lazy to actually calculate it out)

    So initially the artifact is giving you 701 based off of your health, this would be added to your base might before multipliers,
    But since your might already had those, lets add the multipliers to the 701 now

    701 * 1.1 (SP) * 1.02 (Artifact) = 786.522

    add together to might,

    17485 + 786.522 = 18271.522

    add final multiplier from neck mod

    18271.522 * 1.02 (Neck Mod) = 18636.95

    Now I realize I'm off by like 3.05, but that's because we rounded the base Might off after the SP and Artifact multipliers had already been added to it.
  10. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    so let me ask this can you run any of these areas for material or do you get a random mission making you run any given location?
  11. Zamara Committed Player

    Just updated the guide to add:
    • The exact amount of XP needed to reach max rank
    • Jafin's video
    • Information regarding loot locks for catalysts
    • Some images & the link to the announcement thread
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  12. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    I'd finally figured out what the greyed out text was about at the bottom of the unlevened artifacts, it's telling you what you earn at different talks. The odd thing is, at rank 80 you earn the special ability (2.4% health added to might on the ungrung artifact) i think many people are under the impression that those are active of the bat, so that needs to be cleared up soon.

    In the third post, it may be beneficial to list the instances as duos, alerts, or raids so someone can more easily find start they are looking for.
  13. EP Ice Loyal Player

    A couple of questions.

    1. How do you use the seal of preservation?

    2. Which catalyst do you need for the might artifact?

    The tutorial really doesn’t explain this
  14. >>>KIra<<< Dedicated Player

    Thank you very much for all the information
  15. Rigel Cygni Well-Known Player

    Is there a good way to farm Nth Metal? Do they drop random or is it cycle like capsules etc. Trying to figure out the most efficient way. I know that vault and stabz ha the best dops for what I've seen
  16. EP Ice Loyal Player

    Nth drops from everything, open world and instances.
  17. MrPlumberman Active Player

    Has anyone seen a Seal of preservation drop yet? If so , where?
  18. Zamara Committed Player

    You're right, i was thinking of doing this before but i just didn't get much time until now that i didn't have school, the info is there in a parenthesis signaling the tier & the type of instance each catalyst drops from.
    As for the bonuses in grey you mentioned i'll do it once test goes back up so i can add what each rank gives to each artifact.
  19. Zamara Committed Player

    Without counting the one you get from Constantine, i've only seen them in the marketplace in a pack of 4, they cost 200 MC/DBC. They're in the Catalysts & Seals category above the different catalyst packs for each of the ranks.
  20. Zamara Committed Player

    Just added some colors & information about the items added to the marketplace

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